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  1. Thanks, Maureen. This is a very helpful post.
  2. I can understand your worries, but I assure you I've been taking good care of my daughter. Really. But staying home and watching Netflix and playing with a one-year-old is some people's dream job, while I'd much rather be doing something much more difficult.
  3. Anatess, you are starting to get patronizing, here. Please don't swing the priesthood-bat at other people's opinions. I understand what you are saying and have taken into account your opinion on the matter, but this is how internet-fights begin.
  4. To clarify, (I wanted honest opinions before I gave more details) I, the wife, joined the Army out of high school, where I met my husband, a Marine. When I found out I was pregnant, I decided to leave, at the behest of my command, who begged me to stay. I've been a stay at home mom for two years now, and my husband really hates being a Marine. His contract is coming up and I offered to switch roles with him because what he wants to do is go to school and start a different career. He can do that with his GI Bill while I make money in the Military, which is what I've always known I wanted to do, and loved doing it. But we got in a fight over it because I'm a woman and he said that the church states that I belong at home with the kids. But it doesn't as far as I can tell. It recommends that one parent stay home to build the family while the other works. The woman usually is the more nurturing so it's usually the woman. That is not the case here. I have pretty much zero maternal instincts and have zero experience with children outside my own daughter, while he is the oldest of 11 kids and is totally at ease with her. I love my daughter but in more of a protective way. I don't want to cuddle and feed her, I want to be a role model and provide for her. I've been feeling like women in the relief society are generally more at ease with stay at home mothers than they are with women like me, who just don't understand what to do with themselves all day and would rather go paintballing. So from what I gather, from what you all have said and what I've looked up, it has more to do with the family unit sticking together and less to do with women and their "place" in the family.
  5. Yeah, I've never been off tricare in my entire life. I'm 21 and I never had problems making friends because there were always obligatory social situations to attend. Like school or work. But I've switched to being a stay at home mom while my husband is in the Marine Corps and I'm going crazy with just Netflix, my daughter and my dog. Nice to know there are others here.
  6. This is great to hear, thank you!
  7. The church recommends that one parent should stay home and raise the kids. Traditionally that is the woman's role, and men go out and work all day and come home to happier home because she's been there. What do you do when it's the wife that desperately wants to work, and the husband hates the job she wishes she could have? Is it okay for the wife to be the bread-winner while the husband stays home? Especially if she's really not a very nurturing person, doesn't understand children and is pretty depressed because she has nothing to do all day but clean? While the husband is the oldest of 11 kids, totally gets children, and comes home stressed out and angry because he hates his job? We just got into a fight because we are disagreeing on this issue, but have no solutions.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm an LDS Wife and Mom and I'm in a situation where all my friends are in thousands of miles away and I'm having a hard time making new ones. Hoping to find some worthwhile adult conversation here.