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  1. It is difficult to grasp the mindspace you would have to be in to actively support censorship at such a large scale, while still thinking it is the moral high ground. As far as many of the tech giants pushing this forward being private companies, that is all good and well up until the point where they begin meddling with other peoples freedoms outside of the scope of running a simple social website. It could be argued that they are less company at that point and more of a political movement. Or both. I believe there is a definite attempt of Youtube and other major platforms to censor beyond the scope of their own "private company". Of course people can decline their offered services. It just would be an awful lot easier if there was less deceit and more clean cut truth as far as how they really operate, so people could make a well informed decision. I had not checked out Rumble yet! Will add that to the list. Have been looking for alternative platforms to support for a while. So far these three also look like they are having some success too: Parler, Slug, Bitchute.
  2. The funny thing is that i feel exactly like that too, except it is the other way around. Living in Denmark, the majority in my church have a certain level of socialistic viewpoints. People here tend to lean towards that, and i am not at all socialistic. But i would like to be able to debate with people on these matters. Not to convince anybody, but i believe we learn from each other as humans by meeting each others differences like that. It certaintly seems like an oppertunity missed. What bugs me is that i have to be extremely cautious with saying any of my views, because i don't notice that same attitude on debating these things in others. In stead of a friendly conversation, the horde would gather around any opposing opinion and make it an aggressive argument. Unfortunately people take offence way to easily. Not wanting to debate things are important to respect ofcourse. It just seems like it is such a natural instinct in people, to want to express their thoughts and ideas and want to learn of others, that this "don't poke the bear" viewpoint of it seems to just block it. I totally get where you are coming from though, and that it indeed can be a lonely feeling to not be able to express yourself properly or under what you deem to be safe circumstances. Or even to almost never be able to find someone who resognates with a lot of your political perspectives. Oh, and not to hijack the thread with the whole "Denmark" subject, but i had to comment the comments earlier I can assure you that the utopic picture which is shown of Denmark or even other scandinavian countries, is just as true to reality as the way America is portrayed to us. Consider people's definitions of happiness are very different from each other. And that media will manipulate for their own agendas. ** Correction: Rather i don't notice that attitude in many others, because ofcourse there are some amongst who you are able to speak too, all be it rarely. I am just speaking in broad terms.
  3. I have known infowars for some years now. Used to listen to some of Alex jones arguments, mostly just out of curiosity for some of the outragous claims he would make. Those claims made me curious, and i continued my search online.. so i suppose could attribute inforwars, amongst a few others, as starting a spark, that lead me to look for better sources. Subjects being not just around the states alone. I don't live in the states, it is true. So i am sure many of you here do qualify much more at seeing the whole picture of the state of living there. But i do dabble, and i am curious, because a lot of what goes on in the states affects what happend around the world, including my own country. That being said, i too am very sceptical towards Alex Jones, and have long ago moved on.
  4. I am not really a follower of Infowars either. But i am subscribed to the writer of the article i linked on youtube, Paul Joseph Watson. I don't always agree with the way he delivers his messages, but he does make some interesting arguments. That is ofcourse just my opinion.
  5. ....
  6. Eat some fruit! When i lack energy i find that eating a bunch of fruit here and there, and drink plenty of water, gives me a good boost of energy to last throughout the day. I have yet to venture into the greener juices, but they should be very good. I mostly do a mix of fruits and greens and make a smoothie in stead. The basic version for someone who isn't too fond of the green flavour is this: 100% fresh orange juice (or you can peel some whole oranges and use them) A handful of spinach (baby spinach is very mild in taste) Icecubes Frozen banana pieces Pictures here for proportions: You can always play around, add berries, more greens, and what not. But i have yet to meet anyone that dislikes this one, you can barely taste the baby spinach. ** Or superfoods! The chia seed is nutrient dense and packs a punch of energy boosting power.
  7. But we are not in the eternal world. Shouting things off housetops here aren't nessicarily recognized in the way that they might like it. I personally do think that the best thing is to be able to speak of these things, even if it can be a difficult thing to do. It has been my choice to do so. I just find that it is the victims story to tell, i would never force a victim of something like that to speak up. You do make a good point about it being a historical fact though, and i am not sure about how else it could have gone on record, especially in the time we live in now, where things are so easily shared. And her being passed on, the article at least wasn't written in a slanderous or disrespectful way after all. What you said of the afterlife, does make me wonder if it even would matter that much to one that has passed. The initial thoughts were probably a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the thought of even someone in my family taking what i had confided in them, and deciding when i had passed on, that they would shout it off the rooftops. Which probably is a wordly view, i just had not thought of this from the eternal perspective before. Hmm! You got me thinking now
  8. Except they live on, just not here. Their story on earth is still part of their own experience. I don't think that we can claim ownership of that even if they have passed on. At least not on such a traumatic and personal experience.
  9. It absolutely does. I cannot help but think though, would she have wanted the story to come out? The argument seems to be that it would help those that suffer today. To break the silence on sexual abuse and then use it as an example for the benefit of those living today. Which all sounds like a worthy goal. But is it really our story to tell? Our example to give? If she did not leave any personal account or speak on it herself, i would have thought that it would have been respectfully left private. While sharing your story is admirable considering the shame that surrounds it, it isn't a given that a person would want to do that. Especially in such a public light. Even if a person had told me something similar, no matter if it was in private or public setting (for others to hear too).. i wouldn't take that story and tell myself that it was my responsibility to share it for the greater good. She might have passed from this world, but shouldn't she have the same respect for something so deeply private as any one of us? But what do i know. I have only read the article and a bit of debating on it in the comment section. There might be some more behind it.
  10. Following the reset link on the mail, it would not accept my password. But then i went onto and i were already automatically logged in. So i went into settings to reset password and there it worked. Will it be enough to have changed it on there? Or does it have to go through on the link on the email? ** Oh! Nevermind I got an email to write the new password and then it takes me to a site that looks completely different. So it must have worked. I cannot log in on that site though, but i assume its just updating.
  11. Merry christmas everybody!!
  12. I shall do. Thank you for the resource :)
  13. Hi all, sorry for the late response! Thank you all for of the inputs. It gave me a lot of food for thought! Just to clarify, i did not intend to equate paganism to satanism. It would probably have been more correct to write "paganism and satanism" in stead. Sorry! :) The mention on satanism was more relating to Halloween specifically, and the claims about those being linked together. I do know of the pagan aspect of our culture in the North. However have found that there is a lot more to know about it than i do already, after seeing these replies. I don't have a completely solid understanding of the pagan roots here just yet. Would like to look more into it. As for holidays, it has been weighing on my mind a lot for a while. But i have come to the personal conclusion, that if the core of those holidays really are that much against God as is being claimed, then we surely would have gotten the message somehow from the prophets. And if we have yet to recieve that message, i will find out when and if the time is right. But as of now, it doesn't feel wrong in my spirit to celebrate the holiday. So i am excited for christmas yet again! If anyone feels they have more input to add though, i am always interested.
  14. It also depends on what invironment you live in and which social circles you move around in. You may experience some tension between other religions where you are at, but for someone else it might be different. The only place i experience that tension is online, mostly. To me, more people without faith, particularly atheists or those whose faith is of the norse religion, tend to be very easily offended by anything relating to christianity. We are all human though, and thought there are societal tendencies, i believe the best thing we can do is to not generalize and take each person in front of you as the individual that they are. Because we don't know what causes them to be so easily offended. We all have different life experiences and reasons to the opinions and conclusions we make.
  15. I have been seeing a lot of sources talk about holidays and them having roots from paganism/satanism. And that things like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, ect. have some pretty dark/twisted history and symbolics to them, and that they aren't as innocent in nature as the majority of us believe. A lot of people are apparantly of the opinion that no real christian would celebrate them. Which when i hear the facts that they are claiming are facts, i can see why it would go against christianity.. but it seems i have only scratched the surface. Personally i have always loved traditions. So i am so bummed about hearing some of these claims.. but would rather know the truth than not. At this point i would like to see which claims have legitimacy or not, but its a whole sea of information out there on this. So i am curious if anyone has searched this subject - and what their thoughts and conclusions have been? Have the church spoken on it? Any input would be appreciated :)
  16. My sister in law shared it - i must have seen it at least 12 times by now
  17. This might just be the cutest thing i have ever seen. *Explodes*
  18. A few years back a friend of mine came to visit. We had not spoken for years. In those years time we had both changed a lot. She also said i was hardly recognizable, because back then i were a bit of a wild cat, but now i were a mormon - and it had made a noticable difference. She had changed as well, but still had a few of the bad habits that we used to share. So we talked all night long. Being mormon isn't a commen thing here in Denmark, so it is not uncommen that people think of it as some sort of cult. Though people does seem to have become in general a bit more informed. Well, questions came rolling in, and i tried my best to answer them :) and found myself increasingly feeling the spirit as i defended and explained my fondness of my faith, as you do. Much to my surprise i found out that she had felt something too, while talking about it. And for the next months we talked back and forth and within a short time in those months she had begun getting missionary visits. Long story short, because of all of this she stopped her bad habits one by one and then she was babtised after about six months period. You never know what happends in people's heart when they see your passion. And how the holy spirit works with them. It certaintly surprised me.