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  1. I'm pretty sure you were already cynical, buddy.
  2. I agree. I clarified later. Sometimes I mix up tenses without thinking about it; while it started in the past and was its most severe in the past it's still an ongoing issue.
  3. I would take the loan so he can get a better job sooner, but it depends on some things. You can always pay extra on the loan later, and also during his time at school to reduce interest. You should calculate how much it will cost to get the master's degree and then use that to determine how long it would take for him to save enough money to do it at his current position. If it takes more than 3 years I'd say it isn't worth saving.
  4. I think it can, but it doesn't do so by its own merit. Either way they'll still have to be rehabilitated, behind bars or otherwise. Putting someone behind bars is only really appropriate if they're a threat to the safety of others or their property, anyway, in which case they would need to be tangibly confined away from others. With that contrast then perhaps I am in a faction that is neither here nor there, since I have my own motivations that apparently go by separate reasoning.Food for thought: If I'm getting a ride in a wagon free of charge and not pushing it, what support am I giving to the driver? Mooching is GREAT!
  5. Does the definition of marriage actually change just because the government says so? Well, if this isn't incredibly offensive then I don't know what is. The idea that making a sin criminally punishable will somehow make others understand the spiritual significance of the sin is a joke. If that actually happened, prisons everywhere would be cranking out fresh converts, but instead we have to teach the truth to them just as much. Your ideas, while well intended, are completely misdirected and futile. I place my trust in the prophets, but not in your methods. And we can agree to disagree on that note.
  6. You just blatantly ignored pretty much everything I've said so far. Laws that protect us from each other ought to be enforced by the government. All other spiritual laws ought to be enforced by God.
  7. This situation would fall under the protecting us from each other category because the child is a third party without any capability of making their own decision. Same reasoning for abortion being illegal. I made my argument against the last part of your post earlier.
  8. Then nothing more can be done, whether the former is included or not. This is how agency works.
  9. The point there was to illustrate the abject lack of necessity of the former when the latter can be accomplished whether the former takes place or not, not to declare the two mutually exclusive. Although I still maintain that it generally skews the focus away from the spiritual aspects, at least insofar that prisons aren't penitentiaries, something that in all likelihood will remain true for a very long time.
  10. I thought I made enough of a differentiation in my previous posts to allow for just an ounce of ambiguity, but apparently not. I didn't mean that I couldn't care less about ALL laws, only ones that assert that the government should protect us from ourselves.