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  1. Thus is sorta the same thing. My parents started a family out if faith and struggled for years. Pretty much all of our growing up years however they always made ends meet. Barely but always. Infact, while my parents were driving my oldest brother to the MTC we received a phone call at home from my dads work. A few days later when he gor home he called them back and they offered him a promotion that was just enough to pay for my brothers mission. Yes, the Lord provides. All 5bif us went on missions sone iverlaping eachother and my parents supported all of us.
  2. I knew a janitor at my ild job. He say womens restroom are way worse than mens hands down.
  3. My account is working now! Pam was posting for me. Thanjs for the help. I thougjt there was a conference talk because i remember watching it on tv being broadcast from the conference center. Wonder if he was reading this...anyways. Thanjs for the help!!
  4. I have been to a random church in Floria that basiclly had testimony meeting. I don't remember what they called it, but pretty much the same thing. In fact, looking back, I can't really think of anything that was different that ours. Just a different religion.
  5. My bisop told us that sibling CAN watch siblings be sealed. I don't know if adoption is different, I don't see why it would be, but I have personally seen it happen with half a second marraige happens. That couple is waiting to be sealed due to previous sealings need cancelled. They have another child in the meantime. Then when they finally all get sealed, the older children from previous marriage get to see the new baby sealed to parents. They do not get to see the parents sealed, they are brought in at the time of the baby and get to see that part. I don't see why it would be different for adoption, but maybe??
  6. I, too, would have to pray really hard...I would, however, expect to recive a confirmation. Then it would be difficult. I might pray even harder than my husband was not selected to be part of that. Haha!
  7. No, I don't call off a wedding for that. I remove the kids from them. My husband is a good dad to them.
  8. We were engaged before I met the in laws. I am not going to call off a wedding due to someone else. I thought they would get the fact that I was going to stay after we got married, and at least after a couple of years....guess not. I am not clear on why I should apoligize.... I have been nothing but kind hearted to them. Even let one live in out basement apaprtment for almost no rent, so he could save up for a house. I made cakes, cookies, and done so much for so many years, and they are just being...wel.....mean. Sounds very childish, but when you keep taking your kids into a tocic stiuation, you are at fault. I think it is time my kids don't see them anymore. They see how they are treated compared to teh other "grand kids" it is a joke. everyone taht has been to a family event can see it and tells me.
  9. What I put on FB was vauge. They made it clear they were jerks. Even my husband didn't see anything wrong with it.
  10. What I mean is even before we were married they treated us that way, and STILL DO! five years later. We have been married now for 5 years. And he has kids from a previous as well, so they understand that. In fact his first marriage his wife had kids from a previous. So they should get it by now. My family does not treat him like that at al. They love him dearly.
  11. So I just had a huge falling out with my in laws. I don't even know where to start. So they treat me and my kids like temporary family. like they expect us to just go away at someopint. so they never bother with us, they never talk to us. and they treat my kids poorly. (My kids from another marriage) Today I told them off. Poor husband is stuck in the middle. Now what. I feel like our marriage is never going to be the same either.
  12. Seriously? If you don't have the money for the type of wedding you want, then shrink it down. It is a one day thing. Heck, go to the temple and rent temple clothes. Why does your dad in law have to pay for anything?? I don't think it is worth a relationship to try to get him to pay for anything. You can do it on your own. You have over 6 months, you can save for the basics. If you can't maybe you are not yet ready to support a wife and kids. It isn't about the reception, fancy dress, flowers and such. It is about you and your soon to be spouse. I know that came off harsh, but I don't think you should depend on anyone for that.
  13. I agree with everyone else. Someone needs to take up a collection, or find a away yo pay it back. It looks bad when we teach accountabliity and we are not being accountable!