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  1. Many people think we're weird. I respectfully disagree. I believe that people that think that we're weird are weird. Point of Case: Some people think Canada has winter all year round. FALSE Some people think we live in igloos. FALSE Some people think we ride Polar Bears to school and Work. I WISH Some people think we add 'eh' to the end of our sentences. WRONG AGAIN YOU HOSERS Some people think we all like Hock-wait that's true. Some people think we're communists. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS. Some people think we have Starbucks on every corner. THAT'S TIM HORTONS, GENIUS! Some people think that Canada is annexed by the United States. NO, BUT WE ALMOST ANNEXED THE MIDDLE WEST OF THE US. Some people think there's such thing as Canadian Bacon. EVER HEARD OF BACK BACON? Finally, some people think that Canadian is a language. WRONG AGAIN! NOW TAKE OFF!
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    Upcoming NHL 2010-11 Season

    What are your thoughts heading up to the beginning of the season for the NHL, a certain team, player etc. For me, being a Flames fan, this season will be very interesting to watch, as last season was a dissapointment to many fans, due to their shortcomings even though the team has major all star level players on the team. What happens this season will mostly likely determine the outcome of this team in the next several years if you ask me.
  3. Anybody know what the GAs have to say about this?
  4. Point of case (I withheld the link because it contains vulgar language):
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    New Here

    Wait a sec. I thought Winnie was Canadian?
  6. I dunno. If the guy was alive today, he'd probobly say something like this: Happy Slamjet?
  7. It's clear that there are many great movies out there that are adapted from real events, books, games, etc. but there are also many bad movie adaptations as well that are out there. Which film adaptations do you consider the worst that you have seen? For me the worst adaptation I have seen by far has to be 'The Lightning Theif'. I read the book when I was younger, and when I watched the film, I was especting the enjoyable entertainment that I got from the book. Instead, it was just the same old wasted Hollywood garbage, that was no where near as enjoyable as the book. tl;dr -Worst movie adaptation you've seen. -TL10 did not like 'The Lightning Theif' adaptation. How about you?
  9. Just ask me this, do you think this guy is supposed to be nice?: Didn't think so.
  10. I could go on forever and explain what you need to do to survive High School, but these five words would be the best way how I survive High School. Honestly, there's no other way to describe it. Just relax, and maintain your spirituality in your own way as you did before. You only make the situation worse by blowing it out of proportion and making it look like some large monster you can't beat.
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    What is God waiting for?

    Also, things are gonna be a heck of a lot worse in the future. Wars, famines, etc. My seminary teacher last year did a pretty frightening simulation of what the aftermath of Christ's crucifixion was like in North America to the Nephites (basically darkness, and all that), and it scared the heck out of me, and explained that in the last days, our world would be worse than that. Like I said, we're actually nowhere near the worst that the world can get.
  12. I would choose your next words wisely, considering the presence of certain Canadians, hosehead.
  13. February 28, 2010, 7:40. #87, assisted by #12. Never Forget.
  14. The title alone sounds ridiculous and based on that, I doubt I'd watch it. I think the rule of thumb is that any movie involving vampires, usually is a horrible movie. 'nuff said. (inb4: don't forget werewolves too)
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    Cowtipping - Is It Possible?

    It's not very affective. TL10 uses his own demotivational
  16. Imma let you finish slamjet, but this movie is the worst worst movie made of all time:
  17. This 2 minuites and 30 seconds almost makes up for 'the last one'. Also, I think we've been long overdue for another epic Apollo Mission movie like Apollo 13.
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    Anew Introduction

    Welcome Lonewolf. Yes, my avatar has bacon on it. No, you can`t have any.
  19. I admit, I didn't like the new Dumbledore at all. However, even if Richard Harris was still alive, I could never envision him in that battle against Voldemort in Order of the Pheonix. However, I think Richard Harris would've been great in that Horcrux cave scene in Half-Blood Prince. Another thing I didn't like was that they didn't have John Williams score the music for the film series after Prisoner of Azkaban. His music literally brought the magic to life in the movies. After he left, the music just seemed... dead. It didn't make the movies feel magical at all. Also related, I didn't like how they did the sound effects starting with Prisoner of Azkaban. WARNING SPOILERS BELOW: Lastly, and most notably of all, I don't like how they've strayed away from the book most of times, for example in Half Blood Prince, they didn't show all those (related) memories of Tom Riddle/Voldemort. I thought it would've been great if we could've seen that. Worse, I heard that for part two of Deathly Hallows, they've moved Snape's death scene from The Shrieking Shack to some glass building to make it 'romantic'. I understand that Snape had feelings towards Harry's mom, but I don't see how changing the location of his death makes the movie better. I think the death scene for Snape in the book was just fine as it is. Oh well, that's Hollywood for ya.
  20. I for one, love my new zodiac sign, espicially that it's GEMINI!!! W00T!!! SPACE HERE I COME!
  21. Well, the first book (The Lightning Theif) was probobly the equvilant of The Philosipher's Stone, in a way that it was light hearted, yet had a dark side to it as well, just like TPS. At the same time though, it (The Lightning Theif) was completely an original story. The movie however, was worse than road kill.