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  1. The rhetoric in Arizona is interesting - and I don't believe it reflects the attitudes of most Arizonans. The results from a comprehensive poll were released today. 55% of Arizonans support the new law, with 36% opposing it. What's interesting is that 62% of Arizonans favor allowing illegal immigrants with no criminal records to stay here (amnesty), with 31% in favor of requiring them to return to their country. It looks to me like most Arizonans that support the bill aren't necessarily racist. For those of you that don't know, one of the reasons that so many people consider the bill racist is that Russell Pearce sponsored it. Forwarding emails from a white supremacist organization's website and associating with Neo-Nazis will color any bill he writes that affects any minority group (no pun intended). I read an article that stated the LDS Church doesn't questions it's members on their immigration status, which makes sense to me as they are not a Government organization. I don't have a deep understand of callings, but I thought members were called of God, or from God. So, if illegal immigrants are being called to serve, wouldn't that suggest that God doesn't necessarily believe that their illegal status is immoral? Some things that are immoral aren't illegal (abortion), so isn't it possible that some things that are illegal aren't immoral?
  2. mordorbund - Is that Carmen Sandiego with the Eye of Mordor? And is your name a combination of Mordor and Broderbund?
  3. I found this forum by googling utah immigration list. I stayed because I like it. I'm not as interested in the religious discussions as I am in current events and other secular topics. Really, it's good clean fun - and you don't find that in many forums.
  4. I'm with hordak... you're scared for your family, so you leave them to chase down the potentially dangerous home invaders? WTH is wrong with our country? Dong dong ditch was a rite a passage when I was a kid. The guys was out of line, it doesn't excuse what the kids did since people are so fearful nowadays, but the parents should drop the charges.
  5. Hi crazypotato - you're right, being in the military is tough, and more often than not being a military spouse is even tougher. Why you certainly can and should seek support from members of your Church, you can also seek support from other military wives. Most units will have a Family Support Group, or will be part of a larger unit that has a Family Support Group. There should also be a rear detachment (a part of the unit that doesn't deploy) that you can also contact for assistance or information while your husband is deployed. A Google search for military wives forums also brought up listings like this: Military Wives Forums (I haven't checked the forums so can't tell you what the atmosphere is like) And if you're husband's unit doesn't have a Family Support Group, you can talk to someone about starting one.
  6. I've seen LDS soldiers conduct their own sacrament meetings while deployed.
  7. Hi Chloe, welcome to the board!
  8. The ability to rob a bank is insignificant next to the power of the force.
  9. I'm not LDS, but almost feel like I am. My family moved to a small Utah town from a fairly large city when I was a teenager. I didn't even know what a Mormon was until my friends found out we were moving to Utah. I would be both an ethnic minority and a religious minority... up to that point my experience as a minority involved slurs and a couple of beating when I ended up in the wrong part of town. Then we were in Utah, and whatever preconceived notions I had were quickly squashed. My experience consisted of Ward Volleyball and Basketball, the Boy Scouts, Father-Son activities, campouts and the list goes on and on. It's been over 20 years since then and I am still close friends with the people I met during that time. Sure there were some people that didn't feel I should be allowed to take part in Church activities, but the large majority welcomed me and my family in like we were long lost family. I'll never forget when we took the U-Haul to our new house and virtually the whole neighborhood showed up - the men to help us move in and the women who brought food. My father is a native Utahn, and his brother died when he was a kid. His family couldn't afford the funeral and the Mormon Church paid for it, even though they weren't members. And I'm not sure if people are aware of this or not, but there are several other religions and denominations throughout Utah who have received considerable financial help from the LDS Church, and they have buildings and facilities because of that.
  10. I've seen missionaries in the barracks. They can't proselyte, but I believe they can go if invited.
  11. Have you seen this: ThinkGeek :: Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon
  12. Yeah I learned a lot. For example, I didn't know Harry Reid was LDS. The article actually used the term "illegal" more than it used the term anti-immigrant. And both sides are guilty of playing on emotions. I thought the article was middle of the road... showed both sides of the issue. I have to admit that I don't like the idea of activists trying to influence the Church on way or another.
  13. Sandwiches in a can: Can-do or can-don?t? - foodwine - TODAYshow.com
  14. I actually enjoyed the Pentecostal service - I think it's great to see people celebrate God so enthusiastically. There were just a couple of members that scared me and my daughters. The mega church I attended was a different denomination; it wasn't Pentecostal. And I shouldn't have criticized it. And I shouldn't highjack this thread. I personally didn't find LDS meetings boring, but it was a novelty to me. And I only went a couple of times. With that said, I think you get out of it what you put into it.
  15. I fell asleep at church once. Unfortunately, I was an altar boy at the time, and the priest was reading the Gospel, and I was standing next to him and holding a 20 pound bronze crucifix. Which I dropped, which made a loud and terrifying noise that woke up the rest of the worshippers. You'd think the priest would appreciate having a wide awake audience, but he didn't. At all. As far as Mormon Church meetings being dull, I've attended a couple of times and found it fascinating that people from the congregation go up and speak. I did find the classes boring, though. Pentecostal services can be exciting, and a little scary. And I went to a mega-church once, reminded me of a rock concert. Low pressure, feel good fast food worship- filling but not really fulfilling. I thought of it as a high calorie low nutrient alternative.
  16. Cheese often has enzymes that help you digest it, and yogurt contains "live and active cultures" that help you digest it. You're probably lactose intolerant. I'm lactose intolerant - haven't drank milk in years and gave up dairy altogether several months ago. Smartest thing I've ever done.
  17. It took me all of two minutes on Google to find this group extremely disturbing. Sitting around naked with a bunch of other men and passing around a large wooden penis is not normal behavior. The Arizona chapter of this group is geared towards homosexual / bisexual men. That makes sense to me, as straight men prefer to be clothed while hanging out with other men. HG - if you hear banjos, RUN! If you hear pigs squealing, RUN! And when someone passes you a penis, make sure it's wooden and not attached to anyone. Unless that's what you're looking for, in which case I hope you have a manly good time.
  18. So it's like a naked fight club? With all of the naked and none of the fighting? Hope it works out for you.
  19. Here's an interesting article with various viewpoints: Mormon Church Under Pressure on Immigration - New America Media
  20. He'll make one if he hasn't already, probably while flying in a private jet. I'm sure he feels that his carbon footprint is well deserved.
  21. I think this is a great idea. It's only natural for parents to want to be a part of their child's wedding - and this is a good, simple compromise.
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    Thanks Pam, Hemi! I live in central Phoenix and work in Scottsdale. Considering a move to somewhere cooler, but that will pass when October rolls around.
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    I'm actually not LDS - I just stumbled upon this site when googling a specific issue. However, I did spend my formative years in a small Utah town, a sinner among saints :) It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. My children are LDS, and I'm grateful for their values and faith. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I enjoy running, camping, hiking, fishing, the occasional beer and Sunday morning matinees. I've read every book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Steinbeck and Wilson Rawls. I never get tired of Monty Python.