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    My grandparents have laminate and I actually like it better then the hard wood floor at my parents home. I'm not sure if thats because I like my grandparents a lot or what haha. I think laminate is easier to clean. I love swifers. And while you can swifer real hard wood floors its not the same lol. Plus you have to like buff them and shine them and stuff. Have you thought about doing real wood? It's not that hard to install if you buy the peices that you snap together and then nail and shine ect.. I'm not sure how pricey the actual pieces are. However last summer my dad and I redid the floors in my new house. It was really actually kinda fun. I fit them in and did the hammer thing on the machine. Not that hard at all. Whenever someone comes over and compliments the flooring 'nice wood floors!" I'm always like "Thanks. I put those in." haha :) Also, cork flooring? How would that work with high heels...wouldn't your heel like keep denting it.....I'm thinking like..Cork like my cork board...
  2. Thank you for all the responses. I really do appreciate each of your comments. It's given me much to consider about my future finances.
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    Feedback on a trip I would like to take..

    Hahha. larping and anime?? Definite nerd. You would love my roommates.
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    Are we really not supposed to travel?

    I drove back from Christmas break at my grandparents house to BYU-Idaho on a Sunday. I didn't really like it. I've traveled on sundays before but it felt so different when I was among church members besides my family. My grandfather was very upset with me and the driver. 'Can't your friend drive you tomorrow?" ect. "It's the sabbath. You'll be damned to Hell!" (Note: My grandfather who I adore has a very interesting character. When I traveled with these other students the driver stopped at a fast food place..which kind of really bugged me. It takes one day to travel from OR to rexburg, ID. They could've packed a lunch. Like, it wasn't keeping the sabbath day holy. I know I've got issues when I forget what day it is. And that often happends on days I travel on Sunday. My rule of thumb: If it can be avoided, then avoid it.
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    Should I be worried about my mother so much?

    Thank you for the comments. I sent a very heartfelt letter to my mom for her birthday in a package. My dad called later saying she kept rereading it crying. I think she finally understands how much I love her and how I view her as a parent. She later talked to me and said she didn't realize thats how i viewed my childhood ect and she's glad that I was happy with how I was raised. I'm excited for the time in my life when i can take care of my mom because she has done so much for me. I'll look into the fowler stages they look quite interesting:) I love theories and things.
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    Feedback on a trip I would like to take..

    I don't mean to get too off topic. But, a gaming rig? Is that like xbox, nintedo ect? A family I know is doing good with finances. The wife take trips to see her sisters across the country a few times a year. I'd babysit for them :) The husband was happy the wife was spending time with her sister.
  7. The quiz is completley inappropriate, but I LOVE the idea behind it. How words have connotations ect. However, it definitively could have been taught a better way. Although I understand the teacher trying to get the students to pay attention in class to the point of doing stupid things.
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    I'm so glad you didn't have an ugly baby!...theres a family in my ward. When i refer to them its 'the family with that ugly baby." I know its not nice..but cute babies like yours make it so hard to see the cuteness in this lil boy! Liz
  9. It was my understanding that you were either going on a mission, getting married, or spiritual ready/older (25ish) before you got your endownments. A friend of mine was telling me about a few of her friends who got theres recently here at byu-idaho. And they're all 19/20, unmarried, not seeing anyone and aren't planning on missions. has the churches policy changed?
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    First Church Assignment! What was yours?

    Not sure about primary. My first Calling in young womens was Beehive President. But my first calling after I left YW's was Temple Comittee member. First talk was probably something from the strength of youth about prayer I think, then a talk about family history, and I gave a talk at a converts baptism.
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    Should I offer to help pay?

    I wouldn't feel responsible for that because its a law for the road. On campus parking can be tricky and he wouldn't have brought his car over if I hadn't asked to see it. Normally he walks over, and I was going to walk to his place but he offered to just drive here instead. I haven't heard back from him and I sent him the text probably 6 hours ago. If he doesn't respond I plan on offering again when he comes over to HT me.
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    Should I offer to help pay?

    So, my home teacher is really nice and does a lot for me and my roommates. He's so willing and helpful to do whatever I need and its really sweet. So, I'm in an auto class and I ask him if I can look at his car. He's all "Sure liz! ect." So we decide to meet up today. And, he comes to my apartment, I open the door we chit chat for a second and we go to his car. So, he starts to pop the hood and then sees a parking ticket. He didn't have a permit to park on campus which he didn't realize he needed for parking right outside the dorms. I apologized a few times and everytime he was just like 'No big deal. I'll just go in and talk to them. ect. It's okay. It's not your fault." So. I feel really bad. He wouldn't have gotten that ticket if I hadn't asked him to come over so I could use his car. He's coming over on Sunday. I plan on asking him if he went in yet, appealed it ect. Should I offer to help pay? Is that the right thing to do? I don't think I'll be asking him to let me use his car again :/
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    Should I offer to help pay?

    Well. I offered via text, and I'll offer again on Sunday when he comes over. Yes, i'm in the dorms.
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    Should I offer to help pay?

    Theres signs yeah but i can easily see how someone could just drive up and park to see someone and not realize it. I'm insiting right now. He's the kinda person thats going to be like "no big deal dont worry about it." which drives me insane. Because, I want to do right with this all.
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    Lorax Political?

    Arriety from the borrowers?! I believe in borrowers. Maybe not Arriety exactly..but. I do believe little people exist. I still remember the first time I related a Dr. Seuss story to history/politics. I think I was 12 or so. I was liek "oooooh!!!" It was an amazing moment.
  16. Well, we actually called the place. Apparently they suggest not going or staying to the side and not participating. :/ Andddd, she was going to be our ride. Oh well. Always next year :)
  17. A few friends and I were thinking about going. Has anyone ever been? Also: One of my friends is pregnant wants to come. Would this be harmful for her to breath in?
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    Please help!

    ...Pornography has been described mutltiple times as a plague. Does a plague sound like a 'small potatote." ? We've been directed to flee from it, avoid it, run, hide ect. Go see the bishop. He loves you. Really. You'll feel so much better.
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    LDS Budget?

    I need the number of the % the church spends on education. Is there a way I can get these numbers?
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    Congrats!! not gonna lie though..I woke up this morning, did my homework. Then my roommate was like "ITS LEAP YEAR DAY"...and then I came here to check Jenn's baby was a leap year baby
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    this leap year baby business sounds fun!.....maybe I'll try and plan my kids that way. Cheaper on birthday parties
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    Are baptismal dresses still the thing?

    Yep. Still a big deal :)
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    "Beware of Satan," they say.

    I've thought about this a lot..and well. They say Satan can't tempt us in the Temple.... But, sadly, I've thought some really bad things while I've been in the Temple. So I kinda concluded that I have my own bad thoughts ect..and Satan doesn't tempt me as much as I think he does.
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    No fun?

    Well, my view on this as a 17 year old is probably a lot different. Things like drinking and WoW things have no appeal to me. I never did those things before, so I don't see the appeal. Other things I have a hard time with. But, with the LDS enviorment I'm it at BYU-Idaho it helps. And, i just pray for the desire to be good.. Liz
  25. My mom tried to put me on birth control. I was really P.O'd to say the least. "I trust you. I don't trust him. And, sometimes things just happen. Hormones take over." ect. My mom and I have always had a great relationship. But I was upset at the fact she assumed i'd make the same mistakes she did. I hoped she had trusted me enough to know my values and if I decided to do something I'd make sure to handle it in a safe way. She knows I've never even swallowed a pill before. (" You'll just have to suck it up liz. I think this is a good idea for you.). I informed her very clearly nothing was happening, not to worry ect. And, nothing did. And then right before I came out to BYU-Idaho she again brought it up. It makes me angry. But, I understand why shes concerned, she was a teen parent. And, while she loves my brother, she doesn't want that for me. Being put on birth control is a cop out. It's a 'I'll be safe to have sex now." And, for everyone who assumes girls aren't thinking that...we so are. Like, the second my mom suggested birth control it was a tempting idea because I knew I'd be safe. But, if I started taking pills I'd be less careful to avoid situations. Its almost like a temptation. However, for those who know there kids are sexually active, and are having sex repeatedly and plan to in the future. It's a good idea.