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  1. Aren't there love novels based in Joseph Smith's era as well? CCCCCHEEEESSSY....
  2. No, I'm not anti. I just want to put on a non deceptive thread. :) I'm asking what you all think of fictional literature based on the Book of Mormon. ALA, Tennis Shoes of the Nephites and other such works. I haven't read any of them, are they good, or just riding off the success of the Book of Mormon? Which isn't fiction BTW.
  3. Its a time we celebrate Christ's birth, even if it isn't the time he was actually born. Because of it, we are more caring and Christlike. I'm completely ok with it.
  4. Now, I'm not maternity expert, but don't pregnancies increase bust size? Not to be weird or inappropriate, but the breasts are prepping to feed or something. They become enlarged.
  5. You think you'll go to Hong Kong, then the Lord throws a curve ball and BAM you go to Taiwan! Or mandarin speaking in California. Or... You go to Hong Kong.
  6. You have to die first before you can be ressurected. He was the first. The atonement and ressurection. The ressurection was kind of part of it. Remember, in order for us to get ressurection, he had to get it first. We are joint heirs with christ, and we'll receive the first ressurection if we are faithful in this life.
  7. My patriarchal blessing says essentially that I will marry the lady of my choice. The Lord has a sense of humor since I'm really indecisive, and sometimes it feels like he's throwing women at me. Like he wants me to hurry up and get married. I'm not saying this to brag, simply out of experience. In my case, I could marry virtually anyone, because I'm such a chill person and get along well with mostly everybody.
  8. Fair enough. Not all exmormons are anti. But to be fair, some of the most vocal and angry anti's were once mormon.
  9. They can never just leave the church alone ever. I think it's fair to say, that we need to pick our battles carefully. Don't go to anti mormon websites and try to convince them, it just won't work. In fact, I don't think interaction with anti-mormons is very productive, since the majority of them won't want to have anything to do with the church. Why try to reel them in? Hearts can become much too hard. There is the off chance that they come to to christ. I met a guy who was a member on my mission who used to be a hardcore anti. Although he was never a member and went apostate, he was just a hostile protestant. Its definitely an exception, not a rule. I think the best thing we can do rather than contend with Anti Mormons, is to focus our efforts on being disciples of Christ, and sharing the gospel with those who are prepared to hear it. Sharing with those who are humble and willing to repent, that they can come to Christ, is the goal of the church. Our time is much more valuable, spent in this endeavor.
  10. Remember also, that the earth could very well have taken millions of years to build. Keep in mind that wonderful scripture in the Pearl of Great Price that says time is measured unto man. Also, the fact that even if the bible says it took a day to do whatever in the process that it doesn't define the length of that day. It just says they created what they created, then the day was through. Kind of like, how someone can call it a day earlier before the day is up or something, except instead of calling it a day before the darkness hits on the planet, they call it a day after that planet has spun around a few million times. I have heard that the story of Adam and Eve in the bible IS symbolic. Anyways, theres some food for thought. Doctrine is doctrine, so take it for what it is. If its wrong, its wrong. If it's right it's right.
  11. Mormon “Martin Luther†Causes Stir by Uploading LDS Church Handbook of Instructions to Internet | Religion Dispatches
  12. If you are paying for enlightenment, and can't receive the enlightenment unless you pay, and there are men who profit from it, i see it as priestcraft, Or simply falsehood.
  13. My sister and brother in law went to impact training. She said it was exhilirating. But she only went to one. Those things cost money after all, which should be a red flag in and of itself. The fact that they claim its church endorsed should be red flag 2. It sounds on par with Priest Craft. Not exactly, but somewhat along those lines.
  14. FIBER OPTICS? The church is the spiritual google maybe?