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  1. My wife has a very active paypal account. She takes payment for her books she sell via our website. She also uses it to get paid for her ebook formatting she does for clients. That is her primary income, and was I surprised by the amount of the tax statement paypal sent. She has a paypal debit card also, which she uses to access her funds without a fee. She also transfers to our checking acct without a fee. Typically takes 2 bank days. That said, she is going to start transferring it more so it won't build up, considering paypals penchant for freezing funds.
  2. Go ahead and start the list John. You know you want to!
  3. KC, sometimes people get books get labeled as "mormon fiction" incorrectly or writers get labeled as "LDS Authors" instead of LDS autors. For example, my wife, who is LDS writes fiction. Her characters are mostly LDS. But they are not "about being LDS". She is often mistaken as being an LDS Author instead of an author who is LDS. Her books are not marketed to LDS specifically, and are not likely to be found in Deseret or Seagull. However, she has received lots of great reviews, especially for the 3rd in the series, which is an allegory of the atonement. One person said it changed her life and compelled her to return to church after many years inactive. Another, who is NOT LDS said it helped him to give a better understanding of Mitt Romney and the perception of him being "always on" than anything Mitt has said or done. My wife was also a speaker at the Sunstone Symposium in Provo last year. Her books are mostly read by non-members, but also by members as well. So, you can be an LDS author of fiction, with LDS characters, and that does not mean you are an LDS Author.
  4. I stressed so much about baptizing my daughter last year. I wen't over the word for weeks, and my wife printed it out on a little card for me to have in the font. My daughter and I practiced over and over, I had the words memorized. Then I forgot to raise my right arm to the square. I was so embarrassed. It was still a wonderful experience. I suggested to have a sheet laminated like they do for Sacrament.
  5. I was wondering who Hoosier Guy was referring to. Is tax evasion the only reason people go to the Cayman Islands? Should I report everyone who tells me they are going to the IRS in hopes of getting a snitch payout?
  6. Bini, I am jealous. I only have an OG Transformer, but I love it. I will love it more when I get Ice Cream Sandwich estimated in 2 weeks. At some point I hope to trade up to the Prime.
  7. A website called Mormon Missionary Position. Very candid conversations. Mostly women, but men participate as well.
  8. Welcome back! (cue Welcome Back Kotter tune)
  9. Transformer Prime now shipping from select retailers, will reach normal inventory levels in 2012 | Android and Me
  10. yeah, drool drool. but instead of the Galaxy you might consider the current Transformer and Best Buys upgrade program.
  11. iPad? blech, My wife has one. If someone gave me one I would use it for a doorstopper.
  12. What format are the books in currently? If they are .prc it will be a very long and intensive process. So says my wife who is a professional e-book formatter. She creates files in all the formats for all devices. She is one of the top in the industry with clients all over the world.If they are from Deseret they probably DRM'd and Calibre won't strip that out. It would probably much easier to just buy the Kindle versions. And disregard my Bluefire comment. Doesn't work on kindle either, but it's what I use on my Android tablet to read everything else, including .pdf files.
  13. I would like to trade up for the Prime. I love my Transformer. Just recently scored a good deal 0n a 32 gb microSD card too, so storage isn't an issue. Asus has been on the cutting edge of technology for a long time. My Transformer follows me around the house. I took it with me to the doctors office yesterday and played Angry Birds until they called my name.
  14. well, my kids don't know that Santa is bringing a tv and Wii for Christmas. Their Grandmas sent 3 kids games, it came with Mario Kart, and today we ordered Just Dance 3 and sports resorts. Anybody got opinion on the Wii motion plus? Worth the money?
  15. oxyclean is detergent with peroxide. so just use your own detergent and a cup of peroxide, get it all mixed up and then soak for 12 hours. Then add a little liquid bleach and wash.
  16. I have an Asus Transformer which is awesome. I would recommend the new one, The Asus Transformer Prime which has a quad-core Tegra 3 Processor Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review - Watch CNET's Video Review
  17. Add peroxide to the water. 1 cup, and let it soak overnight.
  18. Neither am I east of the Mississippi, and we don't have Del Taco. I remember when Del Taco merged Naugles. The demise of the Macho Beef Burrito was a huge loss.
  19. "No Chihuahuas were used in preparing this taco" or 1 in place of No, as appropriate.
  20. I don't think it uncommon for a Home Teacher to ask if I or a specific family member needs one, based on our conversation. If, during their visit, I was to mention that I was going to be having surgery, they might then ask if I wished to have a blessing.