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  1. That must have been frightening indeed i hope for your wife and you, that there will be some answers when you get the results! Funny thing, for the last about two years i have known that i have been sensitive to gluten. Whenever i eat it i become really sluggish and my skin starts to be itchy and sensitive. Maybe i haven't taken it serious enough! I am not sure about other allergies/sensitivities, but i have suspected that there is something else as well. I did not know this The letter also mentioned possibility for more testing, i just assumed that it were something they had to write in all letters in the way they wrote it. But ofcourse that possibility is there. I would love some more information on this, will just send you a pm - thanks! :)
  2. What you tell yourself will end up being true. If you underestimate your capability to stop, you will make it even harder for yourself, it might even stop you from getting anywhere. Even if you have a hard time seeing the end goal, tell yourself that you can, and that you will, and then do it. Do it for the next minute, the next hour, then the next day, and the next month, keep making that choice to just do. And then one day you are going to find yourself forgetting what you used to crave, and just occationally remembering, but not really craving. Now i know that you said that you were not an alcoholic, but even that you are regularly craving it and seems to have difficulty letting it go, tells me that it is an addiction. Even if it is not much alcohol, and not as often. "Does God ever use sinful things, such as alcohol to draw people closer to Him?" No. He has told us not to drink alcohol, and he wants us to come to him. Then why would he ever try to draw anyone in with alcohol? "Are any of you former drinkers, or have experience with people that converted and gave up drinking?" Yes, i used to drink quite alot. I used to have other addictions and cravings as well, that today i do not indulge in. Because to me i found something that were worth infinitely much more then that. "What ultimately worked for you or them?" What i wrote up there, worked for me. ^ Also keeping in mind that when you take one addiction away, you have to fill that empty spot with another addiction that works in your favour. Become addicted to jogging, going for walks, reading the scriptures, singing hymns, start playing an intrument, healthy snacks, theres a ton of things. Its pretty much taking something negative, and turning it to a positive. So that you are gaining in stead of loosing something. In your case, you like having a drink once in a while, try and find a healthy drink you would like. I would suggest starting juicing if you like to drink something with a noticable effect, because that is something that also will give you a boost and after a while a strong feeling of energy and health. It is ofcourse preference. I remember when i came back to the church, i had before that stopped drinking and whatnot. By then i were still a smoker, and i reeeeally did not want to stop smoking. It felt like my last sort of comfort, as i had been taking a lot of leaps during that time. I even laughed a bit at it, and said to my family well, can't i just the thát smoking member, thát person that just has this thing with smoking. But i knew that having one foot in the church and one out, would not in the end bring me to the happiness i so desired, to get there i had to commit myself to God wholeheartedly. I can tell you i do not regret it one bit. So you like this beer.. it makes you feel good sometimes. Take a leap of faith, that God knows where you can go to feel brilliant. Trust that he sees the bigger picture, even when you do not. That is if that is your choice. I hope some of it helped
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  4. Well, that is a relief to hear
  5. I haven't tried calling them for an earlier appointment, didn't think you could do that with these kinds of things. Maybe i should try and call..
  6. Im not sure if this is the right category to put this in Some time ago i started having double vision, it came quite abrubtly. One day i had trouble focusing on things and felt especially clumsy (more than usual) - just figured i were coming down with something. but then the day after i were seing 1½ sort of. The day after that again i were seeing double, and then my mother said my pupils were really large and that we should contact the doctor on call. She said for me to come to the hospital, and when i came there she did a few tests on me and said that i should call the eye doctor tomorrow, but that she did not see any signs of something acute. Called the eyedoctor the day after and just by "luck" really i got in that same day. When i came there, the eyedoctor sent me to the hospital acute. I drove with my mother to another city thats an hour away to be checked by the eyedoctors there, and ended up staying there all the way to midnight. When they stopped the eye tests halfway and started doing MRI's and other tests on me, we both started getting more worried. At around midnight two doctors (one of them the doctor that had been testing me all day), told me that they had found a little dot in my brain, apparantly at the place that signals for my sight, and that it was pressing on that nerve, so that my left eye were having trouble, resulting in the double vision. They said they suspected it to be a blood clot, and i got admitted as they wanted to understand why a 24 year old already were having a blood clot. My mother left and drove home, and so the testing continued out until 2 after midnight or so. And when they wake you up ofcourse. But those three days seemed forever(silly i know, its just 3 days.. but time went by so slowly:yawn:), i were alone in the room and had no contact to anybody, the doctors hardly told me anything. I didn't push them for answers much either, they all seemed so busy. But they were all very nice. I were very afraid those days though, i had no idea what was going on with me. I so have empathy, for those going in and out of hospitals now... After looking closer, they then found out it was not a blood clot, so they had to test for cancer, my heart, and many other things, im not sure how many things they ended up checking me for, but they did a lot of it. After taking a spinal fluid test on me, they found out i did not have an infection and that it seemed not to be cancer either. They said to me i could borrow their phone to call home and be picked up, i were so relieved. But also that they wanted to test me for sclerosis. (When i returned home, as i were lying down for the spinal fluid to restore, my sight went back to normal, since then i have not had double vision.) I were to expect letters about two sensory tests (SEP and VEP) - which i think i ended up waiting about a month for. I then got a letter to get another full MRI and also these two. The day i had to go take the SEP and VEP i felt so afraid to get any bad news, so i had asked my father for a blessing. I think for that month i had been worrying and having it in my head for so long, i had made it worse for myself. In the blessing i were told not to worry, that God knew me well even before, that i should trust him in the things that happend and that nothing serious like getting cut open/surgery and such would happend to me. But that he had some tests for me to go through. To reach my arm out, and he would reach his back. And some other things were also said. After the blessing i went upstairs and kneeled and cried my heart out, and a very strong sense of calm came over me, and i went through the tests fine. I don't know how it would have went without that blessing. Unfortunately i got no results yet. But ever since that blessing, i have felt that i am not alone, and the waiting hasn't been as bad. I got the full MRI done a bit after that as well (with some days in between), and then the easter holidays here were there for about a week where i had to wait for results. This could get long(it probably already is), i will try to shorten it... I recieved a letter some days after the easter holidays saying that they wanted me to come to the hospital one hour away again, and speak to someone in the sclerosis department. (One floor under the apoplecsia floor i were admitted to). And that it is in two months. I have been back and forth if i should write this thread... But when i saw that i had to wait for two months for any response/diagnose, i have just been searching for opinions on this. Because i don't know what or if to make anything of it. Ofcourse theres nothing certain to know until i get the to the meeting, but i just wish if i could know if i had to prepare for some bad news. On the one side, why would they want me to go all the way down there if they did not find something? Could they then not have just called me and said so, or told my doctor so i could just go down to him? (He is in my own town) Or the hospital here for that sake.. then again it might be that i have to speak to the person that has dealt with the tests. I don't know. Also a two months wait, is this a good sign? Like.. it can't be an acute situation then, if i have to wait that long? Im really not familiar with these things, but... i guess im just searching for someone that has been through something like it, or just if anybody would know if it is a good or a bad sign, that they write that. Or if i am just overanalysing it?
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  8. Well i don't believe i have ever greeted you before, but none the less - welcome back!
  9. I didn't know you could do that brilliant, thanks for the tip!
  10. Good point actually. I don't think me and her will become close friends anytime in the future either, we are in two very different places in our life. :) So i suppose theres no reason to overthink it. And they are everywhere!