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  1. I got into BYU and the Cornell School of Hotel Administration. I really love Cornell and the Statler hotel. Their academics are ranked #1 in the nation for hospitality, and they have everything I want to study. I want to either go into consulting or manage mutual/hedge funds. Cornell has a fantastic alumni network, and everyone I know that goes there has high-paying job offers. BYU is also a really good school, and I'm specifically interested in there business management major with an emphasis in strategy. This is basically there program for consulting. However, I don't really know how involved the curriculum is in terms of real estate, investment banking, hedge funds, etc. Also, I don't know how BYU's alumni network compares to Cornell's. I've heard that BYU isn't a "target" recruiting school. However, even though I'm in love with Cornell, I'm really worried about picking it over BYU. I plan on serving a mission right after high school, so I'd have to defer. I'm mostly worried about whether I'll be able to find a wife at Cornell! The branch is tiny, and most of them are grad students. There are maybe 3 undergrad LDS students, and I don't even know if they are girls. And if I don't get married in college, then my selection goes wayyy down. Especially if I have a job and I'm really busy because of that, and won't have much time to date and stuff. Both schools have great campuses. Both have great academics (Cornell has the advantage) BYU is a LOT cheaper BYU has more potential wives Cornell has a better alumni network/connections (I think) Cornell I could probably get a higher paying job Cornell is Ivy League Lastly, I'm not focusing on social > education. I'm focusing on healthy family > lucrative career. Unless I can have both. What do you guys think?
  2. In US history we learned that the LDS Church was one of the biggest opponents to the Equal Rights Amendment (which provided equal rights for women in many areas and was a primary goal of the feminist movement). I'm just curious: why did the Church oppose it? How did the ERA specifically compromise our values and standards? How can I justify this, when my classmates and teacher point fingers (yes, this happens in a liberal-atheist town to Mormon teens)? Thanks for help. Please try to be specific, I just want to be prepared
  3. I'm in high school looking at colleges. I plan to apply to college and then defer for my mission, so I won't be a freshman until after my mission. Therefore, I want to pick a college that is full of single LDS girls for when I return. I know that the BYU schools are going to have the most obviously, but I'm also trying to factor in academics. (And yes I know, plenty of you are going to try to convince me that BYU has GREATTT academics). Well the point is I'm looking at schools besides BYU so please respect that decision unlike most of my peers. I've been looking at Ivy League schools and also UT Austin, but I am most intrigued with UT Austin. From research I have gathered that there is a fairly large institute program in Austin and also 3 single wards. However, how many of these wards are specifically for UT Austin students or located closely to student housing? And although the institute program may be large, how many is full of already married women? Will there be a lot of single girls my age? And lastly, although not least important (just joking don't need a lecture on this): are the LDS girls at UT Austin anywhere close to as attractive as they are in Provo (because there are some stunners at BYU-P). Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  4. One of my friends was just called to serve in Armenia, which is in/near (depending on who you ask) the Middle East. I was under the impression that the Middle East was not available for American missionaries, but apparently there are parts open. I have another friend who is studying in Dubai, but the missionaries there are local or from the Philippines. I was just wondering if it was possible that I could be called to an Arab speaking mission when I am of age (2 more years). If not, are there other missions that speak Farsi, Urdu, Pashtu, Kurdu, etc. because I would really love to learn a critical language. Obviously, I will happily serve wherever I am called, but I just hope to learn one of those languages while on my mission. Thanks!
  5. I am looking into BYU-P, Georgetown, the University of Virginia, and Cornell. Not necessarily in that order. I want to major in international business (which each school has; Cornell and UVA are top 10 in the nation). Then I want to double minor in 2 different languages. I want to minor in Arabic (I would have to start at beginner's level), and I want to minor in German (I would be starting at intermediate because I'm taking AP German my senior year). Additionally, I want to do Army ROTC in college. And obviously I want TO GO ON MY MISSION. Is it possible for me to do all of these? How am I going to have enough time in the day to complete all of the credits to major in international business, minor in Arabic, minor in German, and do Army ROTC?!? PLUS I have to take all of the general studies classes! Any advice how I can manage doing this? So far the only advice I've had is this: The summer before college take as many general studies courses as possible. For the first year of college take more general studies classes and finish most (or all) of the required ones, and also take some German classes. Then go on my mission for 2+ years. Return to college and finish all of the general studies courses, and maybe take some more German classes. For my 3rd year begin Arabic and International business classes. 4th year clean the house and finish everything. Years 1-4 do ROTC, but that means my summers will consist of training instead of more school. Any different advice?
  6. Socialism allows the government to take control of our freedom and destroy our liberty. This is a way that we can lose our free agency, because we are being forced to act instead of choosing of our own free will. Ultimately, (in my personal opinion), Socialism is a tool of the devil. The devil wants to control, and he will do so through any person, any government, any idea, any addiction, ANY MEANS. Socialism abandons our natural rights for the sake "of the community" or "for the state" but in reality it is "for man." And what is of man is of the devil. Additionally, socialism thrives on the "individual" doing everything for the "state" which will ultimately benefit the "community." That means that the "individual" must have complete dedication to the "state" and cannot be distracted from that goal. They cannot let morals, families, friends, etc get in the way. Religion is founded about morals, families, friends, faith, etc and a religious person is devoted to God and then the state comes afterwards. After all, how can an immoral government exist in the presence of a moral society? Another reason: religions is a way of unifying people, and a socialist government doesn't want a unified people under God, they want a unified people under the state. The only government that is successful in promoting sacred morals and a spiritual society, is a government that allows it citizens to CHOOSE and exercise their free agency. I KNOW that is why the Church was restored in America, because it was a free land where such a Church could grow and develop. Imagine Joseph Smith trying to start up the Church under Stalin, or Mao, or Pol Pot, or Hitler! No. We learn in D&C that the Constition was manifested through the Founding Fathers by God's inspiration. The Constitution is the exact opposite of Socialism. Church members should not be advocates of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or any sort of authoritarian government.
  7. Thanks, Dravin. I was thinking more about people who aren't even interested in our church but are Christian. I know a man who is Catholic, but I feel like he is very in tune with Heavenly Father and he claims that there is an internal compass within him that guides his life. And he said that if he is ever uncomfortable and can't feel the compass then he does something about it. It sounds a lot like the Holy Ghost, so I was curious because he isn't a member, isn't interested, and has never been baptized in our church.
  8. I'm giving a talk about the Holy Ghost and I had some questions. 1. Can non-members, or people who haven't ever been baptized, feel the Holy Ghost? If so they most likely don't realize that it's the Holy Ghost, and probably think its their conscience. 2. Can you help me find some scriptures that talk about recognizing the Holy Ghost? For example, a scripture that describes how you feel, what incites the Holy Ghost, etc. Possibly something besides a "burning in the bosom" Thanks!
  9. Is this what started the whole thing? This is from the Deseret News about a BYU professor placed on paid leave while the university investigates his actions. BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave | Deseret News No I vistied and noticed a category of theads about "secret combinations." Almost all of them were about 9/11 conspiracies, Reagan conspiracies, Bush conspiracies, CIA conspiracies, etc...basically none of them seemed credible and I wondered how LDS member could be led so easily astray in such a...weird... way
  10. I'm deeply confused and even saddened, after reading a thread from a different LDS forum website. Obviously the website has no official affiliation with the Church, yet it is still operated by LDS members. I saw and read this thread of about how 9/11 is just a conspiracy and all of this nonsense. The Mormon Truthers were all insinuating that Bush and elements of the US government actually intended to create mass death, terror, and sorrow and they were all suggesting this under the "Secret Combinations" banner. How can Mormons truly believe such propaganda? It is a little disconcerting to me. I don't doubt that there are secret combinations in the US, in our government, and abroad internationally; however, I am quite saddened that fellow members would insinuate that the official 9/11 story is a fraud. I also found threads insinuating that Reagan belonged to a secret combination conspiracy group, that the CIA tortured children under Reagan's consent, that the CIA conducts human trafficking and Satanic rituals, that Obama is a CIA plant, that Bush is a member of Reagan's secret combination and assassinated him for more power, and that groups such as the freemasons (who supposedly had a large influence on the Founding Fathers) are secret combinations that pledge to destroy the world. I'm torn because I KNOW certain facts that are occurring in this world and in the United States that many would consider conspiratorial rhetoric. I'm worried that maybe I'm wrongfully judging these fellow Church members as conspiracy nutcases, when there actually is truth the their accusations. The problem is that they sound so crazy to me that I highly doubt they are true. They can't be, which also troubles me greatly. Until recently I never realized how many "fringe" Mormons there actually are. And what's worse...I actually AGREE with them on SOME political topics, just not any of this. How could members of the LDS Church be led so much astray, yet remain active in the Church? Or am I the naive one? What are your thoughts on these troubling matters?
  11. Haha its ok no big deal. Pam if you could just delete this account, that would be great. We are going to share accounts now
  12. The saints face persecution because of a scourge that placed on us when the Church was still being formed. I forgot the details of the story, but it is actually fairly well known. Here is a link with the information, the article is long but it is SO FASCINATING and SO ACCURATE. Please read the article, it explains everything. The Book of Mormon and the Constitution (notes) – W. Cleon Skousen - Latter-day Conservative
  13. How do I explain this scripture, "Ye are the light of the world. A city set upon a hill cannot be hid." I'm trying to explain it to my friend by summarizing its meaning and how to apply it in our lives. Are there also any other scriptures besides Matthew: 5: 14 that pertain to this one? Thanks
  14. the scriptures talk about becoming humble and how important humility is, which i recognize. I want to become more humble as should everyone else reading this post, since there is always room for improvement. So how do you actually become more humble? how do strengthen humility? is it simply giving thanks to the Lord for accomplishments? is it asking the Lord for help in everything before trying to accomplish something (since that would imply that you are nothing and require help, which is true)? the reason i ask is because of this: anyone can say, "oh yeah, i understand that without Heavenly Father i would be even less than dust." However, people can say a lot of things (like "i believe in Christ" even without exercising faith). How can i exercise humility in a way that will help me become even more humble?
  15. My mind can't grasp this concept, and maybe man will never know. Heavenly Father's intentions are more often than not: very unclear. How is it that people can have such strong burning testimonies of other churches? How can people feel the Holy Ghost in ways that convince them that their church is true (they experience some of the same feelings that Mormons do when we encounter the HG)? How do Buddhists and Hindus have experiences of enlightenment or visions or surety of truth, like Mormons do? How do prophets of other religions, like the Pope, stand up and say that they are the leader of the Church and have divine confirmation that they are truly the prophet? How could the Quran (a book that is truly elegantly written and possesses many mutual principles of Mormonism, and many non-mormon principles haha) by written purely by one person, Muhammad, despite the fact that he claims it was written by Allah (God) and he was just the scribe? I have read accounts where people have had a "burning in the bosom" that the LDS faith is false and that the RLDS faith is true. I read accounts of someone "knowing" to join the Jehovah Witnesses once they began reading a pamphlet. Are all of these people just liars and phonies? Are they purely misguided by their carnal flaws or by Satan? Does HF purposefully allow them to be deceived into false religions by actually allowing them to encounter certain feelings, experiences, visions, etc.? What is going on???
  16. If you weren't joking I would call you crazy and point out why people think we are "weird."
  17. I knew a guy that was FBI SWAT over in LA and he carried a piece with him. However, I do not think that it is appropriate unless one is a law enforcement official.
  18. WOWWWW. Haha. Now my friend just offered to read 10 chapters of the BoM if I get it. I'll have to find another way to convince him. At least he is considering the option.
  19. No, I was mainly frustrated with one person in particular. And if you read the entire thread it should be apparent who that was. But no hard feelings to him or anyone else
  20. Spartan I appreciate your story and respect this man you hold so dearly, which you referred to as a "black sheep." I am not trying to be a black sheep, I was just wondering whether I would be asked to get rid of my mohawk/faux hawk whatever you call it. I didn't want to get one to go along with the team, just to be asked to cut it. Hence the purpose of this post. And I think you misinterpreted my intentions with the title of the thread. Yes, I said "Mohawk and sacrament" to get attention, but only so that I would get more the past I have only had 2 or 3 people answer my question, and only 3 responses does not give me much perspective. I wanted more people to respond to my thread so that I received a broader perspective. I was NOT purposely trying to offend people! Like, where the heck do you get that from, with all do respect? I mean, no offense, but it seems crazy that I would try to offend people in order to get attention, and then purposely play victim...that is just weird. I consider the haircut a mohawk: hense "Mohawk." The question is regarding the sacrament: hense "sacrament." I wanted a short and brief title with little info so that people would be inclined to read my post. How is that purposely trying to offend or annoy people? I knew that people would immediately jump to conclusions once they read "mohawk" which is why I provided pictures and an explanation of why I was CONSIDERING gettting one. So once again, not trying to offend people. As for the pity part, its not like I planned on getting offended...I was looking for "yes" or "no" responses based on other peoples' experiences with their wards. (I don't know how many times I have said that already, but its getting REALLY repetitive). I did NOT anticipate getting condemned for asking the question, which is why I reacted the way I did with slamjet. And then he also criticized Lizzy (despite the fact that her friend passed away) which got me really angry, because it showed how unsensitive he can be. So no, I wasn't playing a pity game. I was genuinely offended that someone would imply that i am some poser who doesn't understand the sacrament simply because I asked a question. Its basically like saying to me "who cares that he has the priesthood, the fact that he has to ask this question shows that he doesn't deserve it." Now tell me that isn't offensive to a 15 year old.
  21. I was once asked if I was going to hell because someone spiked my Coke...and i told them no, and they said that they were kidding anyways (which I knew but answered seriously)
  22. @Spartan: when I became a deacon it was explained to me that a white shirt and tie were required, along with dress pants and dress shoes. We were given leniency on the shoes and pants, but the shirt had to be white. Everything else is sort of "gray area" from what I understand. That is the reason i created this thread, to ask for peoples' opinions whether the hairstyles from the pictures are appropriate or not. I did not ask for peoples' opinions of me or for some critique on me. I asked a "yes" or "no" question and there were a few posts that were neither. I purposely phrased my title the way I did so that it would get more attention, and thus get more insight. That is why my initial post was so detailed and i even provided pictures, because I didn't want misunderstandings, it was an effort to explain myself in detail. And thank you Pam for your acknowledgement
  23. Maybe we BOTH should learn to comprehend what we are learning. Oh, no! I just hurt my own feelings. I should grow some skin, but I doubt my skin will ever be so thick that I would rather esteem myself in other people's posts by implying they are spiritually inferior.
  24. See Slamjet? These are the type of comments I was talking about. What exactly are you implying with these statements? I understand you have good intentions, obviously, but is it really necessary to "imply" that lizzy and I don't take Sacramental Odinances seriously or respectfully? We just think its some little tea party that we go to every Sunday as a social event? No. So rather than call us out, like you did to me when I first responded to your initial comment, you should be giving us advice or perspective. Like that one contributor suggested, you could offer new perspective and insight by answering our question with another question. In example, you could substitute your relatively rude comment above with: Well what would you personally consider more important for your spiritual development, honoring the sacrament or "following the crowd." That's much more helpful and friendly as opposed to basically criticizing us. And even if we do totally disrespect Sacramental Ordinances there are other ways to voice your opinions in ways that would represent the Church as an organization and community with open arms for people willing to better themselves. If you are such a believer in personal responsibility and you believe so staunchly that my questioned hairstyles could disrupt others, then maybe you should consider ways in which you disrupt people on this forum (even if you feel it is innocent).
  25. Alright, turn the tables on me. I see how it is. You fail to read me quote you and interpret what you meant. Rather than say that I misinterpreted it, you don't. So I'm just going to end this discussion. Thanks for the help everyone else