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  1. mormonboy51

    In need of some clean humor!

    I was weeding our lawn when my mom yelled at me to stop using my nice jeans. She made me go inside and change into a pair of jeans that are worn instead of the ones i had on that looked worn. That got me thinking. Why do people spend 50-100$ to buy jeans that look worn then throw out the worn jeans?
  2. mormonboy51

    converts leaving the church

    Yes many leave but more stay. LDS Church Stake Growth
  3. mormonboy51

    Was BYU left out of the Pac-10 due to religion?

    The pac 10's reason was pretty lame considering the other schools in their conference who focus on undergraduates too.
  4. mormonboy51

    LDS Question from a Baptist

    I find that studying ancient archeology is quite interesting especially when you compare it with the B.O.M. and the bible. Its quite fascinating how accurate they can be. The only way to gain a testimony of the B.O.M. is through faith and the spirit but why cant we study history with DNA and such?
  5. mormonboy51

    Hey, Wassup?

    Actualy at Brighton it was Ricky Heimuli and the QB who got all the credit for everything. Im not planning on playing up there but who knows?
  6. mormonboy51

    LDS Question from a Baptist

    Red Phoenix, I have found some genetic evidence online for the book of mormon if your interested. It doesnt prove but it supports it for sure. Does DNA prove the Book of Mormon?
  7. mormonboy51

    Hey, Wassup?

    Close, I was RG and NG.
  8. mormonboy51

    Why Are Mormon Church Meetings So Dull?

    I think its because people try to sound spiritual instead of relying on the spirit. Thats why its so boring.
  9. mormonboy51

    Does the LDS faith offend the Jewish?

    Ok thanks for the clarification.
  10. mormonboy51

    Hey, Wassup?

    We beat them in football at homecoming.
  11. mormonboy51

    Protein and Creatine

    yeah its a guy. Thats what I told him and he said that protein was fine but that creatine in unnatural amounts was equal to using steroids and against the Word of Wisdom. Is there a chance its against the WOW?
  12. mormonboy51

    1 Nephi Chapter 9

    That is the most interesting thing I ever read! I will have to read even more!
  13. I thought it would work until my dad said he couldnt do it on the first date because he was out of town, 2nd date because he had to watch ESPN for information on U of U going to the Pac10 and the 3rd date because he was going to be sick...
  14. Does the LDS church offend the Jewish? Does our baptisms for the dead offend you because we could be baptizing someone who died in the holocaust?
  15. mormonboy51

    Protein and Creatine

    I have friends who say that taking protein and creatine is cheating in weightlifting. Is it, what do you guys think?