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  1. mechelie

    Applying to be a Sister Missionary!

    I did decide to go. Sorry it took a while to respond. I leave next week for the Provo MTC! I am there for three months because I will be reporting Kobe Japan!
  2. mechelie

    Applying to be a Sister Missionary!

    My 21st birthday is the beginning of December. I want to get the application finished before I go back to college for one more semester so I can get it done in my home ward. So the earliest I can turn in my papers would be at the end of September then. What happens after I turn in my papers? How long will it take to get my call? Thanks for all of the quick posts!
  3. I am a prospective sister missionary and have started the application process to go. I want to leave at the very end of the year. I have been attending church for almost five years now so I did not grow up in the church (my family has been inactive for as long as I can remember). I decided a year ago during my first year of college to go on a mission. Because of all that, I don't know much about the application process. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. What would you have liked to know when you were applying? Also, I have a meeting with my bishop this upcoming Wednesday to discuss some questions, but it would be nice to know more before I go. One big question I have is: When is the earliest that I can turn in my papers? How can I get help to pay for my mission? I have been saving for it since I decided to go, but that doesn't amount to much. PS. Please no negative comments about sister missionaries. I have heard a lot of it already, and I still know that I want to go.