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  1. I am a little skeptical. The land it sits on sounds as though it is destined to have future issues. Be sure, like the Primary song "The Wise Man", to build your house upon a "rock" or a firm foundation. It sounds like a "sandy" one to me (metaphorically). Before spending HEAPS on getting it all redone, I'd be very very cautious. If it has been flooded out once, is it likely to do it again? Get someone who is an expert to come inspect it.

    Good luck! My experience with houses in the past has been that what looks do-able will probably take double what you thought it would. Just be careful. It may be worth it but I'd be very careful. There are LOTS of houses on the market for less than $200K that don't have any problems. :)

  2. Making out isn't as serious as fornication. When I was a Bishop this wasn't something I required (young) people to confess before partaking of the sacrament, etc. But it was something I asked about and counseled against.

    Normally people don't go to a Bishop to confess they've been "making out." But--for reasons well explained above--it isn't something you should be doing. (And if you continue in this behavior the chances are you will do something that you will need to confess to your Bishop.)

    How about petting?

  3. No experience but I would say this....if the kitchen is all that needs to be done on it, why would you need 203K to do that? I guess I am just cautioning against a loan in excess of what you need. By the house by ALL means for $20,000....but then only take out a loan based on what you need. In an economy that is still on the rocks...taking out an excessive loan may prove to be a bad idea. You would be wise to pay an inspector to tell you if there are unseen problems plaguing the house first but for $20,000....wow....not bad.

    Good luck!