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  1. Your particular situation hit home for me. So much so that I signed up just so I could reply. I've felt exactly this way. So I can understand how you're feeling. I know the burning desire to get married and have the white wedding. I almost got married to a wonderful girl for the wrong reasons. It's great to have that desire. You can and will get there. It takes time, careful planning and tons of patience.

    What rameumptom said is dead on. That advice is similar to what my friends and leaders told me. I followed it, worked on myself first and now I've found a great girl who is more wonderful than I could every imagine. I had to take care of myself first so I could be the man of her dreams, just as she is the woman of my dreams.

    Here's some food for thought that I've learned along my journey. Take it or leave it, but I hope it will help.

    - A solid relationship with the Gospel/Heavenly Father/Jesus is the foundation for a solid marriage.

    - Lasting Happiness in Marriage? Here's the formula.

    - Everyday your choices move you closer or further from your goals.

    - The gospel is a guardrail, not a fence.

    I found the key to life is not being perfect, but learning the lessons from my mistakes which helps to grow your maturity. Maturity meaning: Making enough mistakes that you have fewer new ones to choose from.

    As for the disciplinary council; you made a mistake, great, now you know the feelings and thoughts that led you there. Celebrate! You're wiser now. Learn from it, grow from it, these are your defining moments in time. What you choose to do next will have a greater effect on your future than the outcome of the council.

    I hope this helps and shows my support for you. Good luck, please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. You'll be in my prayers.

    Thank You, everyone for your comments.I want an eternal marriage in the temple so bad...I want to be married and a pure beautiful bride so bad :) The disciplinary councils been moved to two weeks from now.