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  1. I have known some very pretty women and men who see theirs looks as a handicap in life. Why because everyone can see their looks but the person just gets lost in the process. As to height I was a runt and wimp until I was almost 16 then I started to grow ended up being 6 foot 4 inches and 265 pounds and no fat. Now I am 6 foot 1 1/2 since I broke my back and weight 246 pounds and am bald. Do I look sexy have no clue really don't care as I am me and that is all I care about. As to what we will look like in the next life I am waiting for someone to come back and fill me in on that one. No one has come back yet so it must be a fun place to be. Now as to blessings in this life being tied to looks please show me that one in holy writ. I missed that in almost 50 years of studying the scriptures and I would really like you to point this out for me. I know of blessings for health, of understanding and of answer to prayers but that one on looks and it being taken into the next life??
  2. what is beauty any way if you look at history what was once considered beautiful today is not. As to size just what is the right size are some really too tall, too short, to full body, to skinny? Here is how I look at when I am resurrected I get to get my thick black wavy hair back, get to be my original height and feel great no aches no pains and health issues. Do I look good yep to me and that is the only one that has to like the way I look me. It sounds like you are dealing with the worlds view of looks and that is sad as the worlds view of what a guy or girl should look like is totally driven by greed. As to some looking better in this life and getting all the attention, it is a good thing as they are being tempted in so many ways, vanity, self centeredness, rudeness, thinking they are better than others. Now do you really want those challenges to deal with and maybe explain one day? Be yourself and people will one day see the inner beauty.
  3. I am waiting to see what the design is of the new temple here in Idaho is
  4. Christ return is governed more by the wickedness of the people on earth than by anything else. Look at the signs we are told to watch for what one of them is positive not one. As to the prophet knowing if Christ and God want him to know they will let him know at the time and place they chose to let him know. Look at this way do you think the prophet would like to know say that 12/21/2012 is the date but he can tell no one not his counselors, not the quorum of seventy not the members, not his wife no one. Would a loving Savior and God put that kind of pressure on one of their prophets with all the other burdens they are asked to bare? I like the idea that we the people of the earth govern the day of his return by our actions as a total people on this earth. If you don't like that then use the Myain date of 12/21/2012 sounds good doesn't it or the solar flair date when there is going to be a super flair that is going to destroy all communications on earth or the one that says the volcanoes on the earth are going to cover the earth in lava and ash or the one that the seas will move all the continents together or the one that the rapture is coming and will take all the faithful home just before the earth is destroyed. You pick I like he will return when it is his time to return and not before
  5. I hope we can watch the new temple in Meridian go up the same way
  6. here is how I would do it if it were me first get to know your bishop second sit down and slowly go into things that are bothering you third realize he is there to help and that he is human and understands that issues come up and that it can be anything. fourth if you can't say the word just tell him you have a problem and write down on a piece of paper and hand it to him. Let it sink in and then start talking about what you are doing, just like here only with the bishop except he can respond much sooner. If I were your bishop I can assure you I would do my very best to not em brass you and we would get into some really deep discussion about it but in the end you would find that I am there to help you get through the problem ok you know where to find me if you need to
  7. Prison chaplain I know definitely when Christ will return when he decides that this is the day and hour of his return not one second sooner or later. So what is to worry about he has it all covered, it us who have to wonder and ponder
  8. Ladies first get to know your bishop he is the one who has been given the keys to look over and after you. Second if your bishop isn't mature enough to deal with all his flocks issues in life then he has a real problem as he is going to be held accountable for that failure. Third most bishops and stake presidents I have known are not the least lacking in knowledge. In a singles group back east one year at the Hill Comorah pageant a group of us had the anti paper and were tearing apart with scriptures and the stake president was know by us all as he was our spiritual leader so he came over to where we were because we had refused to give up the anti paper and he had with him our regional rep for the church at the time and they both sat down and discussed some of the articles with us we had a great time and the regional rep told those who thought they were getting us in trouble that maybe they should sit in our meeting and maybe learn something. What I am getting at here is that your bishop, stake president or who ever it might be in that calling is there to help you not tear you down we do that just fine on our own. As to being female and talking to a man, yes I can understand the concern but also realize a bishop last time I checked is a calling for a male preisthood holder and you are going to have issues all your life that you will need to talk to the bishop about. I relate to me going to a female doctor about male health issues been there done that and she was great and understood very well why it bothered me and also got it fixed.
  9. First sex in marriage is an issue for the couple not a group on the internet to decide. Now if the sexual activity or lack of it is affecting the relationship then it time to go seek help. Sexologists came into being long ago what is sexology Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behavior, and function. a list of major researchers I guess you could call them This is a list of sexologists and notable contributors to the field of sexology, by year of birth: * Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal[17] (1833–1890) * Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing (1840–1902) * Albert Eulenburg (1840–1917) * Auguste Henri Forel (1848–1931) * Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) * Wilhelm Fliess (1858–1928) * Havelock Ellis (1858–1939) * Eugen Steinach (1861–1944) * Robert Latou Dickinson (1861–1950) * Albert Moll (1862–1939) * Edvard Westermarck (1862–1939) * Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935) * Iwan Bloch (1872–1922) * Theodor Hendrik van de Velde (1873–1937) * Max Marcuse[18] (1877–1963) * Otto Gross (1877–1920) * Ernst Gräfenberg (1881–1957) * Bronisław Malinowski[19][20] (1884–1942) * Harry Benjamin (1885–1986) * Theodor Reik (1888–1969) * Alfred Kinsey (1894–1956) * Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957) * Mary Calderone (1904–1998) * Wardell Pomeroy (1913–2001) * Albert Ellis (1913–2007) * Kurt Freund (1914–1996) * Ernest Borneman (1915–1995) * William Masters (1915–2001) * Gershon Legman (1917–1999) * Paul H. Gebhard (1917– ) * John Money (1921–2006) * Ira Reiss[21] (1925-) * Virginia Johnson (1925– ) * Preben Hertoft (1928– ) * Oswalt Kolle (1928– ) * Vern Bullough[22] (1928–2006) * William Simon[23] (1930–2000) * John Gagnon[23] (1931– ) * Edward Eichel[24] (1932– ) * Fritz Klein (1932–2006) * Milton Diamond (1934– ) * Erwin J. Haeberle (1936– ) * Gunter Schmidt (1938– ) * Rolf Gindorf (1939– ) * Volkmar Sigusch (1940– ) * Dorree Lynn (1941– ) * Martin Dannecker (1942– ) * Shere Hite (1943– ) * Ray Blanchard (1945– ) * Gilbert Herdt (1949– ) * Kenneth Zucker (1950– ) There are some real heavy weights in the mental health world listed and it is important to understand going to a sexologist is like any other health care choice find one that you can relate to and feel comfortable with. This is not an easy subject for a couple to have to admit needs help. There should be no shame attached to this need for help anymore than needing any medical attention.
  10. No it would not be a biazzare accident think crushed bones in the pelvic area for starters. I worked on an ambulance crew decades ago and you would be amazed at what get broken in an accident. Sex in a marriage and intercourse may not be the same thing. There are ways to have sexual satisfaction when intercourse is not possible grow up. It is an issue that mental health counselors and others in the medical world deal with. Being closed minded as to what is sexually satisfying to a couple shows you or any ones lack of maturity in a relationship in which sexual release is expected and desired by the couple in the relationship. This is not the place to go into the many different ways sex can be enjoyed by two willing, loving people but it can be done if they really want to enjoy that part of life.
  11. eeccrioula As a future counselor thank you for your post. I have wondered about the issue but since it was not brought up didn't see any reason to go past getting help. NOW as to your not being a woman because of present challenges that is not true never was never will be. OK Second you and your husband have a great bond to be working on this issue and yes it might take more time and if you really understand the gospel no challenge will be given us that we can not handle. Doesn't say it will be easy or of short duration does it. I would hope that even though the path seems hopeless and is very discouraging that you and your husband do not lose hope of getting past the issue. Again thank you for giving me a very personal incite to what this disease can do to a marriage and how you are dealing with it.
  12. backroads she needs to understand all of us here in this life have challenges and this is one of hers right now and that is all it is a challenge if they truly love each other and are willing to do what ever it takes to move beyond this issue then the bond between them will grow ever stronger. I am studying to be a counselor and can tell you that the issues this life can put on a person are just mind boggling and also that 99% of the time there is an answer that will help the individual. Best of luck to them and I hope it goes well for them.
  13. My migraines seem to come when I get over stressed or just have to much on my plate and yes I do let it get way to full sometimes. Sometimes they come with no related issue and they are the worst my ex used to laugh at me when I would take my Excedrin for migraines and go into a dark room and just lie there for hours sometimes with my bottle of coke and that hurt sometimes more than the migraine but she is gone now so that issue has been cleared up now to just find the rest of the reasons that trigger my migraines. I am lucky as I usually only 4-6 a year but this last year there have been many more and I know a lot because of what the ex was not willing to give me in the divorce basically access to my kids. I hope one day they find something that works for all migraines and we can all be free of them.
  14. backroads So has anything positive happened with them or are they just going along that this is the way it is going to be for them? I really thing they as a couple need to go and see a counselor and get some things out in the open before something happens that is not good for either of them.
  15. Not so much the closing of the Boise temple but the rate at which new ones are being built and where. The faster the temples are built the more work for the dead that can be done and that is a sign of the second coming. How soon is that maybe a day or two of Christ time or maybe just a few minutes, seconds who know I don't have his watch to look at to see for sure.
  16. Don't know and not sure anyone outside of the select few who have to know have been even told. I am just going by what I have folks say that attend the temple regularly and it would make sense that while it is closed to make sure both temples are able to handle all the attendees that come to them.
  17. the temple is being closed because it gets so much use I believe my bishop said it use is in the top 5 in the world. That is why we are getting a second temple too. There was a rumor once that both temples would open about the same time but that is a long stretch as we don't even know where the new one is going to be and building a temple usually takes a couple of years but from what I heard they want to do the the Boise temple that might not be to far off a guess. It also means the end of times is getting closer and we need to keep our eye on the iron rod.
  18. Ok I am recently divorced and I would like to date again but am scared of being hurt again. I am older and have small kids. The ex found a new man before the divorce was final like months before and now she is living with the guy and no marriage date yet. Yes we have small kids a 4 and 5 year old kids and it has messed them up a lot. My 5 year old son has asked dad when am I getting married mom already has a new man in bed. I told him that I would like to be married again but I am not looking yet. Then he told me what my next wife needs to be and it is cutie until you realize he is telling dad what he doesn't want dad to do to soon. His list is my next wife needs to be tall, intelligent, love me and bubb's and Onni my two kids, love trees, hair on her head (dad is bald), love chickens, love horses, love being on a farm, dad needs to buy a farm, cows?, Dad has to buy horses and chickens, dad needs a truck (got that ) and get a tractor and all the tools to work it.
  19. My friend has a very good doctor who is up on the issue and there is just one cure that he can find and that one is a hard pill to accept. The migraines will stop when my friend leaves this world. Yep that is the only cure they have found that should work. Seems that with all the tests that have been done that they know less than before they started. It is one of those questions that asks why they even started in the first place and if there is a trigger what is it and can it be turned off. So far after years of my friend being one of the testers for many of the new ideas all they have learned is that they can make it worse for my friend. So now they try to keep the medications at keeping them down to a level that my friend can have some sort of life. We went out to eat and just the noise in the restaurant set my friend off and we even offered to go to another restaurant to see if we could find one with less noise. Life hands all of us challenges and the sad truth is that some of them are literally making lives very hard to enjoy and one has to wonder the reason for it. But we all know that we are hear to learn something and that the rules are anything goes so that about clears up what we can expect out of this life.
  20. I have migraines once in a while usually when something is really stressing me out or I am working really long hours then I have a few hours to a day when things are not fun. I usually take excederin migraine pain killers and go into a dark room that is also quiet. The ex a nurse no less could never understand them. I have a friend who has migraines 100% of the time and has meds to take depending on the level of the migraine and she has been this way for years and no they have found nothing to be causing them but they are slowly getting worse.
  21. Judo I know God has a plan for me I just wish he gave a few more clues as to the direction that I am suppose to go. It is a little bit like walking down a dark tunnel and water starts running in and you can only go one way and the water is getting deeper and colder yet you keep going as you really have no choice because if you stand still the water will still keep coming in and if you go on there is a chance you will walk out of it.
  22. Judo I am working really hard on letting things go the way they are supposed to and hope that I am also moving in the right direction for me and for my kids. You have no idea the things that have been bothering me this week and just what is the right direction for me to go. My kids are so precious to me that I am doing things for them as much as I can and hope I am not making bad decisions. My greatest wish is for something good to come out of this divorce and no I don't have a clue what that is.
  23. Texasmom7 I said it in my first post here YOU ARE NOT A LOSER did all of us say it loud enough. I understand your feelings and some things you haven't said but seem to be there too. If anything you are one amazing woman to have put up with all you have and still seem to want to fight to save the marriage. I sure hope that guy is worth all you have, are and will put into that marriage. I am glad to hear that you are in counseling it should help you a lot if you have a good counselor. As to the comment about if you got divorced no one would want you, that is not a known fact and lets hope you don't have to find out Now me I am in my 60's and have two little kids in my life, now there is a almost guaranteed never would be wanted situation but you know my kids are worth being alone maybe for the rest of my life after watching what their mom is doing to those little guys. Life is funny in that we are told all the time we will never be given a challenge we can not handle but sometimes it gets real hard to see past the challenge. Hang in there and keep praying and listening and one day the answer will be there as to what you should do.
  24. If you look at my original post divorce was mentioned in the seventh point and in point eight I said none of us here could make that decision for her. Also it is not just porn but the extra activities outside of the marriage that I am concerned about. Think of it this way if you buy a piece of hard candy and everyone wants a taste when it gets back to you are you going to want to enjoy that piece of candy? Sorry I might be a little old fashion but I don't want my spouse having sexual relations with anyone one but me. My ex couldn't wait get into another relationship, she didn't even wait for the divorce to be finalized to find someone new, was asked if I would take her back and the answer was not way, why because whether we like it or not there are a lot of STD's out there how do you know what has been shared so to speak.
  25. exactly what I was trying to get across but did a very poor job of explaining it.