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    Favorite snacks?

    I love cookies!!! Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter with choc. kisses, snickerdoodles, sugar, pumpkin choc. chip, no bake chocolate, and so on. I don’t bake like I used to, there’s no one to help me eat them anymore. I’m the only one who really likes cookies in our house. What I need to do is halve the recipes.
  2. I’m not sure how to help. Just don’t do the same as me, and that is to try and sweep everything under the rug. I’ve had some real trials and struggles the last 40 years. I always pretended everything was fine, and I acted as though everything was fine, but deep inside of me, I was hurting and barely holding on. I had a break down over the issues about 10 years ago. It really frightened my husband. I finally opened up and started talking. My poor husband has become my sounding board, even though he is part of my problems (not all of them.) My struggles and trials haven’t gone away, but it helps that I don’t bottle it up inside of me. I would probably benefit from talking to a counselor, and I did have a few sessions with one, until it was no longer covered financially. Talking has helped me, but the specific trials I have will never be able to be resolved. I just need better coping skills in order to survive with some semblance of acceptance and happiness.
  3. classylady

    Faith vs Knowledge

    One of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon is the simple quote that Helaman makes from his stripling young warriors: “We do not doubt our mothers knew it.” Those simple words are so profound to me. How did those mothers (and their fathers, grandparents, etc.) teach their young sons, that those young men did not doubt? The experiences the people of Ammon went through were so spiritual, and also traumatic (thousands killed when they would not take up arms to protect themselves). They would rather die than break their oath to lay down their weapons of war. These people, I believe, had a sure knowledge of the plan of salvation. They knew that to die is not the end, but they would be with God. To reach this knowledge, they had the witness of the Holy Ghost. That witness is the sure knowledge. If one has received that witness, there is no doubt. Many of these young warriors probably grew up in homes where their fathers, grandparents and even mothers had died in the massacre of their people. Along with the surviving mothers, their fathers and grandparents, also had a hand in teaching these young men. The teachings must have been done with the Spirit. That Spirit witnessed to these youth the truth. These young men did not doubt, they knew it because their mothers (and other adults in their lives) knew it. For myself, when I was a missionary, I personally needed to know for myself. I couldn’t just believe. I couldn’t witness and testify of Joseph Smith unless I knew. I poured my soul out in prayer, much like Enos in the Book of Mormon. My answer didn’t come immediately, but when it did, the spiritual witness by the Holy Ghost was so strong, that I could say “I know”, and I could say “I testify to you in the name of Jesus Christ that Joseph Smith did see God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.” That witness has remained with me. And, because of that knowledge, and faith, there have been times in my life when I have received other personal revelation that I know I would not have otherwise received. Some people are blessed with the spiritual gift to know, by the power of the Holy Ghost, that Jesus is the Christ (D&C 46:13). Others are blessed to believe in their words (D&C 46:14). I believe those stripling warriors had that spiritual gift to believe in their mother’s words. And then received the gift to know it was true—all through the gift of the Holy Ghost. When we are confirmed we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We should try to utilize that gift by praying for the spiritual gifts we lack. There are certain gifts that I personally feel I need in my life, so I pray for those.
  4. I’m pretty stoked! I actually passed the exam! If you knew how little I know about electronics you would have been surprised I was able to pass. It was an all morning and afternoon class with the test afterwards. I was dismayed at the material that needed to be learned, especially as it was in an area I know very little about. The terms were all Greek to me. My husband has had his license for over 20 years. He’s quite happy I was able to pass the test. I think he had his doubts. Two of my sons took the test with me and they both got their licenses too. Yay! Can you tell I’m excited?
  5. There’s a lot of variables in choosing an antenna. Where you live, what your surroundings are, hoa/pud restrictions (legally they can’t keep you from putting up an antenna, but there might be restrictions in how high), are there power lines in the way, etc. Will you be getting your general or extra class license to get on HF? My husband is working on a fan-dipole antenna for HF. He has a Kenwood TS-850S. It’s about 30 years old. I’m setting up a base station in my office with a TYT radio and a small external power supply. Probably will be using a Potkus dual band j-pole antenna. Up until now I’ve just used my handheld Baofeng UV5r with a larger battery. Occasionally I will use my husband’s base station which is a QYT 980+, a dual band uhf/vhf radio. In my car I have a BTech 25x2, with a 19 inch dual-band mag mount antenna, and my husband has a BTech 50x2 in his pickup truck with a 30 year old Larsen dual-band mag mount antenna. In Hubby’s ham shack he also has an ICOM 2340h, Kenwood TH71, a smaller 2 meter Yaesu, and can’t remember exactly how many baofengs. I also have an old ICOM 2AT.
  6. I’m not sure how to ask this. This is a topic that isn’t often discussed and rightly so. We don’t want to dwell on negativity. But, I’m trying to write some family history, and then discuss it with my family in a Family Home Evening format. The experience I’m writing about is one where my grandmother raised her arm to the square and in the name of our Lord commanded an evil presence to depart. My questions: As a woman, did she have the right to do so? Or, because she was an endowed member, and under her husband’s priesthood could she exercise that power? Or, can any worthy person do what she did? Or was my grandmother wrong to do so? There are a few articles in Ask Gramps about this, but it only mentions men.
  7. classylady

    The Gospel

    I think of gospel and doctrine as pretty much the same thing. I probably haven’t given it a lot of thought. And, it doesn’t overly concern me. For me, I think about one of the rawest of emotions: grief. For many, the death of a true loved one is heart wrenching. That’s when the basic fundamental questions are often asked. Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where do I go after death? And, many people in the world wonder, is there a heaven? Is there a God? And, what knowledge do we have as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? We know the answers to those questions. Answers, that we often take for granted. Answers that a young child who has been brought up in the church knows. It is the gospel of good news! Most in the world do not have the answers to these questions. At least not as thoroughly as we do. So, the death of a loved one is almost more than they can bear. It is still difficult for members, too, for we too grieve and mourn, but we have a knowledge that is a wonderful blessing. It helps to know that our loved one is on the other side of the veil. We know we will see them again. And, we have hope in the atonement and in the resurrection. We know who our Heavenly Father is. We are His spiritual children. We know who Christ is. He is our elder brother and our redeemer. For those who have searched for those answers, and then was taught them: “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” Isaiah 52:7. What greater blessing is there than to know the gospel of Jesus Christ and living those principles and obtaining the ordinances in order to receive exaltation? I am so blessed! My testimony is what has brought peace through some nearly unbearable times in my life. And, honestly, I have a hard time understanding how someone who has had this knowledge can throw it away and leave the church. I love the gospel. I love the “good news.”
  8. classylady

    Asking evil spirit to depart

    Thanks everyone for your input. It has been very helpful. My husband and I are trying to prepare a Family Home Evening lesson that we will personally teach to our children and grandchildren. We want to incorporate actual spiritual experiences we have had, or our ancestors have had. We are trying to get across the blessing of knowing where we came from (who we are), why we are here, and where we go after death. I’m trying to decide if my grandmother’s experience might be too controversial. Yet, it is very profound. Some of the experiences I will be sharing are experiences we, my husband and I, and our ancestors have had as to help from the other side of the veil. These are experiences that I feel very strongly need to be shared with my posterity. They are sacred. And, I feel there is a purpose to them and it can help strengthen their testimonies. I want them to know we are watched over, and at times help is given us. But, there are also times when the Lord stays his hand. And I also want them to know the adversary is real, and we can command an evil spirit to leave our presence. I’m just wondering how much I should share, or even really go there. I’m still praying for inspiration. Last night as I was sorting through some family history papers, I know I was led to a very specific experience my husband’s grandmother had after the death of her husband. My mind keeps flooding with events I remember being told about as a child. Some of the experiences are recorded. Others are not, such as my grandmother’s experience with commanding an evil presence to depart. My mother told me that one, and as I’ve talked to a few other extended family members, they remember being told it too, but some had forgotten until I brought it up. It needs to be recorded. I was questioning this idea of even doing a Family Home Evening for the kids and grandchildren. Is this inspired? Or is it just my wishful thinking that my husband and I can help influence the kids and grandchildren. Some are really struggling with their testimonies. But, after finding that experience on my husband’s grandmother, I feel I’m being led. There is no stupor of thought here. There is so much evil out there. My desire is for them to have rock-solid testimonies. For some, I’m afraid it may already be too late. Hopefully, something we say will get through to them. There is always hope. And, we will never give up. I have a 15 year old granddaughter who is already questioning her sexuality. She’s a baby! Why does she need to worry about this at her age? Kids are bombarded at such a young age with this, and made to think they need to choose. Im so tired of all this worry for my family. I’m looking forward to the Second Coming.
  9. classylady

    What the Heck Just Happened?

    My guess: Maybe the driver of the other car thought he saw a patrol car and quickly decelerated and backed off, which you didn’t notice.
  10. Look at It is a good resource for what you need to study for the exam. At least here in the U.S. Morse code is no longer required for the exams. But, it is a hobby within the hobby of ham operators. Back when I was a teenager, and Morse code was required, I would listen to my brother transmit and receive. I tried learning it, but didn’t stick with it. I’m thinking if I ever have the time, I’d like to learn code.
  11. We have over ten BaoFeng radios in the house. They’re relatively inexpensive and not too difficult to program by computer and cable. Of course these are for VHF/UHF, which is mostly local. If your area has linked repeaters you will be able reach greater distances. The more you use your radio the more you learn. You’ll want an HF radio for long distances. Antennas make a big difference. A directional yagi antenna will get you greater distance with lower power, but is directional.
  12. classylady

    New facebook group

    My FaceBook account has been hacked. Someone has managed to change my password, my email, and my phone number, so I can’t change password, or recover my acct. I’m going through customer support, but it’ s been about three weeks now and I haven’t heard anything back from FB. So frustrating!
  13. classylady

    Victory Garden

    I’m going to be planting my seeds this spring. I’m hoping our Utah climate will grow these beauties and I get some sweet watermelon.
  14. classylady

    Church Zoom accounts

    Technology or anything mechanical does not come naturally to me. I’m continually having to ask my husband, kids, or grandchild how to do something on the computer, or how to get something to work. I’ve just been called to be a Sunday School teacher and I am panicking because I will be teaching using Zoom. Before COVID-19, when I taught SS I never brought a TV into the classroom because I can never get it to work for me. The more I think about this calling, the more anxious I am getting—all due to technology. Last Sunday when trying to listen to Relief Society on Zoom, I missed half of it because I couldn’t figure out how to get the audio to come on, yet the week before I didn’t have that issue with the Sunday School lesson. And, how to reply to a question on Zoom is beyond me. I have no idea how others were able to make comments which I could read. Plus, during the whole lesson I was terrified I wasn’t muted. There were comments that people weren’t muted. So, I kept as quiet as a mouse just in case my audio was on. I’m finding Zoom to be terribly anxiety causing.
  15. classylady

    New nana

    Oh, Dahlia, he is precious! Congratulations!
  16. classylady

    Why I hate You Tube

    I’m from the western United States and I learned to pronounce aunt as ant. I’m okay when easterners pronounce aunt as auhnt, but it bugs the heck out of me when westerners switch their pronunciation to auhnt. It sounds affected.
  17. classylady

    Sealing to wife and family Q

    JohnsonJones, my understanding is that if a woman gets a sealing cancellation she is no longer sealed to her ex-husband. If you mean a civil divorce without a sealing cancellation, then yes, I suppose she is still technically sealed to him. If it remains that way until the next life, I believe he/she would be given the option if they want to remain together through the eternities. There’s usually a good reason for divorce. Most likely one or both of them do not want to be married to each other. Even though Heavenly Father frowns on divorce, it is allowed because we are imperfect people. I don’t believe anyone is going to be forced to be with an ex, if they don’t want it. Even, once we have reached our perfected state, and have celestial love for all, does not mean we lose our option to choose.
  18. classylady

    I apologize

    I had a very traumatic experience when I was a young girl of about 4 or 5 years of age. My parents had just given me two cute, adorable kittens. I still remember their coloring—brown and caramel tabbies. We lived on a dairy farm, so of course these were outdoor cats. One morning I went outside to play with my kittens. When I got to their “nest”, I saw that their heads had been torn off! I screamed and screamed! My parents came running, thinking something terrible had happened to me. I was devastated. My parents said it was most likely a tom cat that had killed them. This has stuck with me for over 60 years.
  19. classylady

    If you inherited 5 million dollars

    If I inherited five million, I would pay off my mortgage and other debts. I and my husband would have much needed dental work done on our teeth, which we currently are unable to afford. We would get a decent car. We would replace some of our food storage. Travel some. Maybe buy a camping trailer. Our aches and pains are such that camping is getting hard for us. Taxes would probably take about half. I don’t think there would be much left after these expenditures.
  20. I was under the impression that he would need to be baptized by proxy, but I could be wrong. Then he would have his blessings restored. I’ll see if I can find any information on this. Children do not lose the blessing of being born in the covenant when a parent/s is excommunicated. Also, when parent’s have their sealing canceled, the children retain their blessing of being born in the covenant.
  21. classylady

    Victory Garden

    Wow! Your watermelon patch is really coming along, as are your other veggies. I’m rather envious. I really would like to be a great gardner, But, alas, I try every year, and it’s hit or miss. I’ve switched to container gardening. It’s about all I can handle now. Next year I will have to figure out where and how to plant my Bradford watermelon seeds. I’ve got enough land, about 1/2 acre, but the soil is rocky and not the best. I will have to get it ready. I really want to try those seeds. We just cut up a watermelon we got at the grocery store. It’s not sweet, and as usual lately with any watermelon we buy, disappointing!
  22. classylady

    No Talk of Miracles

    I have never heard that we should never speak of miracles, but rather, only if the Spirit prompts us to share. I have had miracles occur in my life. Most of the time I do not share them, but there are times when I have felt prompted to do so. For my children, now all adults, I created a binder I called “Family Treasures“. In the binder I have recorded the miracles that have happened to me, my husband, my children, and many of our ancestors. I believe there is a time and place for some of these miracles to be shared. They are sacred. I hope in my telling of the events that they will help strengthen my children and grandchildren’s testimonies.
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    When Women (don't) Speak

    I had just watched that video of Pres. Eyring about an hour ago. It popped up on my FaceBook feed. Powerful!
  24. classylady

    When Women (don't) Speak

    Just wanted to comment on the two bolded areas. First: “Then you will never be heard” — true. Hopefully, if an aware person is in charge, they will be aware that there are those in the room that have something worthwhile to share but won’t because they are not aggressive enough to get their thoughts shared. I’m thinking along the lines of a Sunday School class. Many don’t share thoughts or experiences because they feel inferior, or in my case it’s too intimidating to speak up in front of men and some women. I’m much more likely to speak up in a group where I feel accepted and everyone feels comfortable. There are times I don’t participate, even though I know the correct answer (reading these forums, I’ve learned a thing or two) because of the alpha attitude of some in the class. They seem to take over, and I’m not aggressive enough to interject. So, my information, thoughts, and feelings don’t get shared. Second: “Then someone else will succeed and you won’t. This isn’t hard to understand.” For me, what is success? It certainly isn’t getting first in a competition or a promotion. In many areas I know I can win, and often did. I would much rather give up my prize to a struggling coworker.(I’m so glad I’m retired. ) I had no desire to be the one in charge., even when I was a supervisor. Let me just do my job so I could go home and be where my heart was—with my family. I was not the main breadwinner in our home. That was my husband’s job. So, glad he was willing to be that person. So, was I an unsuccessful employee? I think not. I used my time wisely And did my job. Then I went home to my real job. I was happy to see my coworkers get promotions and worked to see them get ahead. I received promotions too, but it didn’t mean much. (When I was single it did mean a lot more). Let me be a mom to my kids and support my husband. I consider that a success! I may be in the minority in regards to my thinking. But, success, in my mind has always been as a wife and mother.