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  1. prophetofdoom

    Messed up!

    Please seek help immediately!
  2. prophetofdoom

    Lite beer, is it against the WOW?

    I thought I read somewhere that Joseph Smith had a beer at Moissers.
  3. prophetofdoom

    Help, I am having a faith crisis!

    I have actually been thinking that I might have mild depression. I have noticed it for the last 6 months. I think I may also be dealing with issues of scrupulosity. I think I might go see the doctor and see what he/she thinks.
  4. prophetofdoom

    Help, I am having a faith crisis!

    I have been in a constant cycle of activity/ inactivity for over 10 years now. I am currently active but feel that I am approaching a precipice again. Anyways, this last summer I am fellowshipped back into the church. I feel alright but still have constant feeling of unworthiness. I went to the Bishop's office constantly to confess this sin or that sin. I was always feeling like I never got enough out on the table. Anyways, here I am. I feel like I am weary of it all. I feel like I have been through the ringer and I feel like God hasn't answered my prayers. My faith is beginning to wane already. I thought that I would be better off after my repentance, but I am not. Now, I have “slipped” again with masturbation issues and feel unworthy again. I feel like this cycle is ruining my life! And I am tired of going to the Bishop. I don't know what to do and I am getting tired of the cycle of guilt. Why do I feel like God is not answering my prayers or blessing my life?
  5. I think it is awesome that you have those experiences. I haven't ever experienced anything otherworldly. My testimony is simply based on the Spirit I feel.
  6. prophetofdoom

    Masturbation / Pornography in the past?

    "Confession to the Bishop for certain sins is required because some sins can place in jeopardy your church membership." I have heard that those are the sins we need to confess to the Bishop. Anything that could put our membership in the church in jeopardy. However, I have NEVER heard any circumstance where anyone has been excommunicated or disfellowshipped for masturbation...
  7. prophetofdoom


    I am pretty sure you will have to be rebaptized. That is the reason the church put up some "hoops" to jump through before having your name removed. Usually the church will request you meet with the Bishop before he pushes through the name removal to inform you of the seriousness of your decision... that all covenants and the accompanying blessings are removed.
  8. I know the church doesn't encourage divorce but... maybe you should just cut your losses. Obviously, mistakes have been made in the marriage. There are some learning experiences you can take from this whole ordeal. It looks like (based on your story) a combination of factors led to the demise of your relationship. First, you cheated on your wife and withheld that knowledge from her until she said she was wanting to end the relationship.... did you let her know that because your were remorseful or were you trying to one up your wife with her facebook friend? Second, your extensive traveling probably was another nail in the coffin. A marriage has to be nourished and cultivated... long periods of time apart can be like a plant not receiving sunshine. Lessons learned. Don't cheat. Change jobs so you can be at home more and nourish your relationship.
  9. prophetofdoom


    No matter what action the church takes... no one can take away your relationship with Heavenly Father. There is no worthiness requirement to pray and pour your heart out to God. Once you realize that, the disciplinary process isn't so bad.
  10. prophetofdoom

    The Church and Business

    I believe you did an excellent job. A hardline stance won't work well with someone like him. We have to remember that our membership in the church is a voluntary action in a free society. He has his free agency to decide if he wants to come back or not. Until then, show love and do your best to address his concerns.
  11. prophetofdoom


    Just show up to church. The Bishop may want to get to know you as you start regularly attending. Then, you can let the Bishop know your particular situation. Things may not happen quickly though. There may be a waiting period and some interviews to explore your original decision to have your name removed. Then, you will be re-baptized. Your heart is in the right place now... so it is now a matter of just showing up to church.
  12. I am surprised the AIG executives weren't there either. They got some nice bonuses after the taxpayers bailed out their failing company.
  13. prophetofdoom

    Good, balanced news source?

    I would recommend alternative news sites that have no allegiance to corporate ownership. 1. Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! 2. DRUDGE REPORT 2012®
  14. prophetofdoom

    Down with evil corporations!!!

    I think the Wallstreet protestors have some legitimate grievances. Their tendency towards socialism is because of their college indoctrination. However, conservatives saying our current capitalist system is great are ignorant too. We do not have true free market capitalism. We have monopoly-crony-capitalism. Yes, most Republicans will denounce socialism for the masses... but they love socialism for the corporations. "Privatize the profits and socialize the losses" is their motto.
  15. prophetofdoom

    Serious dating before my mission - Good idea? Bad idea?

    Since you are asking for opinions, I will offer mine. I think you should break it off with this woman. It is not a good idea to go on a mission with a girlfriend. I thought I was "in love" when I left on my mission. I could hardly focus on my mission for the first 3 months of my mission. Then, I broke it off with her because I realized it wasn't right. Trust me... there will be time for love and romance after your mission. Your family, friends, and ward can provide you with all the letters you need.