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  1. Hello all, This is my first question for the group. I’d like to find out about your conversion/salvation experience. For the record, my bias is that all people, no matter who they are always have: thoughts (always thinking), feelings/emotions, and actions/behaviors (always doing something). These things are all part of what makes us, us. We can’t avoid them. Therefore, I’m interested to see, if we can break down into percentages, how much each factor played a role in your own conversion/salvation experience. Can each of you tell me, from your own personal experience, how much of your conversion/salvation experience was based on logic? Rationally analyzing scripture which, in your mind, led to no other option? Emotion/guilt/shame/happy feelings/obligation, etc? On behavior? To fit in? (“It was cool to become a believer-all my friends were!, etc.”) Did it happen at a conference? After listening to a dynamic speaker? Did it fall in line with your upbringing (parental modeling)? Other? Was it 10% emotion, 80% logic, etc. I’m also interested in the circumstances at the time of conversion that played a role in this for you? Where you fed up with the church you were formally attending? Etc. How old were you? I’m not looking for your testimony here. I want you to go deeper into the aspects listed above that played a roll in your conversion/salvation. Thank you for your ideas. Dr. T
  2. S.F., Just checking. I thought you were about to turn 100. Your stats say you were born in 1907... Dr. T
  3. Thank you Pushka, Ray, and Stawberry Fields, Pushka, I'm only a psychologist in real life... I usually refrain from "advice giving" without knowing all the details. Sorry. Thank you, Ray, for the invitation to asks away. Strawberry Fields, were you really born in 1907? Thanks again, Dr. T
  4. Thank you for the welcome M o Jcchlsm :) Dr. T
  5. Hello MrsS, That is an interesting challenge. I'm not well versed or as well read as I assume you are in the LDS literature and therefore have a lot of questions to round out my understanding. Please bear with me. Know that I am not trying to discredit or be insulting with my questions. I'm just trying to take a critical approach to understanding. I'm sure this will be a long journey for me. Thanks for the opportunity. Lets take a look at your challenge. Reading the propositions you listed and not knowing of any resources for verification, here are my questions/observations: My questions are based on the # they were listed in your opening post (OP): #1. Has there been confirmation that the BOM was based on factual accounts of ancient America? What other documentation confirms this? #6. Have you seen a copy of the first edition of the BOM? Have there been any changes to substantive passages in comparison with that? Is there even a copy of the first edition still available to the public to confirm this? Are we certain that the dictated version has stood from its inception? #7. Has the history of two distinct and separate nations, along with histories of different contemporary nations or groups of people been validated through other means/methods/researchers/archeological excavations, etc? #8. Have these things been unequivocally verified? #9. (I didn't know different contributing authors wrote the BOM). Who were these other writers? #10. Why the Mosaic Law? Should I assume that the law given through Moses was/is the exact same in the BOM and the first 5 books of the OT? Also, what is meant by the religion of Jesus Christ? Is this the same or different than the Biblical accounts? #11. Many sacred writings claim they are not fictional. You seem to assert that the BOM is not fictional. How is this confirmed? #12. Are these wars documented elsewhere? Historical chapters accurate and able to be confirmed? Prophecies all fulfilled? Any prophesies not fulfilled or proven wrong? Has anyone gone through the BOM and the NT to see if they are in flawless agreement? If so, can you give me a reference? #13. Can you give me some examples of this? #16. Have you heard of people (experts) disputing this point? #17. Does this truly stand up or is this only confirmed through belief/worldview? #18. There are no contradictions, absurd or impossible statements in the BOM? #20. Worldview or point of view (POV) of a believer or can these also be understood as fact by nonbelievers. It appears that this would have to be the case if it is truly incontrovertible. #22. Did any of these ever recant their statements? #29. Do so willingly? Was Joseph Smiths' death at the jail “willingly”? Again, these questions are asked because of my lack of knowledge. I first have to see if, when examined, the propositions listed are able to stand up to analysis. Thank you for the challenge Mrs.S. Please let me know where the errors in my questions are and provide me with other resources where appropriate. I appreciate your time and ideas, Dr. T
  6. A little background: I am from Los Angeles. I am happily married with 4 beautiful children (3 boys 1 girl). I am a licensed clinical psychologist. Part of my 12-year education took place at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute in SLC. While there, I began having theological conversations with my LDS neighbor (in the Avenues). These discussions were so much fun. I moved away for post doc resident training and have missed these discussions ever since. I now live in a small town in CA and need some mental stimulation. Being a psychologist, I see the importance of factoring in religion in my work. For years, it was taboo to include religion in my profession but I see it as a gaping hole in a person’s life if I don’t. I enjoy philosophy of religion and want to understand, at a deeper level, how people integrate LDS teachings into their lives, what the LDS teachings are, if they are consistent (logically), and how people support their beliefs. I have a lot of questions. None of my questions are ever designed with the intent to discredit or offend the person I’m talking too. I just want to learn. That is who I am. I hope I came to the right place. Dr. T Hello lisajo, Thank you for the resource. I'll have to check that site out. Dr. T
  7. Nice to meet you too Pushka. T.S. Elliot once said, "I consider everyone I meet my superior; for from them, I can learn something." I look forward to what I can learn from you. I c that u were raised Catholic and practiced LDS for awhile. You bring a lot to the table. Can’t wait to learn from your ideas. :) Dr. T
  8. Hello teachers, I'm newely registered here and look forward to learning about LDS issues. Dr. T Just learning-please give me your thoughts...