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  1. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    We made some changes this off season. I am sad we lost Howard, picked up Wesley Matthews, Marc Gasol and Montrezl Harrell, adding that trio to the trade for Dennis Schröder. we kept KCP, and got Markieff Morris but Avery Bradley, Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard all went elsewhere while JaVale McGee and Danny Green were traded away. We got younger. We are undefeated so far but that is just preseason. We’ll see how this year plays out. I'd like to say we will take the whole thing this year as I always say so I’ll make that claim here and now. GO LAKERS. I hope they drop that black lives matter stiff
  2. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    The Lakers won our 17th championship tonight. Good work LAL! I’m happy with that bit it was hard for me to watch with them “1going woke” as they say.
  3. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    That’s right, they NBA messed up allowing all that junk. Many people want entertainment not that stuff. I heard last night they will strip all that. They’ve lost SO much money. Well see if they cut the players $. We’ll see.
  4. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Hahaha so true. The NBA ought not to t be getting in the political sphere imo. I don't like it at all
  5. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Tonight we brought home the WCF championship! Now we wait for the East to see who we play in the finals. WTG LAL!
  6. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Game 5 for my boys, Denver does not give up, I hope to make it to the finals and we’ll see what happens with the Boston, Miami series...
  7. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Two down MG, your boys can still come back.
  8. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Denver sent them packing. Next up LAL vs Nuggets in WCF. Go LAKERS!
  9. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    This clippers nuggets series is very interesting....
  10. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    Portland sent home in first round then rockets sent home in second round now waiting for Denver and Clippers series to see who we get next.
  11. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    We get OKC next round...
  12. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    We put the Blazers out of the first round 4-1. Now we wait on the results of OKC and Toronto series to see whom we get next.
  13. Dr T

    Lakers continued

    The Celtics are rolling.