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  1. After serious consideration, I believe we should start small rather than big. After this idea has been refined I'm going to go around my school and get signatures, then around my community, until I have a sufficient number to bring to my local government and state legislature. If we prove this will work on a local scale, it will gain momentum on a national and inter-national scale. I strongly encourage you to do the same! Great things are accomplished by small means!
  2. Also, to those who raise the issue of "people are too ignorant our outright stupid to vote," I say; Think on this: Our culture has indeed been dumbed-down, demoralized, and become decadent. Wouldn't this spark the movement to again make ourselves an intelligent, responsible, moral, and ethical population? Wouldn't education need to vastly improve to turn out citizens who actually MATTER to the system? I say set the bar high and people will reach high. Set no bar at all and you get the present day West.
  3. How crushingly cynical of everyone in this room... A vote on whether or not to outlaw a religion would never qualify for this type of citizen's vote. This vote could NEVER contradict the Constitution's 1st Amendment... that is still the law of our land. No issue would go to vote that is already determined in the constitution, this vote, along with its rules would be an amendment to the constitution itself with all safemeasures built into it to prevent anything like you just described. I gave two very specific examples of when this type of vote would be used, but I want to thank you for raising your concern so I could express this concept better.
  4. We were not founded on these principles because back then IT WASN'T POSSIBLE! We would not be voting on any issues other than those IGNORED by our representatives, and then only after a deliminating period. So if government DID ITS JOB, there would NEVER BE A VOTE, it would be INCENTIVE TO WORK. Be it on earth as it is in heaven. In heaven there is no monetary system, and in periods of stalemate EVERYONE CITIZEN GETS A VOTE! There are not enough people on the hill to EVER get through the legislation on the backburner. So we must either imrpove our process, or just sit around till Christ comes back and then explain to him how "well, I did my part by voting once every four years". We may either CONTINUE consenting to the indolence of our governments, or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT beyond voting an individual into office who's in 5 lobbyists pockets before their rear-end ever hits the seat. NOT amending ourselves into a more advanced system, while letting the corruption and indolence accelerate can only serve the purposes of the adversary, not the Father. Please pray about this!
  5. April 6th, 2011 IN THE AGE OF COMMUNICATION, Why are we not able to vote on such non-critical issues as whether or not to allow veterans 50% disabled or above their base privileges back so they can shop at the commissary and PX? This legislation has been on the docket for YEARS with no significant action, along with THOUSANDS of other important, but non-critical issues. We have cell phones, the internet, and free public access to the latter, so why is it that we don't have an app on our mobile devices, or a government website we can visit where there is a list of domestic issues to vote on as citizens? Instead of remaining silent in the vacuum of leadership, we would like the ability to cast our votes on issues of national importance. For instance: Obamacare is of vital national importance, but a non-critical domestic issue that the public should immediately be allowed to vote on, since the Government is making those DEMANDS upon the public itself. Why not create an action date on measures and bills, say a year or two, and if the bills do NOT involve national security or foreign policy, and they've just been gathering dust, then allow WE THE PEOPLE to vote in cases where our elected officials have FAILED TO ACT. We have been an exceptional people because of our ability to reign in our indolent or runaway governments. If the government isn't doing its job or can't come to a decision, don't shut down the government, OPEN THE VOTE TO THE PEOPLE! Western government MUST evolve or perish.