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  1. Nah, they just had me share a few experiences from my mission and then opened it up for questions afterwards. There were more people there than I expected, but it wasn't so bad.
  2. Thanks, that helps me a lot. I just pictured it as an interrogation... me standing in front of a bunch of church officials and being asked all sorts of difficult questions.
  3. I feel like I should re-introduce myself because I haven't been on here for 2 years. I was busy serving a mission I just got back last week. Tonight I have to report to the high council. What should I expect from that meeting? (Any RM's in here?)
  4. Thank you for sharing, those were two very good examples of how fasting can be a great protection to us. I used to think that fasting was very unnecessary, but a few experiences changed my mind. I don't have anything truly spectacular (compared to your stories) to share, but it's thanks to fasting to prayer that I overcame the depression following a breakup of 3+ year relationship. The girl that I was with before her left me lonely for a year and a half and there didn't seem to be anything that could cheer me up. I didn't know how I would overcome it when it happened again... but I put it in the Lord's hands and I was happily single two weeks later. I've fasted for greater testimony... for answers to dilemmas that I couldn't have solved by myself alone... and they all worked out. Fasting truly works. It's just about showing God that we're willing to sacrifice for what we need.
  5. So did you go??? I went for my own endowments last Saturday, went to a sealing session, and another endowment session afterward. Today I went to the temple again, which was FANTASTIC. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest... I love being endowed. I just wish I could've done initiatory today, cause I only went for 2 sessions and a sealing session (like I did last time). I think I'm gonna go next saturday as well, as it's my last saturday before I leave on my mission. Tell us all about your feelings and how today went!
  6. Exactly. It's ridiculously humid here and 85 degrees in the "office" I work in (it's a big hot warehouse) but I refuse to not wear them. I love that Heavenly Father gave me something to remember my covenants by, and something that can protect me from physical and spiritual harm... it's a great and wonderful gift. Why would anyone who understood the true meaning and sacred nature of the garments not wear them? By all means, if you're endowed, wear your garments. I want to go back to the temple this saturday, and even though gas would be $50 to get there I think it's more than worthwhile. I need that extra strength in preparation for what I'm about to do as a missionary.
  7. I saw it the other day and it was fantastic. I thought people were just raving about Heath Ledger's performance because he passed away, but he truly was phenomenal in that film. He was a completely different person... I didn't once think "That's Heath Ledger". It doesn't seem like much happened with two-face... his role in the film wasn't really that important but it added some variety. I didn't think it was very long... maybe it was, but I was fully captivated the whole time. I would see it again, but I don't think I'll have time to before I leave on my mission. Great movie nonetheless... I wasn't disappointed that I spent $9 to see it.
  8. Yesterday (Saturday) was an amazing day. I woke up at 3:30 AM... met someone at the church to drop off my car, hopped in theirs, and began the 2 1/2 hour trip to the temple on the other side of the island. He was my escort for my first time, and it was great having that time to learn a little more about him and prepare myself for what was going to happen. Of course I won't go into detail on any of this, but it was seriously one of the most spiritually edifying experiences of my life. I wish they had initiatory sessions as often as they do endowment sessions... I was only able to do that once (for myself) and I can't wait to go again as proxy for one who passed on. In preparation for that day, a lot of people were telling me things like "Don't bother trying to remember anything because it's so confusing the first time around..." or saying that I might think it's weird the first time, which really got me worried. To my relief, they were all wrong. Yes, it was a little more than I could memorize the first time around, but everyone was there to help and it was just great. I didn't get a lot of the symbolism when I first went, but today when I was sitting in church a few things came to me... and I understood the meaning behind them. After the first session, I was able to be proxy for a few people in a sealing, which was fantastic. I wish I could go back tomorrow and do it all again. After the sealing I was about to leave because my escort had to make the trip back home, but one of my friends showed up in the men's dressing room and said he was going into a session and that he would take me home, so I went again! All I can say is "wow". I've just been thinking about it ever since then. I leave on my mission in less than 3 weeks (August 15th) but hopefully I'll have a few more chances to go while I'm still here. I can't wait to go every week when I get to the MTC... that sounds fantastic. Another thing people were wrong about.... garments are not uncomfortable. They're actually more comfortable than my usual boxers, so it's not a bad change at all (except it's pretty humid here and wearing the undershirt makes things pretty warm... not that I'll ever be taking it off for that reason, though). Just thought I'd share my experience.......................... and man, the celestial room is so..... pure. It's so unusual having my mind that clear. Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend. I'll remember mine for the rest of my life.
  9. That happens to me as well... it's truly amazing. It seems like after reading it so many times I'd have gotten everything there is to get out of it, but sometimes something new will just stick out in a way I never interpreted it before. My patriarchal blessing is very precious to me... it's been a wonderful piece of personal scripture since I got it when I was 17...maybe 18... I can't remember. It had things in it that I didn't understand at that time but now they make a lot of sense. It's an eternal blessing, not just one that has to be fulfilled in this lifetime. Every blessing is unique... the only reason they have things in common is because God wants us all to reach our potential and become like Him.
  10. I remember Marvin Perkins from the lectures I watched on youtube about blacks and the priesthood... he's a smart man with a lot of good observations. I suggest watching them all. Here's a link to part one:
  11. I saw this in one of the Daily Gems I subscribed to... thanks for sharing! Remember, it's always best to give basic facts and tell people a little bit about the church when they ask for a little bit. Milk before meat!
  12. Great find!!! I'm currently reading the book, but it would be great to put this on my ipod and listen while I read.
  13. I don't have much to add, but thanks for doing this. I know that through Christ's infinite sacrifice, everyone can be redeemed and start off with a clean slate as long as they keep the commandments (laws) and fulfill sacred ordinances (baptism, confirmation, partaking of the sacrament).
  14. I've read through pretty much this entire thread, and it seems the only thing I can add that's unique is MY testimony of the power of prayer. I know that God hears and answers our prayers. Sometimes those answers come quickly and very directly, while other times the answer is simply not getting an answer at all. We are all seeking for understanding and a deeper knowledge of everything true... and that desire for truth is best applied through communication between us and our Heavenly Father. We have questions, and He has answers. A lot of times we, as humans, have this need for reasons as to why something is the way it is, while often we receive an answer to our prayers that doesn't include a reason, but a strong impression that something is true or right. Follow that feeling and you'll always get what's best for you. Do not stop praying. Do not stop seeking for answers from the source of all answers. Prayer is a sacred and divine right, and we should use this precious gift daily....hourly....whenever we feel like speaking to God. Through prayer, I've learned that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I've learned that the Book of Mormon is true. This life is short but important in the scope of eternity. Most important of all, Jesus Christ is our Savior and he suffered every physical and emotional pain that each of us will ever feel so that if we come to him he can make our burdens bearable, and repent of our sins to become perfect as he is. He died and was resurrected so that we too can be resurrected. This is His restored church, bearing His authority and guided under His direction. All of this knowledge is waiting and available to anyone who actively seeks it. I share these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.