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    Kids say the darndest things during Sacrament Meeting

    We had our testimony meeting last Sunday (3-27) since it's General Conference time this April 2-3. Two sisters ages 5 and 7 probably, got up to bear their testimonies. The younger one said, " I'd like to bear my testimony....I know the church is two.... I know my family loves me....We have a living prophet.... Thomas S. Jefferson.... in the name..... The older sister said the same thing, except the church is two. They probably watch Harry's Law!
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    Personne, Etre immergé sous l'eau ne sera pas long. Il prend généralement moins de 3 secondes pour être sous l'eau. Il n'y aura donc pas de la noyade pendant le baptême
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    Personne, Voici un lien vers le mormon.org Site en français. J'espère que cela vous aidera à en apprendre davantage sur l'église et ce que nous croyons po poursuivre l'apprentissage de l'évangile de Jésus-Christ, et votre foi sera récompensée. Encore une fois j'ai utilisé le traducteur de Google pour les phrases ici. Église de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours
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    Hello all

    Welcome ZSEd. There are a lot of nice people here who can help you in case you have questions about the Church and its doctrines.
  5. Has anyone seen this tv series from NBC? This is about celebrities researching their family history with the help of geneaologists, historians and others, as well as ancestry.com. This show always moves me whenever I watch it. I was specially move last week from Lisa Kudrow's family history, about her great-great grandmother who was killed by Nazis. I recommend this show to everyone.
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    Welcome Desileigh to the site! You will find good friends here who may be able to answer questions you may have.
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    Did Glen Beck "step in it?"

    Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - Glenn hates poor people Here is a link to Glenn Beck's page explaining what he said in his radio program.
  8. Everybody will be offered the sacrament because the persons passing the sacrament do not know who are not members among the visitors in the congregation. As has been previously stated, the sacrament is for people who covenanted with the Lord thru baptism in the church. If you are not baptized yet, you are not obliged to partake, but you are not refused the sacrament either.
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    sanctioned for stupidity

    Thank you for the update sleepless. I am glad that your "sin" did not warrant a disciplinary action. That means you can go back to the temple as soon as the bishop sees it fit. Just focus on the changes you are making in your life. When other people see that you are genuine in what you are doing, they will change their attitude towards you and what you are doing. Your peace will soon come. God bless.
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    My testomony

    Congratulations Pete and welcome to the site!
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    Returning to Church

    Welcome back Jody, and congratulations on your husband's plan to be baptized.
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    Here is an article that may help you understand about apostasy. LDS.org - Ensign Article - Early Signs of the Apostasy
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    In need of some clean humor!

    One Friday afternoon the power went out in our building. They turned on the generator, enough to power the lights in the hall, and the PA. Somebod announced over the PA "We are experiencing a power outage because of a broken transformer downtown. We don't know how long it will take for it to be fixed. We will notify you when the power comes back on. Thank you very much."
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    Personne Did you attend the baptism? How did you feel?
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    Apologetics: Defenders of the Faith

    What is the website? I may not participate vocally but I want to listen. Thanks.
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    If you are the only Church member in your family...

    I don't know about covenants made at baptism in other churches but in the LDS Church, we have to: 1. Take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ (be a member in His Church) 2. Always remember Him 3. Keep His commandments 4. Endure to the end. These are the covenants we make when we get baptized. The God's representatives for us as LDS are our bishops and Stake Presidents who interview us to determine if we are still keeping the covenants we made at baptism as well as the covenants we made when we entered the temple. In the LDS Church, all chapels are open to everyone who wants to attend the service or any function being held in it. But in the temple, not even all LDS members can enter there, but ONLY those who can tell themselves and God's representatives that they are KEEPING their covenants. You said you attended your son's baptism. Your son signified, when he got baptized, that he is taking those baptismal covenants that's why he entered the waters of baptism. In due time, he would want to enter the temple, he will be able to do that if he can truthfully say that he keeps the baptismal covenants and is ready to make more sacred covenants in the temple and keep them throughout his life. I understand the frustrations non-LDS people have when they cannot enter the temple. However, they must also understand that getting married in the temple is one ordinance that can be done only by those who keep the covenants, and witnessed only by those who keep the same covenants.
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    Hi from Spain

    Welcome to LDS.net Angel. I have a friend from Spain, her name is Maria Del Pino Rodriguez. She is married now and has two kids. Again, welcome.
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    personne, Il suffit d'aller et de faire partie de ce bonheur personne. Je suis sûr que vous allez sentir l'esprit et il sera en mesure de décider par vous-même si vous avez besoin d'adhérer à l'église ou pas. Que Dieu vous bénisse. Je ne sais pas le français, alors j'ai utilisé traducteur Google. Donc s'il ya un mauvais mot du traducteur utilisé, pardonnez-moi.
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    If you are the only Church member in your family...

    Michael, From my point of view, it's not the worthiness or righteousness issue that keeps non-LDS from getting into the temple, but the covenants one should make and keep to enter into it. There are covenants you have to make and keep before you can enter the temple, like the baptismal covenants. I'm sure there are a lot of LDS who make the covenants but do not keep them always, even after they have been into the temple. It's up the person and to God's representatives here on Earth to determine if he/she is keeping the covenants he/she made with God at baptism, and in the temple. So to me, the so-called worthiness/righteousness interview is really to remind me to search my soul if I am still keeping my part of bargain in the covenants I made with Heavenly Father so I can continue to enter the temple.
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    Inquisitive Australian

    Welcome to the site and fire up with your inquisitve mind. I'm sure a lot of folks here will be able to answer your questions.
  21. Miami Teen Reports About Haitian Relief Efforts! - CNN iReport
  22. I can't believe the negative comments this kid and the church is getting from this report. Why do some people have to tear up a good news?!
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    Lesson #04 Moses 4; 5:1-15; 6:48-62

    Isn't Adam called Michael in the pre-mortal existence?
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    Hey I am new :)

    Welcome to lds.net Hells! God bless you.
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    KeepaPitchinin's take on Lesson 3

    I wish I have seen this thread before Lesson 2. We had a good discussion in our Sunday School and I wish I contributed more. But now that I have found this thread, I would be able to give some inputs taken from good links you guys put here. Keep them coming. Thank you.