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  1. i don't know of a Bishop who isn't warm and approachable, obviously people can view them differently, but this doesn't change these aspects of their nature. God calls Bishops forth because they have what it takes the guide their ward in the Gospel, i have faith in saying that if you approached your Bishop about this specific problem, he would ponder upon it and change... no church member would purposefully commit an action that they know would cause disruption and upset in the minds of other people. Have faith and speak with him :) let me know how it goes!
  2. Nice to meet you, you'll love this site, very warm and friendly :)
  3. i recommend just going to church, talk to some friends within the church and try and get a social network going, they will help support you when you feel out of your depth again :) study the scriptures and pray, God knows your intention is to rejoin the path he laid out for you and i believe Our Father loves and understands our flaws, therefore don't hesistate in allowing yourself to progress, for this will only cause more pain... basically, in english - get stuck in! God loves you will support you along the way PM me if you have any other concerns, i'd love to offer more advice Congrats on taking the first step back, and good luck :) MichaelC :)
  4. beofre i start. i'd just like to say well done, not enough people ask for help when a problem like this comes to surface. i am in a similar situation, friends don't like the new me, my parents don't hate me for it, but i can tell they look at me differently, in a less favored light. there are days when i think, why did i do this, i've forgotten, but the second i look around me, i'm reminded. the world is full of negativity, unfortunately lucifer has had an impact on us and wherever we look we see him. put your faith and trust in God and Jesus and you'll never look back. my advice would be to continue praying for guidance, try and make some effort in your scriptures, perhaps revisit some read passages that you remember feeling the spirit when you studied. talk to you bishop and he'll embrace you with the warmth and love you seem to be searching for hang in there, you'll be okay :) PM me if you wish to talk further :) Michael.
  5. yeah man i would love to talk with you sometime :)
  6. thank you all for your replies, i shall make a note of the dream, and prepare for a mission in Hong Kong, i am positive this feeling was caused by the spirit im so excited!
  7. Hey guys i wanted to share with you something that has got me a bit stuck. Ever since i was young, my dreams have been particulary horrible, nothing but violence consists inside them, until i joined the church. my dreams seem to have lessened in it's tension and the violence has completely stopped since following the Lord's Commandments. As some of you are aware, i desire to go to on a mission, and i prayed on it and am certain that i shall go on one someday to serve. A few nights ago, i had the strangest of dreams, little of which i can remember. i had recieved my call, and my friends and family were there, but i can't remember much else besides it telling me i'm to serve in the Hong Kong mission. ever since this dream i feel absolutley certain that i will serve in the Hong Kong mission, however my nature is skeptical, and i question things a lot. usually i would pass it off as a dream, i told my friend about it from church and she stated it may in fact be a revelation. i'm yet to speak with my Bishop about this, but i seek your opinion on the matter :) note: Hong Kong was not in my list of desired places to go, surely if it was a dream, i would have been sent to my desired place. i felt the spirit strongly that day what do you think guys?
  8. lol well it's good to know i can still serve my mission thank you guys x
  9. hey, i heard a rumor on this site not too long ago about missionaries not allowed on missions if they have broken certain commandments like the law of chastity i had broken the law of chastity and felt overwhelmed with guilt and sought the guidance of my bishop, and he lovingly showed me the way and gave me his number and said he would keep an eye on me and requested if i have an issue, speak to him right away so that temptation need not grow to a point where i risk my standing in the church he set me on the repentance path, and told me he believed i had repented because of my sincerity and strong faith in the church, along with my knowing and belief that what i did was wrong. i was a convert, baptized earlier this month, and he took it into account that some elements of my former lifestyle weed their way through, but is helping me, and since that one mistake, i have not participated in any known sin, and have made the effort to be a shining example of teenagers within my ward. he has not mentioned the church's standings on missionaries though, and too my knowledge there is one missionary who had broken the law of chastity like i, and sought forgiveness like i. so my question is, where does the church stand, is there still a chance of me going on my mission in 2 years time :) MichaelC x
  10. thank you everyone it's nice to see such a supportive community strong in the spirit :)
  11. thank you, it pleases me to know i can actually go when im 19 :)
  12. im 17, and was baptized by the church little under a month ago, but was investigating it for a further 3 months before the baptism could be arranged, i really want to serve a mission because i KNOW that Jesus is our saviour and that Our Father loves us and wants us to return to him, and i know that it's well within my power and responsibility to submit myself to the work of the Lord. But i know little about the preparation i must take, the financial requirements, at the moment, i only have the words of the outside world, and my determination. can you guys explain the kind of preparation needed for missionary work. is it possible for me to serve by the time im 19. any advice and wisdom is welcomed. Thank You Michael
  13. hey, welcome to the site! it's a very exciting site!
  14. thank you Maya for the warm welcome, i have written my story as advised
  15. p.s my 4-month old nephew says hello too :)