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  1. It has been a sacred privilege and honor to work with those in our faith as a therapist. In the wonderful words of Elder Bednar, guiding men and women from Bad to Good and Good to Great. I have worked with those who are single and married who are struggling with pornography and sexual issues. Even with those who have felt like there is no hope and have spent 40 years "failing". There is hope, I have seen the changes made. One of these individuals has successfully mastered their porn issues and has felt impressed to share their experience. Please share this message. I have seen changes in those who have spent years working it through with their priesthood leaders and therapists and those who have "given up". Also, spouses of those who struggle, you to can have peace and joy in the midst of your spouses struggles. I offer in person and video conference sessions. Additionally, I will be offering women only support groups. Email me with any questions: [email protected] You can also reach out to one of my clients who has chosen to write about her experience in mastering this difficult issue, here:
  2. “Some time ago a newspaper in a distant town carried an Easter Sunday religion editorial by a minister who stated that the presiding authority of the early-day church fell because of self-confidence, indecision, evil companions, failure to pray, lack of humility, and fear of man. He than concluded: Let us as people, especially those who are Christians and claim to abide by the Word of God, not make the same mistakes and fall as Peter fell. (Rev. Dorsey E. Dent, “A Message for This Week.”)As I read this, I had some strange emotions. I was shocked, then I was chilled, then my blood changed its temperature and began to boil. I felt I was attacked viciously, for Peter was my brother, my colleague, my example, my prophet, and God’s anointed. I whispered to myself, 'That is not true. He is maligning my brother.'”Elder Spencer W. Kimball There is no problem with the story of Peter. The way we traditionally read the story of the Apostle Peter might be an incorrect narrative of his character and misrepresentation of the scriptural account. For all the great our beloved Peter did, we often focus on the story of his “fall” and how quickly he repented and became the “Rock” upon which the church was built. It is a miraculous story: the power of the Atonement, a story of how even the best of us can fall away, even deny the very Lord who has given us life. But yet, even with such denials and sins brought on in a time of fear and loneliness, pain, or laps in faith, the poignant power of the Atonement reaches beyond our despair and can redeem. Not to just restore us to what we once were but propel us to greatness and unshakable faith. President Gordon B. Hinckley's heartfelt description of the Apostle Peter is as follows: “My heart goes out to Peter. So many of us are so much like him. We pledge our loyalty; we affirm our determination to be of good courage; we declare, sometimes even publicly, that come what may we will do the right thing, that we will stand for the right cause, that we will be true to ourselves and to others.“Then the pressures begin to build. Sometimes these are social pressures. Sometimes they are personal appetites. Sometimes they are false ambitions. There is a weakening of the will. There is a softening of discipline. There is capitulation. And then there is remorse, followed by self-accusation and bitter tears of regret. …“… If there be those throughout the Church who by word or act have denied the faith, I pray that you may draw comfort and resolution from the example of Peter, who, though he had walked daily with Jesus, in an hour of extremity momentarily denied the Lord and also the testimony which he carried in his own heart. But he rose above this and became a mighty defender and a powerful advocate. So, too, there is a way for any person to turn about and add his or her strength and faith to the strength and faith of others in building the kingdom of God” (“And Peter Went Out and Wept Bitterly,” Ensign, Mar. 1995, 2–4, 6). Read the entire article at Scripture Guided Life
  3. Yes, I am familiar with it and a therapist. How wonderful it is you are encouraging your daughter to pursue this field. We need many more strong, faithful Christians in the field. I thought it was interesting when I entered the schooling process the advisers "warned" me I would loose my faith. I smiled and reassured them my faith is in God, not your school. The field of psychology has come a long way in the last 20 years in recognizing the importance of faith. Nonetheless, the APA and experts in the field are always trying to create a niche and pander to a population. But this isn't to concerning because there is enough good science and persons of faith to provide substance to the work. This is one of the reasons I decided to go into private practice as that venue allows me to practice without the distractions of these trending concepts.
  4. Haha! that never gets old... I guess if youre going to belong to a cult it best be the right one.
  5. It appears the current statistics show CrossFit as one of the safest sporting/exercise actives: “Studies conducted on athletes in different sports have found that there are about 10 injuries for every 1,000 hours of run training. There are 5.4 injuries per 1,000 hours of triathlon training, but that number spikes to 17.4 injuries per 1,000 hours of triathlon competition. There are between 6.2-7.9 injuries per 1,000 hours of USMC Officer Candidate School training, and 3.9 per 1,000 hours of just regular physical training. But in CrossFit there are only between 2.4-3.1 injuries per 1,000 hours.” - Dr. Walker Poston, Deputy Director and Senior Principal Investigator for the Institute of Biobehavioral Health Research at the National Development and Research Institutes
  6. Would appreciate your thoughts on my latest article about supporting/loving our spouses. Of the 7 suggestions I give, what resonates with you the most? Do you have additional ideas? As members of the church we often find it hard to balance our busy lives; between callings, children, spouse, work, school. Among all these wonderful and fulfilling spiritual and temporal responsibilities. When do we ever have time to take care of our physical selves? Are you a struggling to achieve your fitness goals in your marriage? In my recent post I share 7 ideas that will both strengthen your marriage and help you be fit again. Without feeling you are neglecting the other important things in your life.!How-to-Train-Your-Spouse/c53m/E3EE5D71-96A2-4D3F-AC6C-92EAEC4DDBCE
  7. Not sure what you are having a hard time reconciling. I am not sure what tone you are writing in, but it seems to be a little condescending and judgmental. The spirit was not present in the lesson. She turned to her scriptures and previous talks on modesty, she then felt the spirit and wrote her thoughts. True, and this was also my recommendation, she could have spoken up and she wanted to. But she didn't feel comfortable to do so. She felt the impression to first discuss it with her parents and better understand the concept then to interject in what was a very passion and one sided discussion that didn't feel like the spirit was present. I believe in the future she is better prepared to respond. But you know as well as I do, even present in this thread how emotional and polar this topic is and she feared to create such a dynamic in a church meeting. I was impressed with her spiritual maturity and emotional understanding.
  8. Correct. In this same ward, they held a beach party for the singles. As you would expect men wore their bathing suites with out shirts and my daughter was told that her tank-top was immodest and it would be best if she worn a normal shirt. I don't think this is what the Brothern are trying to communicate. That we make others responsible for our emotions and sexual urges.
  9. That is an interesting reply. 1. My daughter is a passionate journal writer and took through notes in class. 2. She felt an absence of the spirit in the lesson. 3. She instead wrote the thoughts the spirit prompted her with in her journal. 4. She did not feel comfortable at all in sharing her thoughts as the men in the room and the teacher were expressing in various ways that the responsibility lies with the women to make sure they don't tempt the men. 5. Thats why she waited to come home and have a discussion with her parents. She was confused at the message and how it fit into the doctrine of agency.
  10. I don't disagree anatess. Most of the time it is taught clearly. In the context of this talk he IS emphasizing personal responsibility. However, and I want to be very clear and careful here. I love our prophets and respect them greatly. their is a very fine line between desiring to live and dress modestly because you know what is modest and you want to show respect in that way. And dressing in a way that will minimize others thoughts and reactions. That is very unhealthy and inappropriate. Elder Callisters words; "The dress of a woman has a powerful impact upon the minds and passions of men. If it is too low or too high or too tight, it may prompt improper thoughts, even in the mind of a young man who is striving to be pure".4 Can easily be interpreted as, we are responsible for others thoughts and actions. Which is not what I believe was the intent of the talk, nor is it doctrinal or healthy.
  11. My daughter came home from her singles ward combine Sunday School meeting this last Sunday and was very discouraged with the topic of the lesson. The bishops wife gave the lesson, she along with many of the men in the class emphasized how it is the responsibility of the women to dress modestly to prevent men from having inappropriate thoughts and actions. This is not the first time I have heard this concept taught. This is neither doctrine or appropriate. In fact it communicates a very unhealthy message and ignores our personal agency and responsibility over our own thoughts and actions. Have you heard this message taught and how how you responded? I really enjoyed this article it communicated, in my opinion, the correct concept. "If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly because you want them to value their intrinsic self over their outer self? Fabulous. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly to create healthy attitudes toward sexuality? Great. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly to glorify the Creator of all things? Boo-ya. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly because it is a long standing tradition of your church/synagogue/people/culture/or group? Awesome possum. But don’t you dare say it is to protect my son. Because I am teaching my son that he is responsible for each of his thoughts and actions. I am teaching my son that he needs to treat females and males respectfully, no matter what they wear. I am teaching my son that the media uses sex to sell things and that he’s strong enough to not be manipulated by a woman’s body. I’m teaching my son to use his mind over his groin and I’m teaching him that women are more than just their body parts."
  12. My wife and I have been eating "Paleo" style for over four years, its actually closer to "Primal" . We have tracked our progress and wonderful successes the entire time. I personally have lost over 60 lbs being on a Paleo type diet (I hate the word diet, its a way of life for us.) I contribute most of my weight loss to eating Paleo, as I was very active and working out prior to my change in diet. A brief summary of my experience is here at our blog. My wife has brilliantly and very successfully, cut our budget cost and introduced to our five kids a completely new way of eating. She has documented those successes, failure and her recipes on our same blog. For those who say its not sustainable, not good for weightless, and not good for strength gains, its not following the WOW and not healthy. Well, its just not true. Its important to understand ever persons body is different and not one solution fits all. However, to suggest eating a Paleo/Primal way is not good is just unfounded. As for the WOW, anyone who suggests it doesn't comply with the WOW either, 1. doesn't understand Paleo/Primal, 2. Doesn't understand the doctrines/principles of the WOW, 3. doesn't understand either. In fact I would defend that Paleo/Primal is more compliant with the WOW then any other "diet" or our traditional view of eating in the church. The important thing however, is to learn your body, master it, understand how it responds to certain foods. Its a constant fine tuning. As I am much stronger now and more healthy then ever, must eat differently depending on the season, if I am competing etc.
  13. Unfortunately, she got a few things wrong....
  14. Curious as to what you think about this quote? "The CrossFit L1 seminar is the only internationally accredited fitness course, and it is accredited through ANSI, which is a higher standard than the NCAA, which accredits, for example, the NSCA. The course is two days long, and requires passing a test. This is identical to every other fitness industry qualification, except those that are test-only. The L1 also has hours of practical instruction on teaching, seeing, and correcting basic movement. I know of no other industry accredited course that offers this. Most other courses put more emphasis on anatomy and physiology, which is interesting, and probably the least important area of knowledge necessary for being an effective coach. The NSCA’s CSCS requires a degree of course, but this could be in anything… including women’s studies or religion. The L1 is an entry-level course, and we specifically tell participants to continue their education if they plan to coach others. It is also important to note that you do not need ANY qualification of ANY type to being training others. CrossFit is offering a course where none is required, and it is being criticized blindly for not being good enough when it meets or surpasses the quality of every other credential offered in the fitness industry." - Russell Berger
  15. @bini by any chance you know Chad & Brendalyn Hacking?
  16. Bini, looks like you are in UT. I am familiar with most of the CF gyms and instructors throughout the Wasatch Front. Orem CrossFit, Ogden CrossFit, 801 CrossFit and many others up and down Wasatch have exceptional training. Most likely more then most of the personal trainers in your other local gyms. I have been to many of them and was very impressed, I would suspect you'll also enjoy it very much. I would love to hear your experience. Enjoy and have fun.
  17. Not sure if this is a caution, warning, criticism or encouragement. "I want to quote Russell Berger from his post on the CrossFit Forum in reply to some of the negative posts about CrossFit going around on the internet. This is his last point and I 100% agree. I couldn't say it any better myself: "...don’t get too worked up about everything published on the internet. People feel strongly about CrossFit because it changes their lives. A combination of gratitude and allegiance drives the CrossFit community to defend their own against these types of articles. But the truth is, this type of article is symbolic of our success. No one is writing emotional manifestos against Blackberries, yet it’s hard to keep track of the number of commercials attempting to point out flaws with apple products." Thanks Russell!
  18. What is not sound thinking regarding Smarts perspectives? And how has she "blamed" the church?
  19. Thats an interesting response. You really read a lot into my words. I never personally attacked you or your cousin. You really took that personal and felt you needed to make a lot of assumptions about me. I was talking to the ridiculousness of your words, your explanations didn't make any sense. ...It didn't make any sense, the stats the inferences and logic. This might be due to you trying to second hand represent your cousins experience... I don't know. Honestly, I don't care if you are pro or anti Crossfit, hogwash is hogwash. But boy you really ran with the inferences. No your comments didn't make any sense because... they don't make any sense. I have no doubt your cousin is an exceptional PT and you a good person. I just don't know if you are representing him accurately.
  20. Your comments don't make any sense. Its so silly, I don't know where to begin, tempted to not even give it any attention. I call Hogwash on the 20%, just crap. Just like the study I quoted. PTs are coming up with crazy unsupported numbers and willing to risk ethical integrity to make a point that is fundamentally flawed. Its funny, I was speaking to one PT who was claiming such ridiculous stats as you or your cousin did. Come to find out through some basic common sense and questioning. Although these patients were avid runners, bikers, or labor workers because they "tried" crossfit or were currently doing crossfit. The PT automatically assumed the injury was from Crossfit, NOT the other aspects of their life. In addition ignored the multiple football (or other sport) injury's some individuals got during their high school or college years. Its just sloppy, sloppy, sloppy and discredits a potentially useful feild of PT. One only has to look at the CF games to see any impressively low, almost non-existent injury rate compared to any other sport. "Roughly 20% of my cousins patient base right now are in 6-18mo recoveries from injuries sustained at CrossFit. So he's there every morning loving them, and cursing them every afternoon (well, dinner is when I hear the vents)." Sounds condescending NOT loving or helpful. You proved my point, "NO sport is for everyone. But right now everyone is trying crossfit. When the swell backs down, PTs won't hate it anymore." Some NOT all PTs are misguided and emotional. There are actually very good PTs out there. But ones like this are egocentric and believe they know better, instead of contributing to the improvement of the science and sport and give the good PT's a bad name. I have worked with clients who have been told by Dr. and PTs that they would never (and should) never go below parallel on their squat. Had one client tear up when after only two days of focused training got him to not only functionally move on his own through a full depth squat but can now perform workouts with moderate weight using full depth squats. Couple years later he has never had the problems he was having while working with his PT.
  21. Here's an update to the article. The researchers not only admitted they lied. But there is an investigation into if NSCA, encourage/promoted/told them to include the false data/information. This is not looking good at all for NSCA. Its really too bad. I am not getting why so many PT are attacking Crossfit. Their reasons are unfounded and emotional. Well, I am happy to explore this issue with you further. If youre interested you can tag up with me here or my FB page:
  22. It is NOT selfish to desire wholeness in sexual experience, absolutely not. You know, I use to work with a bishop who use to say "in principle" all the time. In principle, if he had enough faith, if he was righteous enough, if he loved Father enough, IF HE WAS MORE SELFLESS! he could be happy, serve the word more, meet his members needs more, be happy with his wife. The type of language you use is one that I have to constantly break people of. Its self defeating, self betrayal and a type of spiritual manipulation. A question I often ask is, well then how selfless do you need to be to be happy? (I want to be clear, I am not accusing you of any of these things.) We are talking about being whole, not craving more or being selfish! Big difference. "In principle" we could be happy without legs, arms, without hearing, without voice, without sight. Is it "selfish" to desire to be whole again? NO. Its silly to suggest having a car or house is like being sexually whole or rather, whole as a person. I have heard multiple times from husbands, its not a big deal, we can be happy. We have the gospel and have faith. Believe me, Hollywood doesn't need to misguide or inform women to know they are not whole. "My comments are meaningless." Thats interesting. "and when I do speak my opinion on a public forum there are those like you to correct me." Yah, because, unfortunately, their are those who don't perceive your comments as meaningless.
  23. Maybe I am misunderstanding your usage of the word "sacred". But the church doesn't teach "proper sexuality" because its between the couple and Father. It may be different for different couples. Not because its sacred, we teach and talk of sacred things reverently and respectfully in the church frequently. Therefore I agree with your last sentence above. This is what I am concerned with. Its common in the church to treat something so "sacred" its secret. With your analogy, there is much more we can say about the temple then we ever do. For this fear of saying something wrong or not treating it sacredly. NO sex discussion should not stay in the bedroom. No if what you are referring to is issue and details specific to the relationship, absolutely. They should stay between husband, wife and qualified therapist. However, in general its important to have a reverent, but open dialog with your children and others about intimacy. Again, I am not suggesting sharing details about your couples relation but intimacy in general.