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  1. well if any question can be answered in the scriptures, what are some scriptures that talk about how to deal with the pain of losing someone (they didn't die. we broke up) the pain is unbearable. what are some scriptures that can help?
  2. yes i have gotten a blessing it said that id get my answer this week. my answer was get married this year. my patriartical blessing tells me to prepare. and i am and have been. it then goes on to say i need to serve in w/e capasity that i am called to. so it doesnt say im going to serve a mission i just need to prepare and be worthy aqnd do what im called to do
  3. okay and now i will add a little more detail. and everyone's opinions shall change... the decision is marriage or mission. i know that every1 says the mission 100%. but hear me out. i prayed made a decision and that is when i felt like i really got an answer. get married. i told my bishop and he said i was wrong. then said that if my answer is contrary to what the prophets have said then it cant be right. which then makes me think of nephi when he was asked to kill laben. now i realize im not nephi and that its not the same scenario. my gf was praying for the same thing and revived an answer. she refused to tell me til i got my own answer. to which all i could think of is i have already gotten my answer. when i asked my bishop to talk to me more about it to help me understand all he did was repeat himself. i currently have a $10,000 debt bc i was scammed out of my money and i may have cancer. i can pay off the 10,000 this year if i work really hard. and im in the process of discovering whether or not i have cancer. i am afraid bc i feel like i cant talk to my bishop about this issue. and w/o a defiant answer yes i should stay i dont know if im strong enough to deal with all the family friends co-workers and my bishop all saying im wrong. i just need some in site some help. a kind word, and an honest opinion. - marriage or mission
  4. Dear readers, okay i have a really hard time reciving answers. i have a friend who has had conversations with the spirit, where as i dont get anything. and its really hard. each time i really feel like i am going to be answered i really belive that somthing will happen a feeling or someone says somthing perfectly, or even just a scripture screams out the answer and then nothing. and each time its harder and harder to psych my self up. but i do and i do belive that i will get an answer i just need some help. so i am writing this tread to see if i see an inspired reply and i could use some encouragement as well as maybe some advise as to what i should do better or different. ive been to the temple and got a blessing in the past 2 days. i have been reading my scriptures and praying every day. a few months ago i belive i recived my answer. in fact it is the only time i have ever felt like i have gotten an answer while praying and that "feeling" overcame me. problem is i only told a few ppl and they all said that not only was that answer wrong but that i wouldnt have gotten that as an answer. that it was just what i wanted. and i have seriously been wondering if thats true. then while praying it hit me. you've gotten your answer. then the blessing i got is making me re-consider. and i want to do what the lord wants me to do bc i know things will turn out right if i do what he wants me to do. i just need to know what that is bc i have been getting so many mixed signals. and there are some eternal things that i have to decide between. i hope this is enough infprmation. if i need to later i will give more. i am sealing this thread with a prayer and begging for help. -confused
  5. no, but that is because marriage wouldn't even be an option. and as ive said if i get a call i will go so hesitant doesnt describe my feelings tword a mission
  6. okay maybe i didn't make my self clear. i would absolutely love to marry eden. and i would love to not have to leave for 2 years and to start our lives in august. but if it isn't meant to be if i am to serve i WILL serve. and i wont do so begrudgingly i will do so fully, faithfully, and to the best of my ability. bc i know that if i am suppose to go on my mission that is what the lord will have me do. and things will turn out best for me that way. 1. she is VERY faithful and very active. 2. i wont not go if i am told to by my bishop 3. i know god can see the eternities and i cant so i wouldn't base a eternally huge decision like marriage on my knowledge. btw how am i preparing? ummm well physically im currently going through the doctors and other req. as well as keeping my self in shape mentally i'm currently working a sales job and can see the ways it'd apply to a mission and i try to examine how this could be a learning exp. 4 that emotionally im preparing to have to leave behind everyone i know and love and to be able to deal with minimal contact. spiritually i am praying and reading scriptures, as well as talking to rm's in my ward. i am reading preach my gospel and learning more about the doctrine of the church. i am going to a mission prep class. and i have been through a temple prep class and i am attending the temple doing baptisms a lot more often. and more...
  7. i know it would be better to have cancer in this life and to fight struggle and (hopefully) beat cancer, then go to the next world, than if i willingly choose NOT to go on a mission. yes i know it will be difficult hard and all around terrible. yes i have considered her in this as well. i know how hard it would be for us especially her and i wouldn't want to do that to her you are right, but we could get through it if that's what was planned for us. have i prepared am i prepared no, i am preparing right now. i am in the process of preparing to go. i am sorry i actually did write this question wrong and then after i realized it and tried to change it but couldn't i meant to put something more along the lines of that's between you and god. but the way i wrote it it came out WAY wrong. no i agree tht its terrible wording. to be honest this thread was for me a way to have heavenly father answer my prayer. another way for him to talk to me and tell me what i needed to know. i just wanted someone to be inspired by god to get on see this and reply. so i thank you all. and i may not have made my self clear above i will NOT choose to not go on my mission. i will never choose not to go. bc if i get a call i will go! and it'll bring us closer together and i know that. but i hope i can stay and cont. my life here w/o having to choose to stay.
  8. but that means they dont choose for them self? that means that they may enter into the feild bc mom n dad made em. nt bc its whet they feel is right.
  9. okay well lets just say we have both been in situation unusual for most ppl lds or nt tht has caused us to grow up mentally a little quicker than most. yeah i still have a heck of a lot more to work on but i know what we have is different and special. i DO love her but i do understand where you're coming from i often cant belive that i could be in love contemplating marriage at 18 either. i have always thought id wait until i was at least 23. i can not tell you how greatfull i am for this post. lol i just finished praying asking for something for some kind of answer and then i got an email saying that you had replied. your post really did help me and it has givin me back the hope that was slowly slipping away. i dont know if im going to leave or not but i DO know what should happen WILL happen. i thank you once more for your inspired words and your perfect timing.
  10. You should discuss this with your bishop and determine the limitations it places on your ability to serve. You are only 18 and can still enter the mission field until you turn 26. You should also give him a time frame on the testing. I have had friends and family members who have had cancer, and I know there are people on this site who have also dealt with it. I'm disgusted by the attitude that you would hope for cancer because you don't have the willpower to obey the prophets. okay first off i know people who have struggled though cancer and my cousin who was my best friend died from cancer. i know that it wont be easy and that it would probably be the hardest time of my life physically, emotionally, financially and in all other ways. i understand that. and as for not having the will power to do as the prophets have said. the reason i'm hoping for cancer is because i WILL do as they said! so cancer would allow me to stay home and get married, bc if i don't have a reason to stay (cancer) i wil go bc i belive that that is what i need to do, i also feel that if im not to go then i will be told that as well weather if its from a doctor saying i have cancer or a bishop telling me not to go. i WILL do what the prophet has said THAT is why i hope for cancer I don't find this "lol"-able at all. Does it occur to you that the prophet has a lot on his plate to deal with already? If you received a response at all, it would probably be along the lines of following the counsel of past prophets. Additionally, all doctrinal or policy questions should always first be directed to local leaders -- bishop, then stake president. i said i have thought about writing him i know very well he is busy! i also know that my bishop and stake authorities can help me as well. and i thought it funny that i was considering such an extreme approach. bc its so extreme is why i was laughing. it also helped to explain my thought process Sounds like a stupor of thought to me. and nooooo i would have understood that to be an answer i do read my scriptures too. it wasn't wiped from my mind but i had no conformation that it was the correct choice either. that is what i meant. i don't know why you jumped down my throat when all i was asking for was some help and advice. but thank you for your comments anyways
  11. okay i dont know what to do. i have a girlfriend. and i love her(please dont say im to young to know what love is). Now i know tht every young man has been called to serve a mission. but is every young man suppose to go on a full time mission? my P. blessing says i need to PREPARE for a mission and serve in w/e capacities i am called to. so it doesnt directly say i should go it says i should prepare to go. and i want to marry this girl of mine. and she wants to marry me. we have went through hard times and easy times. its been a year. we find that our worthiness is getting harder and harder to keep. now i am preparing for my mission and if i get a call i will go, bc ,if i understand right, if i get a call and turn it down i will be going against god. there is a chance that i may have cancer and im currently in the process of finding out. but i find myself praying that it is cancer just so i can stay home and marry this wonderful woman. to be honest what i want to know is what should i do? i know if i want our relationship to succeed i have to do what is right. so if i must leave on a mission then i will. but if i get to stay i would love to stay and marry her. i have thought of writing the prophet and asking this very question lol. she moved back home to Las Vegas on Monday, and i find that im lost without her. she is having a hard time at home and to be honest we would both be happier if we could just finally live together. BUT in 2 years she will be a RN and $$ wise things will be much easier. honestly i have prayed about it but i haven't(to my knowledge) revived an answer and i am so confused. like i said I'll do what im told but i want to stay and get married in the Provo temple. so what should i do i just need any advice/help/thoughts i can get. im so confused right now. and scared. so please reply.