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  1. Joella92

    My Bishop bugs me...

    you should change ward if u dont like the bishop or the people
  2. Joella92

    Hi from Washington

    welcome richard im Joella
  3. Joella92

    New to

    welcome im Joella
  4. Joella92

    jut wanted to intro myself

    hi welcome im Joella
  5. Joella92

    newbie here :)

    welcome im Joella
  6. Joella92

    Just 5 months to go!

    im glad u didnt rush into it it seems alot of people do it fast and within a year quit going
  7. Joella92


    no im not an lds so im not sure if i be much help with ideas for your releif society im sorry
  8. Joella92

    usual behavior in lds ward?

    well i live in mo and im moving utah we dont really have mormon here but in utah they do and there nice out there for the most part so if there coming to you being really nice it just who they are
  9. Joella92

    Jarom 1:10-12

    10 that people should keep the commantants no matter what people say to them always keep god law just as Jesus would have and would want u too being christlike
  10. Joella92

    Enos 1:26-27

    27 it what we are always wanting for always to one day be with god but when we get with him we will only rest cause we are at peace with him and he is with us too
  11. Joella92

    Jacob 7:27

    god people who are sent here can use whatever language god givens them to speak even if it didnt come around til later and the plates survived cause god need them to surivied so they did
  12. Joella92

    2 Nephi 32:8-9

    that u must always pray even one day without holiess can let the devil in and corrupt u from being with god and became a part of society
  13. Joella92

    1 Nephi 22:31

    endure til the end it mean to deal with til the end of time but with our souls that never die is staying pure forever and always working to get closer to god
  14. Joella92

    Homeward Bound......I Hope!

    welcome u wwent to school at byu in provo that cool i think provo a great place
  15. Joella92


    hi mel welcome im Joella u used to be catholic that cool , im catholic now