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  1. I think it's awesome! What a great way to go to the temple. Altho we are both licensed, we do not currently ride. My wife had a Yamaha Virago 920 when we got married. It was sold shortly after our daughter was born. We do hope to have a pair later when the kids are older.

  2. All you have to do is heat it to break the bonds of the fat from the liquids and then it will make cheese.

    If it is true walmart milk cant be used it is probably related to it being reconstituted from dry milk. Dont know if you can make cheese from dry milk but I doubt it.

    What is your source for Walmart milk being reconstituted?

  3. PC, you will need to have someone convert your book to the different file formats used by various devices. Also, Smashwords is a great site that will you can upload to and will then get onto various sites like Amazon to sell it. Mark Coker, the owner, has a list of people who format e-books. Just one on the list is my wife. Find one that can fit your needs.

  4. I advise sticking to Amazon. Look for items that have free shipping. If you have a problem contact Amazon seller, typically they will refund and tell you throw item away.

    That being said, the few occasions I buy from Ebay I am very careful about who I deal with. I also work thru my wife's account as she has been a hi rated seller for a long time. A couple of times I had a problem, I told the seller I wanted an immediate refund, and I would leave positive feedback saying seller handled issue promptly, and I would return Item. Or I if the didn't I would leave negative feedback. Their choice. Worked every time.