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  1. This past Sunday, I gave an Easter message, which is shocking they trusted me with that. Additionally, I was also playing the "rest hymn" from my phone. Jesu, The Very Thought Is Sweet, nice song. You can guess what happened. I got so wrapped up in giving the talk that I forgot I had to get my phone ready, like, airplane mode. As it would happen, one of my daughters called and the ring went over the sound system, very loud, in the middle of a spiritual song. Thank goodness I stick with phone rings and not "Baby Got Back" or something. It really was comedy gold. So I was thinking that I could not be the only one to contribute to the sometimes comedy routine called Sacrament Meeting. Go ahead, what's your story or what have you witnessed? I will confess I used my phone to record my talk. Wanted to see what I sounded like, which is close to a chain smoking dock worker. But still, airplane mode, DUH!
  2. Next step, yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off your lawn.
  3. "If I can do it, anyone (or you) can do it." Well thank you for being dismissive of how I'm feeling and what difficulty I'm having. "It is what it is." Talk about a phrase that shuts down any change. and my #1 phrase that I absolutely hate and I've heard many times... "I feel so bad that I was the cause of even one drop of blood the Savior had to endure." Say what? What a way to broadcast that you have no understanding of not only scripture, but of the Atonement. Beside, it is a statement of one's self-righteous "look at how pious" I am foolishness.
  4. I may be misunderstanding the OP but to be overly blunt, you've been released. Drop it and move on. This may be a bit callous, but what I've learned is when released on good or not-so-good terms is to give an exit briefing if wanted, then take the attitude of "not my issue." Church members seems to refuse to let go of responsibilities after a release and pile on the guilt or anger when things don't go as they feel it should go. It is the responsibility of the new person to work out the issues and reach out for help where they feel they need to. If they don't reach out to you, then let it be. Don't be offended or hurt, just move on. The over-used adage "the most consistent thing about this church is change" still holds true and you are a part of that change. If you have a new assignment or calling then turn your energy towards that. If you don't, then continue to work on being a better christian and servant to the Lord.
  5. I did not exactly turn one down, but one of the counselors in the stake presidency asked me to give beginning computer lessons. After thinking and praying about it, I spoke with the church leader and let him know about being a facilitator in the ARP program and that the assignment would conflict schedule wise. He told me that my ministering was more important and they got someone else to do the class.
  6. Funny you should mention that. Just got back from talking to my Elders quorum president. He assigned me to give the next priesthood lesson using this General Conference talk and specifically asked me to add my experiences and what I learned. And to make it better, I was also asked to be the Elders quorum secretary. They are not going to let any dust settle on me.
  7. Interesting question that I had to think about because there isn't any one thing. Right after my disciplinary hearing I knew I wanted back in but I didn't realize how much work it would take and how hard it would be. So the best answer I can give is I knew I did wrong and I knew I wanted to do right. Everything emanated from that.
  8. I've been on this forum for a while and I've even gotten into trouble a few times. As of late, I haven't been posting very much because, you know, LIFE. But I thought I'd pass along that after 18+ years, I've had my blessings restored.
  9. While looking up some info, I discovered that the Latin mass is called the Tridentine Mass. But just spit-balling here, and again forgive my ignorance: I'm kind-of wondering if there is an ideology in the Catholic church that the Tridentine Mass is the "true" Catholic mass so those that perform and attend it are "true" Catholics. If that is the case, then possibly Pope Francis is trying to do away with such rigidity in the ministry so that the ministry would concentrate more on service rather than complex mass and strict dogma. Or that the ministry who perform the Tridentine Mass do so with the guise of holding together the traditional Catholic faith in opposition to the changes being made by a more liberal Pope in a more liberal time. If that is the case, then Pope Francis pretty much kicked a hornets nest. I'm already seeing where there are people saying that he is not the "real" Pope and will be pushing against this latest motu proprio. Either way, my limited exploration of the subject has taught me that the issue of the Catholic mass can get complicated and that the Catholic church has a couple of thousand of years of tradition and rule making to throw a lot of wrenches into the works. But it's fascinating stuff.
  10. I admit total ignorance on this. Seems that Pope Francis overturned the loosening of celebrating the Latin Mass. Seems that, according to Pope Francis, the Latin Mass was being used to put a wedge between the traditionalist and the reformists, if that is the case. I remember my Grandma saying she stopped going to mass when her parish stopped doing the mass in Latin so I think I have a bit of an understanding why the traditionalist are in an uproar. If someone can explain what the arguments are on both sides and how, if it is, the Latin mass is divisive.
  11. 1) Tax rates will increase. 2) I'll will still be a financial wreck. 3) My kids will still be weird. 4) Graphic card stock will not normalize until March when hopefully GDDR6 chip manufacturing catches up.
  12. So here's my take: The scenario that was brought up in our discussion was about a spouse who agreed to being home by 6pm but was late by many hours, many times. Everyone reacted with the general sentiment here, that is, from the viewpoint of a wife, if her husband is late, then it is the wife's choice to feel resentful, angry, accepting, or happy. In short, be emotional resilient enough to not let her husband dictate how she feels. I understand and agree with that, with some caveats. I opened my big mouth, which always gets me into trouble, and asked: "Isn't it appropriate for the wife to know where her husband is? If she communicates that, and he refuses to answer, then what? Is it her job to keep herself happy and lovingly act regardless of whether he's working late or having an affair? And what if the husband is abusive? Is it her responsibility to lovingly act to try to create an outcome of not being smacked around? Is she supposed to stick around because she would not be fulfilling her responsibility to communicate to her abusive husband and keep herself happy? And is she supposed to accept her husband's behavior in either scenario because it is irresponsible for her to get resentful?" And then it was a another round of loudness when many ganged up on me to let me know that I was taking the paragraph too far. But my answer to them was that in LDS culture, temple marriages are sacrosanct. So for a church publication to have this is re-enforcing the notion that one must stick with a temple marriage, regardless, period. One of the participants suggested that a disclaimer is needed to deal with these issue, which I wholeheartedly agree with. So my Bishop will most likely include the suggestion in his report. I'm nothing but entertaining in these classes, but it would seem that the general consensus is that I have miss-interpreted the passage and will probably need to apologize for my angry outburst. However, I probably won't because I'm me and me is stubborn. But I do appreciate that there are other views and I thank you for your input. Feel free to tell me where I am wrong. I'm a big boy, I can handle it.
  13. Wouldn't matter to me, so long as everyone is at least a mile away from my property line.
  14. I'm participating in the Self Reliance course "Emotional Resiliency" pilot program so my Bishop is reporting on what does and does not work. I've been pretty strong with some of my input (gee, shocking), but yesterday I had a heated exchange, at least heated on my end, with a passage in the "Building Healthy Relationships" chapter, "Communicating With "I" Messages" section and I thought I'd throw it out here to see if anyone else sees it the way I do: I'll give my interpretation later, I'm curious about your opinion.