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  1. I am one of the Original Osmonds and love spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Strengthen Families at The Family | How To Strengthen The Family. Our Charity that also supports families is at Untitled Document. I have a wonderful opportunity for families in Europe which is an Introductory Offer to try these doTERRA Essential Oils which are wonderfully PURE for FREE! It is ONLY for EUROPEANS and Good until August 5th! We want families to see how you can get GREAT HELP NATURLLY, "The Word of Wisom Way" and not have Chemical Pharmaceuticals SIDE EFFECTS! We feel that these natural oils will make families healthier and stay well without the costs of doctors and medicines. Again, this is at The Family | How To Strengthen The Family where we publish content for families with MORMON STANDARDS! I just had to drop by and let all European Mormonn Families know about this Short time FREE OFFER. Check out our site also. We are living in troubled times and we NEED to help one another all we can. Thanks, Alan Osmond