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  1. Never :). The amount of physical care just lessens. I've had the chance to live away from my parents 2,000 miles away for 8 months for school. The first semester I talked to my mom every couple days on facebook or on the phone. The second semester I called her usually everyday. It's not that I was incredibly homesick, or needed advice. It was that I was bored walking home from class and I know my mom cares:) Going home after those 8 months was a strange experince for me. I went to go see some old friends and I was nervous about what to say to my parents. Do I ask permission? Do I just leave? Do i tell them? I didn't want them to think I wasn't respecting their rules, but I also wasn't used to being taken care of. I went with my mom to the thrift store, and my mom put my jeans in her pile during check was just strange for me since I've been financial independent since last Fall. I felt out of place being home, because being taken care of was something I wasn't used to. Now that I'm back to school my mom and I have skyped, called, and fb chatted every day..well one of the 3. Maybe I don't get homesick because the first person I talk to about an interesting class or theory i've learned is my mom. But, her parenting style's changed. My parents have always been pretty leniant. I never really asked permission in high school, I just told them and they'd comment on what I was doing. I was never grounded or punished. Just talked to about certain actions. Maybe I do less stupid thnigs..I don't know haha. The only 'parenting' type thing I plan on talking to my parents about is insurance claims for a doctors appointment check up I need for a procedure I had. Other than that, I talk to my parents like I'd talk to a close friend. Maybe that method doesn't work for everyone, and some college students need there parents advice more then others. But, It works for me:) Haha. I love my mom:) She's great.
  2. Hey anon. I was attending a BYU-I single adult ward 2 months after I turned 17. It's rare but happens. There might be a few younger students there as well. Look around for them if it makes you feel more comfortable. I didn't tell anyone i was younger, and it worked well for me :) No one but the bishop and my roommates knew. I love the quietness of YSA wards! haha, there are no noisy kids usually. Good luck! As time goes on you might not even notice your younger. I didn't.
  3. Just as a side note on that infograph. I feel like (at least at BYU-Idaho) college students care way more about there oral hygiene. I'm obessed with having clean teeth and I love having my teeth cleaned. My roommates and most everyone I knew at school always used mouth wash, flossing, crestwhite strips ect. Kinda of a surprising statistic to me.
  4. It's a shame theirs not more midsingles groups around. Hopefully the area has a few older YSA in it. Going to BYU-Idaho to a student ward we were mostly younger 17-23ish. When I realized one of my FHE brother was 27 I was kind of shocked. He seemed younger. My home teacher there was late 20's and it was quite awkward. In my ward he was 'the older guy....whats his name. OH. John" I'd hate to be over 25 and in a YSA ward. When you reach YSA age, (and aren't going to a church school where attendance is mandatory to stay in college), I pretty much assume that they are their because they want to be and truly believe. That being said, finding a women in a YSA ward that would want to date a non-member seems slim. Unless the pickings there are slim. Personally, with my level of belief&views at this point in time ect. I'm hoping to marry someone that was raised in the church, goes for social reasons but doesn't fully believe :) But, if I wasn't going to a church school, I wouldn't ever be in church.
  5. @Spring girl. Yeah. I told him to get into counseling ect. He's said he's handled the issue by never going home for more then a few hours. I know he has masturbation and porn issues. But it's just like. Over the top to hear the whole thing with his sisters. He told me right after I had some similar issues with my older that point I just decided most everyone's messed up and in the end, you can't really trust anyone.
  6. It's great that he's told you. As someone else said, make sure he knows you love him. Even if he doesn't believe. I skipped church one week and my dad told me to move out. "If you live in this house. you go to church with us!" He was soo angry, screaming and yelling ect. If I told my parents my true thoughts about the church I have no idea how they'd react. I don't want to hurt them, nor do I want them to think of me differently. People can be good people without being true believing Mormons.
  7. I had a friend who's LDS, parents raised him right ect. And he told me a few months ago that since he was a young kid he's been spying on his sisters naked and masturbating to it. I was very shocked to hear him say this. He moved out of his parents house after HS and is living in an apartment about an hour away from their home. He told me he won't move back in with them again because of this issue (they don't know but he's trying to stop). And he only see's them every few weeks for dinner. I was really freaked out ect and wished he'd never told me. But, as others suggested LDS family services would be helpful. Try and solve the problem quickly.
  8. Your ward experinces sound mild compared to mine... A lady would go up every month and read letters to her dead dog. Another women would talk about the importance of getting flash drives to put info on because everything would be gone when their was a flood ect. 2nd coming is soon! ect. One women would tesify how well the last ward activity was (she was Ward activity chairperson) and how she had prayed for matching center peices. And found them at goodwill. God really did love her. He gave her those center peices. Don't even get me started about testimonies at girls camp and Youth confrences. People would go up multiple times. During one meeting no one went up for 25 minutes straight. And then everyone who went up before the lull went up a 2nd time.... And then theirs always those teenagers that announce what a rough year they've had, and how they almost commited suicide, didn't get asked to prom, will be 16 soon. Ect ect ect. Arghh.
  9. Read a lot of it in 5th grade. A girl and I decided to read each others favorite books...HATED this book. Who wants to read about a bunch of bunnies..not me. And, the stupid glossary of words in the back. Cause we all need to know bunny language.... Maybe I should relook at it with a more mature mind....But thats just what I remember from my first encounter.
  10. Or a secret underground tunnel. As a kid most of my dreams involved secret underground tunnels. I was a sucker for spy movies and anything involving being a detective! haha.
  11. Etsy is also really cool!
  12. It's a really good thing these chaperons weren't at my one would be at prom. Except the guys.
  13. lizzy16

    pills vs candy

    100 level one 90 level two 60 level 3. Frankly, I think the real lesson to be learned is they need to stop making vitamins and pills look like candy. Adult vitamins with pinstripes on them..really (question mark.) Also, I got a "Fantastic!" at 60%...What does that say about today's expectations (question mark.).
  14. Just curious, how does everyone handle the sacrament with their kids?
  15. So, I know that the Sacrament is very sacred. And there's no point in taking it if you haven't repented of anything. I often times just take the sacrament and treat it very very lightly. It's my goal to be more respectful of the sacredness of the sacrament. Growing up I don't think I ever really understand the Sacrament very well. Maybe because it was such a pattern in my life. I didn't get the meaning. Do you think children partaking of the sacrament is kind of a mockery? They don't have anything to repent of, nor do they understand. I think if children after they turned 8 were told they could take the sacrament, and explain it even more. It might help them to understand the sacredness of it. What are your thoughts? Liz