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    Best home teacher dad.

    Two boys were playing vidoe games one day and one said, "My dad is the best home teacher in the ward, he goes out and meets with his families the first day of the month." The other boy rolled his eyes and responded, "My dad has your dad beat, he goes out the day before your dad."
  2. Source, The American Conservative The NAACP’s Race-Baiting Why is this man not being charged with a hate crime? Why is this man allowed to encourage violence? I thought the Bill of Rights allowed free speech but not when one urged people to commit horrible crimes.
  3. Voyager

    Isn't advocating violent crime illegal?

    I wonder what the Justice Department would have done if two Klansmen, in full white sheets, had stood at a voting booth and threatened black voters. And if one of the KKK guys had said something about killing black babies if the networks would have reported it.
  4. Voyager

    Spousal permission for baptism

    If the mother is a member, and the father is not, can he deny the mother the right to take the kids to church? I cannot remember where I heard it. I did hear that either parent can stop the other from taking minor kids to church. If divorced that is different.
  5. Voyager

    Spousal permission for baptism

    I heard that a non-member mother can deny the member father the right to take the kids to church with him. Is that true?
  6. I am a little more motivated to get food storage now. In priesthood the subject came up for a few minutes because a shipment of wheat is coming in next week. Poople can can it and it will last for years. then I came home and someone had sent me this video. I do not know much about this man but he makes sense. The state I am in is closing things down daily and shortening the school year to save money. Unemployment is going higher and higher and the sate has no clue where to get money. And no, I do not live in California. When 9-11 took place the economy took a huge hit. We were relatively healthy then. What happens if something hits now (look at the oil spill). We are vulnerable. And then what about President Packer's warnings last year? I think it is time to take inventory and come together as families and extended families and form an emergency plan just in case. We need to pull together.
  7. Voyager

    Partner boundaries?

    Don't do anything you would not do if her parents were setting with you in the living room.
  8. Voyager

    Desperate plea for love and attention.

    We need to see our wards as extended families. Lonliness hurts and I bet there are a lot of lonely people in all our wards right now. Image: REM song "Everybody Hurts" You never know just how lonely people may be around you.
  9. Voyager

    Noah, is it starting to rain?

    And Noah...? Here is a good argument that The Law of Consecration is superior to any other system. I believe the future is coming fast.
  10. Voyager

    Feel like giving up

    With God, nothing is impossible. The adversary wants you not to believe you can grow and develop, while our Heavenly Father offers hope. When you are doubting the ability to follow the path of God remember, those doubts are not from God. Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space.
  11. Voyager

    Noah, is it starting to rain?

    I have a testimony of the restored Gospel and believe that we, as a body of believers, will come together. It will not be overnight. this is not a Hollywood disaster movie. People are already hurting in almost every ward in the USA. Maybe this is the issue for us to reach out first to our less active family members. We then need to reach out to our commmunities. Can we avoid another depression? I do not know. It is best to prepare just in case. The warnings on the wall give little to justify optomism for the national economy. What does count most I believe is what happens with us and if we can weather this.
  12. Try writing a book :) Here is an odd take in your plot. If they had been LDS polygamists in the late 1800s, and then tuned by a vampire, then why would they have to be fundamentalists? They would be under the pre-manifesto rules and could even hold callings I think.
  13. Voyager

    The Conservative movement?

    With all the talk of conservatism and liberalism, I wonder...what was Theodore Roosevelt? I think if anything he was a nationalist, which has a nasty connotation with corporations and the elite today. When Roosevelt looked at a policy he asked who it helped and who it hurt. He wanted the greatest good for the greatest number of people. If alive today he would not support a lavish welfare system nor would he support predatory capitalism. He would not think that letting jobs flow to sweatshops overseas was justified yet he still supported government policies that encouraged marriage and family and supported national health care. It would be nice to have someone who looked at every policy in the USA and asked, "Will this help the little guy?" I do not think many in either party think that way today.
  14. I like the way you present the Christian view of love. Love is for the person, not what they can do for you. I fear modern society has made love something that is earned. Once we make love something you have to earn (based on looks, money, popularity) you build your marriage on a foundation of sand. Once someone's looks go, or someone loses their job, then the marriage will be doomed. I fear this happens in LDS temple marriages too.
  15. Abe Lincoln once said we are about as happy as we decide to be. I think that applies to marriage too. If we take inventory of how blessed we are, rather than think about the one that got away, we will be much happier. I have seen families where a couple marries just out of high school The man is basically a nerd, but once he hits his thirties he suddenly looks handsome. Maybe his wife by then just looks like a 30-something nerd. Then the guy feels the temptation to take advantage of his looks. It does not turn out happy when this occurs and the man feels entitled to feel like he is in high school again. Remember what happened to David due to his longings. The Prophet Nathan chastized him for taking another man's wife even though God had blessed him with six wives already. Maybe Bathsheeba was more stunning than David's other six wives? Be caeful brother.
  16. Voyager

    What to do about illegal immigration?

    We did that in the 1800s, invade and occupy all of Mexico. The reason we gave it back was that Lincoln and other Republicans did not want Mexico to become a bunch of slave states. They were below the Mason-Dixon Line. It would have given the south an advantage in the senate. The reason there are so many Germans in the mid-west is because the Republicans gave them free land to settle there. They were against slavery. They would elect anti-slavery senators. So the only way we could have made everyone happy would have been to conquer Canada and keep Mexico. It would have changed world history to be sure.
  17. Voyager

    What to do about illegal immigration?

    Get rid of the anchor baby thing. It is time we amend the constitution and require one parent of a child born in the USA to be a citizen or have permanent residency. There are illegals here sho have given birth to 7 or 8 kids that are now officially American. Take that away. And by the way, there are people in my ward in their 50s and 60s who have been out of a job for 2 years. And their unemployment is running out this summer. They are willing to do any work at all to keep mortgage payments. Many have applied at places their children have worked for but been turned down. Why on the earth do we need any guest workers excpet maybe in agriculture? We need to get to 0 unemployment here in the US of A and then we can talk about guest workers.
  18. Voyager

    Breast Implants

    Anyone read that terrorists might try to hide chemical explosives in women's breasts? Same principle as the jell stuff, just that it would be explosives that could be drained and used for destroying a plane.
  19. Voyager

    Flying Other Flags on July 4th

    Okay, my take. If I flew an American flag and a Scottish flag together on the 4th. to me that would show patriotism plus connection to my roots. The same would be true for a Danish flag and an American flag. So no problem with an Italian flag if it flies with an American. A Mexican flag WITH an American flag would be okay. A Mexican flag alone sounds like reconquista.
  20. Any idea when interest on the national debt will exceede the level of money taken in by taxes?
  21. It is the caffeine that seems to have positive health benefits. In tea, yes there are antioxidants and so every one of my inlaws drink green tea. Alcohol is only good for some incredients you can get from grapes, green veggies and grape juice instead.
  22. My wife and her friends were watching some TV show that had a guy who built houses for low income people through his church. It seemed like the show was mocking Jimmy Carter because the guy who headed the organization killed people and put them in concrete under the houses. Guess nothing is sacred anymore. Back to reality. With the economy looking worse and worse every day do you people think that eventually our church will start doing the Amish thing? A couple could buy all the building materials and then the ward could all chip in and raise a house for them. It would save families a lot of money.
  23. Voyager

    Toy Story 3

    With all the junk that seems to come from Disney these days, the Pixar wing of the corporation seems immune to anything mediocre. They know how to combine entertainment, emotions and deep story lines in a very unique way.