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    Law of Chasity/Petting Problem (Father is the bishop)

    so does that mean that i don't need to confess to my bishop/father?? I know you are supposed to separate the role of the bishop from the father, I highly doubt that will be honored since I mean my dad does have feelings and it will change things... I really don't feel that it would right to discuss the repentance process and go through it with my father. That's awkward enough, I thought it over and I'd much rather going through that with my stake president. If I have my college interview in a couple of weeks, when I am going through the process with my stake president, would I have to bring it up?? Is the law of chastity in a LDS college interview? 1st of all, My dad doesn't usually interview me.. He just lets me slide because he trusts me, so..? I'm kind of in a dilemma, if I'm not interviewed then can I just go through the repentance process solely with my stake president? I mean I really didn't wrong my Mom or Dad, it was truly myself and the Lord, so why do they have to know? My stake president brought up this and i don't see the correlation.... Well in this case my Dad is my bishop so it's a sticky situation.
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    Law of Chasity/Petting Problem (Father is the bishop)

    So would it be possible to go through the repentance process with my stake president rather than my bishop (father)? I would be way more comfortable in that situation, I spoke with my stake president today and he basically told me that I needed to tell my father since I informed him as a stake president, and there are two interviews for LDS colleges, He helped me to realize how strong I truly am, it gave me confidence but this is still a lot to bear. So if I have another alternative, which would be to go through the repentance process with the help of my stake president and then afterwords have an interview with my father for college, it would still be honest because I would have gone through the process.. Is that correct? I'm sorry but he basically told me that my Mother and father would find out, which would hurt them tremendously, they think that I am doing all that I should be, but really I am a hypocrite going behind their back, doing these terrible things? That would hurt them so much, I am really desirous to make things right, that I will go to my father as a bishop if needs be, but if there is another easier means such as working through the process with my stake president, don't get me wrong, that's my number one option...So is that plausible? Because he never gave me that option, and now that I have been presented that, it would be better. I'm pretty sure my Dad would go hunt the guy I did these things with down, no matter what. LOL, he's not a crazy but he is my father and he cares tremendously for me. My Dad rarely gets angry but hearing this from my own child would break my heart.
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    Law of Chasity/Petting Problem (Father is the bishop)

    Is it okay if I have a day with my dad this weekend and just discuss whats on my mind? Or does it HAVE to be in the bishop's office?? Is it that technical? Oh, and my stake president has the keys but it does not matter because I am applying to LDS schools which require both to interview me, and it so happens that my stake president knows, and my Dad is yet to know. I really didn't even think of that when I confessed, I just did it to get it off my chest. It's funny how fate steps in, I guess my Dad is really meant to know. even if it's tough. I'm thinking about writing all I have to say down, have a day with my Dad and read the letter to him. Discussing what I need to say, so I'm not muttering and tripping over my words :] Does that sound good? Or should I try another option, I feel as though the bishops office is scary and I want to be somewhat comfortable...even though it's not at all comfortable to discuss with your own father.. What is your advice? This is probably the most difficult thing I had to do, I know i'm rambling, but I was listening to John Bytheway tonight, Five scriptures to get you through anything and he said how if his daughter were to tell him something she had done wrong it would melt his heart away, and he would be quickly to forgive, I feel as though the Lord is giving me comfort and showing me my fathers love for me is unconditional..
  4. I was involved with a guy who was not LDS, hI was completely oblivious to physical intimacy and inexperienced before I was involved with him and I started changing little by little, seeing myself drift from family, from church and the spirit. I am not blaming this on him whatsoever, but I am saying this could happen to anyone. I was involved in heavy petting and kept excusing myself and after a while the spirit withdrew from me. I am applying to college soon, I'm so guilty, when my stake president came to visit. I spilled my heart out to him because I had no one else to turn to. My father would be devastated and completely shocked to hear of my transgressions. I want to humble myself, but I don't know where to start. I was thinking of writing him a letter because I cannot seem to utter those words. Would he consider this as a bishop or as a father? If I told him at home, would he not regard my need to keep this matter private? Or would a letter be completely informal? I just don't know where to start. I really don't want to tell my whole family. My stake president told me I have to tell my father because I am applying to LDS colleges and there are two interviews and my dad needs to know about this. I want to demonstrate integrity, but I have no idea what angle to view it from. PLEASE HELP ME. I'm desperate for words of advice. I have no one to turn to