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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    Rm, thats a bit too extreme considiring the circumstances. Liz.
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    So, I'm such a chicken. I labeled all my food and made a sign. And, when people talked to me I just said "I think it would work better for me this way. And, it seems like everyone else is into labeling so I thought i'd try it." As I walked out to go to a friends one of my roommates said, "Well, i'm going to go see how i'm going to survive this semester' or something similar to it. And, another one of my roommates has pulled me aside saying i'm acting very 'unlizish." and asking me if I'm depressed ect. I blamed it on my period. (Which could be partly it and I'm not even realizing it.)
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    I'm not even sure where to get marijuana let alone who i'd call on campus to report it. But thanks... that was funny in a twisted way :)
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    I offered with because everyone said they would also share. It wasn't just me making an offer it was everyone together. But, it hasn't turned out that way since they aren't buying groceries ect. And, when they do they label it. So, its not like they kept to the orginal deal.
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    Haha, not you didn't embarrass me at all. He tagged along with me when I went to SLC for confrence. So, this will be the second time my relatives meet him. I can only imagine what my uncle will say, "Still with this guy huh?!" " fact. He dated my roommate for a while." hahah :)
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    Not at all Just a close friend. Although, he may be coming to thanksgiving with me in SLC. Which will start all sort of questions from my extended family xD
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    I am the worlds worst communicater.

    Well, cleaning isn't really an issue. We have jobs and a dishes schedule. We get it done pretty fairly :) But maybe in a few weeks that'll change.... I like the share shelf idea. Thanks!
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    If you were at Hogwarts

    On the official Pottermore site I'm a slytherin. I'm resourceful, sometimes cunning, rarely ambitious and I like to take charge...but I'm not evil. I can be really witty and creative and I love learning but I'm really not that intelligent. (ravenclaw) I'm not that hardworking, tolerant and I don't care much about playing fairly. However, I do try to be a loyal person. (hufflepuff) I'm not very courageous but I can have nerve sometimes. (griyfn.) So, I guess I'd be ravenclaw? :)
  9. I'd hope if I was seriously dating someone they'd know enough about me to understand the close relationship I have with my father.A wise woman (my mother) once said before you marry someone to see how they act around their family, sister, mother and how they treat them. And, if I'm meeting his family he's gotta meet mine.....I wouldn't want him to marry into my family without realizing what he's getting into And, also to take a roadtrip, make sure you get lost and see how he reacts in a crisis.
  10. My roommates boyfriend. He's here all the time and at this point hes practically my brother. My roommate doesn't treat him like I think she should and when he's over will try to cozy up and spend time with me. It's a bit annoying because its like he's ignoring her. -.- Anyways. We went to devotional with him and we were waiting for like 15 mins and convinced him my german roommate was getting married to a guy in germany and he was flying out here to propose ect. And, I pulled out a peice of paper and started planning the wedding shower. And, I started saying how he should give her a blender and i'll give her a toaster ect. xD. So gullible.
  11. I'm no where near marriage, but my future husband better ask!! :) It's an expectation of mine.
  12. So, I'm sitting in my dorm room really excited about this foreign exchange program. I've already talked to my roommate about it and I sent my mom a message on facebook about it after she wasn't anwsering the phone. And plan on calling her tomorrow. Basically BYU-Idaho is partnering with this exchange program that costs the same as tuition/living here. The price is really great and affordable. It's a 16 week program and I'd be able to finish my TESOL certification. My minor is TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language.) My fall semester at BYU-Idaho could be spent immersed in Spanish culture. I really feel like this is right for me. After counseling with my parents, prayer and a few weeks of thought I'm going to make a decision. I don't often get this way. I'm not someone who heres about something and instantly wants to do it. Or someone who wants to try all sorts of things ect. Anyways. My roommates sick of me talking about it. I'd be in Tehuacan or Puebla. And, the website specifically says church is available including LDS services. I looked up the ward information for both places and theres a few wards in both places.
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    I'm a trick or treater and........

    I kinda of find this to be bad taste.... A few years ago a girl came to my door as a pregnant nun. I laughed for a few moments and then thought "What if they came to the door as a pregnant missionary?" And, i decided any religous costumes were bad taste.
  14. Back story: One of my roommates invited this guy to come over and watch harry potter. We had a harry potter marathon. Little did the guy realize she meant it as a date. So, the entire time she kept saying things like "Oh, the scary parts coming. I'll need someone to snuggle with." "Oh, i need a hug" She said it probably 15 times. I got pretty annoyed. And, apparently the guy did too because he ignored her and eventually moved from sitting next to her on the couch to me on the floor. So, we ended up talking and he wants to do NaNoWriMo (basically a writing club thingy.) and so did I. And, for those that read the fourms often, this is one of the people who ate my cinnamon rolls. Yea, he liked them Anyways, I ended up getting a ride to this writing club party in Idaho falls with another student and invited him along since he really wanted to go anyways. He gets out of class at 5:30 and we are living shortly after. I offered to bring dinner for him to eat on the way/in the car. Any ideas? Obviously I want it to be tasty, simple to make and yet show my amazing talent of cooking/baking. hahha :) I was thinking I'd do barbequechicken on a hamburger bun wrapped in foil. And a napkin. It's not messy unless you make it messy..... :) And, I'm pretty good at making barbequechicken....
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    why teens brains are wired for risk

    This actually sounds like something I'd say to a friend! :)
  16. I actually really do like hunting :) I don't think he does though.
  17. I wouldn't call us friends. It's one of those "your my best friend."/"Wait..we're friends?" situations. I wouldn't ever spend time with her if she wasn't my roommate. But, its all good. She teaches me SO much about true patience and mothering qualities. Such as picking up after her. And making her food. And I'm trying really hard to be Christlike about it. So yea. Christlike... :)
  18. Haha, okay the point of the backstory was to see how people would view this. So, this writing thing isn't a date. I made it pretty clear to him I wanted to be friend and he didn't have to worry about me asking for a hug every 5 my roommate does. And, we just get along well. I don't want it seen as anything else unfortunately my friend a few doors down sees it differently (which is why i bothered doing that back story thing.) Although, she doesn't care she thinks we're 'adorable' together. The roommate who asked the guy over doesn't know we're both going to the writing retreat. I've thought about telling her but eventually decided unless she asked I wouldn't. She doesn't own him. And, theres nothing wrong with wanting someone else to write with during this NaNoWriMo club thingy :) And, to be quite blunt I don't care if this other roommate ends up hating me. We're both civil towards each other usually. She actually wanted to room with me next semester. I said I'd rather not and I want to meet other people&me and this girls sleeping habits dont jive Anyways. This is begining to sound rather dramatic and high schoolish. So, I'll stop there :) The bbq sandwhich+potatoes is an excellent idea. Thanks :)
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    The members around me are making me lose faith..?

    1. I know what you mean about disliking people/finding flaws. I actually went inactive as a beehive because of it. Remember, the church is perfect. The gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect. The people aren't. You can't expect people to be great at everything. Its your responsibility as these peoples friends to tell the missionaries that they're being too jumpy on baptism with your friends. Tell them to teach but wait for baptism. However, remember that most missionaries try to teach with the spirit. They could know things you don't. Right on Sista! I want to go on a mission as well. I'm a freshman at BYU-Idaho right now and I'll have graduated college by the time I can go on a mission. I really believe I could be a wonderful missionary. I've been through some things and had some challenges that I think could really help others if shared in the mission field. I've only talked about it with a few people. The prophets have said if your a sister and want to serve a mission prayerfully consider it and go for it! They back you up :) It's not 'looked down on" it's just not as popular as getting married. I grew up in a home where after church my brother and dad would sit around and analyze every talk, lesson, conversation ect and say things about them. I didn't like it. And yet, i often joined in because I had all these negative feelings about these members in my ward and looked down on them for various reasons. It could have ruined my feelings for church. I love living away from home. Because, instead of my dad talking about how the High Priests activites suck and waste the budget. How he should be in charge to organize the next actvity because obviously the other person isn't doing a good job. I come home from church with my roommates and we talk about our FHE brothers amazing talk and the cute RM who talked about what a testimony really is and how right on his talk was. Just block out the bad. Focus on the Good. Pray for strength in not judging.
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    Beware of student loans . . .

    I took out a loan for 1,600 bucks to live on for the next year. The interest rate for student loans is the lowest this year then it will be for a long time (and in the past.). I won't have intrest while i'm in school. The interest won't start until after I graduate. My plan is to pay off the loan by working during my off-time or once my parents graduate Nursing school and get there finances in order they'll step in and chip in. I'm a penny pincher as it is. My goal is to be debt free when I graduate. I really do think my plan will work just fine :)
  21. He could be. It's not like excommunicated members have a list thats passed around.
  22. "Moral case for LDS same sex marriage" just the title is obviously against main stream LDS beliefs. Marriage is between a husband and a wife. A man and a women. (Proclamation to the family which is doctrine.) Therefore this is against LDS doctrine. Where is this quoted? Honestly. "the church is pleased" you can't just throw that out without having a quote of somesort.
  23. This actually came up in RS last sunday! (Although the RS president said it was rumor.) I'm finding it hilarious how things on this fourm mesh so well with church and my daily conversations! Sometimes I wonder if whoever brings these things up also goes to BYU-I xD.
  24. Hey there! Whose doing NaNoWriMo this year? I'm really excited this year. I 'attempted' last year but got to day two and pretty much quit. This year I'm really pre-planning. I'm doing a Memoir type thing :) So excited. What are you writing about? (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month. You write 50,000 word novel in one month. And, if you win you feel super good about yourself. If you lose...well you feel like a loser.)
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    NaNoWriMo? Who's doing it?

    Mine? I plan on sharing mine. I'm writing a memoir about a friend that passed away and the grieving process i went through. I'd love to find a buddy to read it to see if it makes sense for them. Since its an emotional piece its kinda hard to know if people are understanding what i'm saying....:) As for everyone else, its your choice :)