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    classylady reacted to Iggy in The Good Ole Days   
    I was born in 1952 - in a Quonset Hut *hospital*. Until I was a junior in High School, we only took a bath once a week. Saturday evening right after dinner was the start of the baths. We washed our hair once a week - in the kitchen sink before we went to take our baths. When I was a junior, I started washing my hair every third day, and I took a bath every other day. I didn't fill the tub up all the way either. The water was to only be deep enough to come to my wrist when I put my hand in, fingers touching the bottom of the tub.
    We washed our hair with Breck Shampoo, and did a second rinse with Rinse Away or I preferred vinegar in water. My hair was thick and to my waist. Getting all of the shampoo out was important. We didn't have a hair dryer, so I sat on the floor in front of the natural gas furnace so that I could brush my hair while it was running. Then I put my hair up in curlers I made from small frozen juice cans. Dad helped me poke holes in them, so there would be air circulation. Every morning after I ate breakfast and before I walked to school, I sat cross legged on the dining room table so I was up high enough for Dad to braid my hair. Yep, I slept in those huge *curlers* all night, then he braided my hair. Did a braid off to one side, then wound it in a figure 8 at the back of my head. Held it in place with a huge leather 'saddle' over a chignon. When I had headaches I didn't bother with the curlers, Mom would then braid my hair and weave and wrap it around my head like a proper Norwegian peasant girl. Then cover the lower portion with a chignon. 
    We also wore our skirts to just below the knee cap. The fashion trend during the last two years of high school was for shorter hems. By the time I graduated, the hems were halfway between the tops of our knees and 'Possible'. Not at all comfortable for me. Too much skin exposed to the wind and rain. 
    In my 20's I took to wearing pantyhose. Thought I would like them because there was no garter strap getting caught on chairs and snapping me when I stood up. Wore them for years before I finally grew to detest them. Went back to *Real Nylons* held up with garters. Learned that if I wore Pettipants ( ) instead of slips that ending the 'snapping'.
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    classylady got a reaction from The Folk Prophet in Do you have a scripture reading routine that works for you/a way of recording your insights?   
    My only commitment for scripture reading is to read at least something every day, even if it's just one verse.  To some of you this may seem so insignificant.  But, it is a commitment, and I can say I have read something every day in the scriptures without fail for I don't know how many years now.  For me, a commitment is more than just a goal.  It is an absolute of what I will do.  I can do a minimum of one verse a day.  Now, it is rare that I only read one verse.  But, there are times when I've been sick, or family crises that have happened.  I can still do my one verse.  And, because I haven't broken that commitment, I don't feel negative about myself, for I do feel awful if I ever break a commitment.  And once broken, the next day comes, and it's too easy to say, well another won't hurt, I'll read later.  Eventually, that can turn into weeks, months, or even years.  I will stick with my minimum commitment, because I know it is one I will and can keep.
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    classylady reacted to beefche in Do you give a "why" when declining an invitation?   
    My favorite response to an invitation is from Phoebe on Friends, "I wish I could, but I don't want to."  
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    classylady reacted to Wingnut in Take-in meals: your favorites?   
    (1) Baked potato bar.  Bake several potatoes, and then wrap them in foil as soon as you pull them out of the oven (or microwave, if you're a procrastinator).  Pull together some toppings -- homemade or canned chili, cooked broccoli, diced ham, black beans, diced red peppers, sour cream, cheese, chopped green onions, etc.  Something for everyone.

    (2) Spaghetti Pie, bagged salad, garlic bread, a bag of frozen veggies, simple dessert.
    (3) Mac and Cheese, or Mac and Cheese.  (The second one I usually make with sharp Cheddar and smoked Gruyere.)  These are sure-fire crowd-pleasers for kids.  Throw together a salad or some veggies, and you're good.
    (4) Baked Mexican Penne.  Somewhat fusion-inspired, goes together easily, is hearty, filling, and a good one-dish meal, though some people might like a salad to lighten it up a bit.  If kids are sensitive to heat, just use mild salsa.  This dinner also converts well to baking in a Dutch oven, for camping.
    The last time I took dinner to a friend was after her baby.  I did the baked potato bar with some cookies (I think), a jar of homemade canned applesauce, a bag of apples (maybe oranges?) for her kids' lunches, and a small bag of my homemade granola for her for breakfast (I happen to know that she loves the granola, so that was just a special treat).
    I also always use disposable dishes.  It costs me a little extra to keep a stock of foil casserole dishes, but it's worth it so that the person I'm taking a meal to doesn't have to worry about returning dishes, and I don't forget to get them, either.
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    classylady reacted to pam in Take-in meals: your favorites?   
    I'm feeling a bit ill at the moment.  *cough* *cough*  :)
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    classylady got a reaction from applepansy in Would you? Could you? Liquor   
    I would abstain from even tasting.  If I was booted off a show because I refused to taste, so-be-it.  If I worked as a chef in a renowned restaurant, I would probably learn about wines and such from others, and then just trust their judgment..
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    classylady reacted to Irishcolleen in Stop Cosleeping!   
    We had a problem getting our oldest daughter to sleep in her bed.  We were exhausted and out of options.  We had tried everything.  One night she came into our room (she was almost 3) and I just felt like groaning.  Then I had a burst of inspiration.  I told her that Daddy was going to fart really loud and it was going to smell.  I also told her that after Daddy farted we would start picking each other's noses.  She looked at me like we were crazy, turned around and went back to her own bed.  She never slept with us again.  It was a gross thing to say, but it worked.
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    classylady reacted to beefche in Would you say you're happy?   
    That's crazy talk!  It's my ringtone and I'm thinking about asking people to just randomly call me just so I can hear the song more.  I love it--it makes me smile each time I hear it.  I'm so glad to hear an upbeat song with good lyrics be popular on the radio today.  And it's just peppy!
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    classylady reacted to Wingnut in Would you say you're happy?   
    I suffer from depression.  In the last two years or so, it's been clinically classified as "major depressive disorder."  I actually found that reading that diagnosis came as a relief, because I had initially (12 years ago?) been diagnosed with "mild depression," but I had been struggling a lot more than "mildly."  I've been taking an anti-depressant that has helped temper my stress and mood swings, but hasn't done much more than that.  In the last two months, I've added a stimulant to help with my ADHD, and in the last month I've noticed a change.  I've shared with more than one person on this board already, but I feel like I've come up for air from being underwater for so long.  At first I was gasping for breath because I needed it to stay alive.  But soon I found myself gulping down breaths just because it felt so good to breath again!  I feel happy!  I can't pinpoint when the change happened, or what specifically may have been a turning point for me, but I feel happy!  It's no longer putting on a good face so people don't know.  It's no longer suffering in silence.  It's no longer commiserating with other friends who are also struggling (though I still do that, but more empathizing than commiserating).  It's no more fooling myself into thinking I'm happy.  It's no more one or two good days a week.
    I feel it inside, and it's the best thing I have felt in a very, very long time.  I had forgotten what it felt like to be happy.  It feels so good!  I'm happy that I'm able to feel happy again.
    And I'm so excited to share it with people!  I feel like I'm in a good position lately to help others who are still under their own waters, because I've seen the surface, and I know it's there.
    A small part of me is scared though, worried that this won't last long.  I pray that it will.
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    classylady got a reaction from pam in This new forum....   
    Same here.  I stay on the IP board.
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    classylady reacted to pam in This new forum....   
    I don't even see the main page anymore now that I changed the theme.  But the site works better on the IP board so this is where I stay.
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    classylady got a reaction from skippy740 in Dallin H. Oaks - Priesthood Session   
    Wonderful talk.  I felt the Spirit.  As Elder Oaks spoke I realized how grateful I am for my role as a woman, for the authority I held as I served as a missionary for the Lord's church, for the authority I had/have as I fulfill my duties and callings within the church.  I'm grateful to assist in the Lord's work, in whatever way He would have me serve.  I want to be a "tool" in His hand to build up His kingdom here upon the earth.  Some day I would like to hear my Savior say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".  For, aren't we, both men and women, His servants in doing the Lord's work here upon the earth?  And we both have roles and different responsibilities to fulfill, neither gender above the other.
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    classylady reacted to pam in Bonnie Oscarson - General Women's Meeting   
    I love that her talk focused so much on the things we do have instead of the things we don't. We need to be reminded of that.
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    classylady reacted to Just_A_Guy in Jeffrey R. Holland - Saturday a.m. Session   
    Elder Holland fortifying the youth against those who call the Church \"patriarchal\" and \"bigoted\"; Sister Reeves reinforcing that, yes, pornography really is a big deal; Elder Anderson encouraging Church members to hold the line on gay marriage; President Eyring confirming that the Church leadership understands its problems even better than do those who \"sound the alarm\" . . .
    This is shaping up to be a rough conference for the ark-steadying crowd.
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    classylady reacted to Wingnut in How do you cheer yourself up when you are struggling?   
    I also was initially thinking of the "typical blues."  But the last two years or so have been really rough ones for me.  I've been battling depression and living in a fog.  In the last three weeks or so, I've experienced such a change that I suddenly realize how deep I had fallen, and how bad I actually was.  I've been so happy in the last few weeks, to the point that I am happy about being happy.  It's like I've been underwater, and I'm gulping the air in, because I need it so much.  And then I keep gulping because it feels good to gulp.  I had forgotten what it felt like to truly be happy.  I had good days here and there, maybe even a week or two, but I kept being dragged back down.  So within the context of having recently emerged from the fog, I realized that just blasting my music isn't something that helps when I'm truly "struggling."
    Anyway...more response than anyone was probably looking for.  :)
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    classylady reacted to The Folk Prophet in Dallin H. Oaks - Priesthood Session   
    Another way to put it: Are not we all called to stand as witnesses of Christ, to take His name upon us, and to represent him in everything we do?
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    classylady got a reaction from The Folk Prophet in Dallin H. Oaks - Priesthood Session   
    Wonderful talk.  I felt the Spirit.  As Elder Oaks spoke I realized how grateful I am for my role as a woman, for the authority I held as I served as a missionary for the Lord's church, for the authority I had/have as I fulfill my duties and callings within the church.  I'm grateful to assist in the Lord's work, in whatever way He would have me serve.  I want to be a "tool" in His hand to build up His kingdom here upon the earth.  Some day I would like to hear my Savior say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant".  For, aren't we, both men and women, His servants in doing the Lord's work here upon the earth?  And we both have roles and different responsibilities to fulfill, neither gender above the other.
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    classylady reacted to dahlia in What intrigues you to respond to a FB status?   
    I'm an awful person. I don't like any of that 'share if you love your sister' or 'like if you want a cure for cancer' stuff. I'm kinda sniffing around for a new position, so I don't like any political stuff, as much as I'd like to, because no matter how you have your privacy settings set, you don't know what might happen and who can see what. Too much conservative stuff can take you out of the competition when liberals are invovled - witness the recent issue with the Mozilla CEO.
    I do share a lot of animal rights stuff (shoot me). Films of animals being abused, cute pics of baby pigs, don't wear fur, etc. I also share stuff from Pure Michigan during the tourist season, because that is where my heart is, and library/librarian stuff. I think my favorite page to share now is A Mighty Girl, which has women in history who've done things; book lists for girls of all races, abilities, interests, backgrounds, etc.,;  and how not to be a princess - or if you're going to be one, how to be the most b.a. princess who can save herself. I post to inform friends who have girls and to honor the unsung female inventors, heros, artists, athletes, etc.
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    classylady reacted to pam in What intrigues you to respond to a FB status?   
    I happen to share a lot of LDS gospel related things and I'm so glad I do.  It initiated a conversation with someone who now is interested in the church.
    Not to the missionary visit stage yet but we're getting there.  I feel like you just never know how what you might share might actually influence someone's life for the good.
    Plus something I posted once actually inspired a former co-worker of mine to go back to church.  Now he and his 4 kids are active in church again.
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    classylady reacted to foodforthought in recommend question-ask the Bishop?   
    Just wanted to give a quick update. I talked to my Bishop last week and he thought that it would be fine. I have my temple recommend in hand and will be going in two weeks! So glad I asked him. Thank you all for the encouragement!
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    classylady reacted to Wingnut in The Death of Blunt Speech - good or bad   
    I think the shift toward less-blunt speech indicates a growing Church population, an international mixed culture in the Church, and a greater diversity in general of circumstance and background.
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    classylady got a reaction from pam in Welcome back everyone   
    I think it\'s just going to take some time to learn the new site.
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    classylady reacted to zoom in Keeping past journal   
    I know exactly how you feel... in fact your post is the reason I just created an account here. I've suffered from the same thing, and unless you've actually suffered from it, you have no idea how miserable and tormenting it is. People will tell you "Just get over it", or try to explain why you shouldn't be bothered by these experiences, but it doesn't help. You agree with what they are saying, but i'ts like the part of your brain that regulates emotion just went haywire and is no longer listening to you. The rational side of you knows that these past events are irrelevant and that the feelings are unjustified, but you still feel the pain and torment as though these past events took place yesterday. It makes no sense, it's irrational, you know this... but that doesn't help the emotional torment.
    I'ts like getting the sensation that your hand is on fire. You look down as see that it is fine. Everyone around you is telling you it's fine. You know there is no fire, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.
    Maybe what you're going through isn't as severe as this... but Classylady got it right. You're suffering from Retroactive Jealousy. You need to go see a therapist... specifically one who works with EMDR. They are usually therapists who specialize in Trauma... but look into EMDR therapy.
    I've suffered from this, along with the trauma of finding out my wife fooled around behind my back when we were dating, for years. YEARS! I've finally discovered EMDR and went to my first session a week or so ago. I've confident it will help me, and will post back here after a few weeks. Don't wait for it to just go away. It wont. Don't let it fester inside of you because it will just get worse.
    This whole problem has caused me an enormous amount of anguish and was the primary instigator in me leaving the church, developing an immense amount of animosity and distrust for God and ultimately becoming atheist. To relive the most tormenting thoughts as though they are taking place in the present and having absolutely zero control of them and no where to run is the epitome of hell, and no one deserves to be put through that.
    Find an EMDR therapist before these thought patterns become habit.
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    classylady reacted to slamjet in Life in the Celestial Kingdom   
    two things come to mind:
    1) It will be similar to what we have here; friends, family groups, learning, experiencing, etc.
    2) We will be surprised at how many people are there because God is not a failed parent.