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  1. My friend who was somewhat recently been baptized has thought about a mission until this point. He told me in one of our conversations that he had been praying about it, and now feels the lord is ok with him not going on a mission. He also says that when he gets married he could always just serve a senior mission instead. When he told me this I wasn't sure of what to say without offending him with the "young men are commanded of god to serve full time missions." I am confused about a couple things 1) If god commands every righteous young man to go on a mission why would his prayers make him feel as if he doesn't need to serve a full time mission? is it because he is not truly praying or what? 2) He told me that he could just go on a senior mission "instead." Is this true? does going on a senior mission count? sorry if these are brainless questions but any articles, prophet quotes, or advice in general would be appreciated. Ive tried to research these things, and bare my testimony of missionaries, however I don't want him to feel that I am disagreeing with his prayers.