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  1. In a similar vein:https://heatst.com/culture-wars/women-only-spa-labled-transphobic-over-its-no-male-genitals-policy/ I can't wait for all this junk to stop, people finally stand up and say enough! I'm probably one of the most libertarian individuals out there. If you want to believe you are a squirrel; if you want to be homosexual, claim it is your destiny to mate with your own kind-be my guest, I've got no problem with you believing whatever fantasy you want to. But I draw the line when you tell me that I must acquiesce to your reality and that if I don't-I'm the evil person. It's really quite sad at how many people just simply follow the crowd on this stuff. They are what Lenin described as the "useful idiots" who don't really know what they are doing except that they are putting pressure on the system. It's a war promulgated by evil men who have evil designs influenced by evil spirits. The word for it in the modern day culture is "postmodernism" or post-modern philosophy. It is the thought and theory that truth is relative, truth is not objective and that anyone who doesn't believe in your truth is a bad person. It's a really bad thing and it's what is being taught in schools-truth is relative. Just project out 30 years . .where does this lead? To what end? If it is this bad now for individuals who defend truth (as given to us by scriptures and prophets), how much more worse is it going to get? It's gonna get interesting in my lifetime that's for sure! Personally, I believe it all started with acceptance of homosexual behavior as totally acceptable. We still don't know to this day why some people have homosexual behaviors and tendencies; all we know is that God has commanded us to put off the natural man (whatever natural tendencies we have) and to become like Him and He has promised us that it is possible to do so. This idea that we are perfect "just the way we are" is utter and absolute horse doogy and is probably more destructive to the Gospel message than anything else. No, we are not perfect "just the way we are", we are sinful (i.e. non-perfect), fallen sons and daughters of God who have the potential to become perfect as we change our very nature to align to God's Will.
  2. I totally get it . . .and that's why maybe the older I've gotten the more "bold" I've gotten . . .mostly b/c of a couple principles of leadership I've learned. The older that I've gotten the more that I have realized how people recognize authority and why they do and ultimately it comes from two sources, the first and most important comes from being in a position that is rightfully given that authority, i.e. a parent or a teacher, or a bishop, etc. Some positions of authority come from a calling and some are natural (like being a father). So some people recognize others authority simply b/c of the position they are in. The second is by how the authority figure acts and talks. If an authority figure does not "act" the part-he will quickly lose the respect of those he leads. Note, "acting" the part doesn't mean one is dictatorial or authoritarian; it means one is authoritative. In other words, when a decision needs to be made, the authority figure acts quickly, decisively, without hesitation and without remorse, and acts like he is in charge . . .well b/c he is. The same principle applies when leading children (which is what parents are really doing) as to when leading men; be direct, concise and use as few as words as possible. As a teacher, or a Bishop, or in any leadership position, knowing the bounds of the authority is important. For a teacher, it is critical that correct doctrine be taught-so that means a) knowing when incorrect doctrine is being taught and then b) moving decisively to correct that incorrect doctrine. For some reason in today's society, people seem to think that correcting involves someone being "mean" and it is a common retort of those who are being corrected . . .well he is just being "mean". What they are really saying is, I don't like the fact that I'm being corrected on this point of doctrine. And that is what is happening above. Those who do not listen to, do not want to listen to and want to undermine the Bishop's authority proclaim him as being a "mean, nasty, hurtful" man. What they are really saying and meaning (coached in veiled words) is "I reject the Bishop's or Stake President's authority". And anyone who follows that line of thinking needs to be real careful b/c soon they might just find themselves on the outside of the Church. It is one of the reason's why I will defend those who are in authority positions tooth and nail. Leaders are not perfect, far from it, they make plenty of mistakes; but unless they have committed a grievous sin that would remove them from their position, it is my job as a faithful member to fully support them. Just b/c I support them, doesn't mean I agree with all their decisions, I don't have to-but I fully recognize their legitimate authority and support them in the decisions they do make. (sidenote and I don't want to sidetrack: whether or not people agree with him, this is the reason why Trump was elected . . .out of all the other candidates he was the one who possessed the greatest leadership qualities. I disagree with plenty of Trump things, but you don't get to be the head of a billion dollar organization without being a very strong leader. It is why he could get away with saying things that would normally absolutely bury anyone else)
  3. Actually, I think it's pretty simple. You tell them they are wrong. The Gospel has a couple of principle's when it comes to authority. Revelation that one receives that is contrary to what has been revealed to the Prophets is almost always wrong . . .or if it is not wrong should almost always be kept silent. Maybe one day they can be a Prophet, then they can make that claim . . .or they can start their own church-unless and until then quite simply they are wrong and are in need of repentance. If they don't repent, they will be in the grasp of the Adversary. Pretty easy, pretty plain, and pretty simple.
  4. I sware (sic) . . . what is wrong with kids these days. I have a relative who's daughter decided it was okay to stand up in F&T and call out all the kids in the ward who were being mean, ugly, etc. Thankfully, her dad is a good guy-he actually went up on the stand and pulled her off . . .bravo Dad!, bravo! I really believe it goes back to how our culture treats children. We have brainwashed ourselves into treating children like adults, instead of treating them like children! Therefore, a significant portion of children these days have absolutely 0 fear of adults. I don't mean fear in a bad way, just that when I was growing up (dang, I feel old and I'm really not that old!!), you rightfully were afraid of what the teacher would do if you did something bad, what your dad would do when you did something bad, and you didn't want to do anything that would embarrass your parents b/c if you did-you were gonna get it too! You looked up to and revered adults, now every 12 year-old girl thinks she is an adult with the capacity to make such life changing decisions as this. Despicable the world we have created. And it starts so little-allow a child 5,6,9, the ability to interrupt his parents any time he pleases or rule the roost and this is exactly what happens.
  5. Hmm . . .that is weird why you dad would have been so upset. I honestly don't understand. Your brother was an Elder (i.e. holds the Melchizedek Priesthood) and can thus participate in and be the voice in any normal priesthood functions (blessings, namings, baptisms, etc.). Endowment and utilizing the Melchizedek Priesthood are separate things. One must be a MP holder to receive their endowment, but one doesn't need their endowment to officiate in MP ordinances that do not involve temple ordinances i.e. stuff like blessings, namings, baptisms, etc. The only thing that would disqualify someone from participating who held the MP would be worthiness issues."In conformity with this revelation, only worthy men who hold the Melchizedek Priesthood may participate in naming and blessing children." https://www.lds.org/manual/family-guidebook/priesthood-ordinances-and-blessings?lang=eng Now sometimes, what wards will do is to allow someone who is not worthy to hold the microphone for the blessing, they aren't a part of the circle but they help. So in my mind one of two things occurred. Either you dad for some reason thought your brother was still unworthy or he was wrong. If your brother was still unworthy then your dad would have just cause to be upset. So the question is what did your dad know? He was ward clerk, did he have some information that lead him to believe your brother was unworthy? I believe that formal probation is annotated on your membership record and then removed once the probation is lifted. Is it possible that your dad honestly thought your brother was still under formal probation and your brother honestly thought he was good to go? But then again worthiness is between the individual, the Lord and the Bishop. I don't see how your dad would enter into this, unless he knew that your brother was lying about being worthy??? I just can't see any other way to reconcile the differences-your dad had/has to know that as long as one has repented and is worthy to take the sacrament then one can participate in priesthood blessings.
  6. Not gonna happen. The long knives are out against Trump; the Deep State strikes back.
  7. I think the question for this is to ask, why is one using porn? I use the term "using", b/c that's what it is-it's a way to medicate some underlying problem; just as much one uses alcohol or one uses drugs. If the underlying problem isn't solved then no matter what one does a porn problem will come back.
  8. Amen and amen. I think a lot of this has happened due the instant access to anything anywhere through the internet. When I was growing up, you pretty much had to actively invite Hollywood into your home, most people still didn't have cable and the networks were pretty family friendly (who can forget Saturday morning cartoons!). You could be a pretty good member, go to church participate in your local community and never (or very rarely) interact with Hollywood or the world's morals. The internet has drastically changed all that. I think over the past 15-20 years parents in general were quite frankly asleep at the switch. They got internet, but either didn't understand the dangers of it or didn't care to teach their children about it. In 15 min. a child can get themselves into trouble sitting within the walls of a godly family, that just wasn't possible 30 years ago. I think this lack of parenting awareness over the past 20 years has caused some major problems. I am hopeful however, I think you will end up seeing more and more parents who will take steps to properly train their children with the internet that the previous generation. I don't fault the previous generation, crud happens when the world shifts rapidly under your feet. This is also a reason why I hate multi-culturism. No, I don't want my children to be raised in the morals of culture that equates the beliefs of Muslims, aethests, etc. the same. I want my children to be raised in a Christian culture. It only took 13 years for culture to rapidly shift from when the Supreme Court struck down Texas's anti-sodomy laws to sodomy being openly celebrated throughout the US. That could not have happened without the internet.
  9. Amen to this. Going from a sense of duty/obligation is certainly a righteous desire as it is one; but the blessings you get will be varied depending on the degree. Going b/c everyone else is going and it's just what you do: Good Going b/c you understand that Prophets have said you should and you are going b/c you want to be obedient to them: Better Going b/c you understand God has said you should go and you want to be faithful to Him and help bring others to Christ: Best
  10. Capitalism is the best system that will allow faith and religion to thrive (outside of a theocracy). The biggest arguments against communism and socialism is that it inevitably removes God from the public. Every government that goes down the socialistic route eventually roots out God.
  11. Is LDS.net a dating service? If you want to know how to get dates, how to prepare for marriage, how to be strengthen yourself for marriage, etc. those are fair questions. Individuals have been giving you this advice (some in a nice way, others in a more stern way-like me:-) ). I'm just really confused here. Did you honestly expect to come onto a non-dating forum (to which you are a new member and no-one knows you), ask "hey does anyone know someone who would like to date me?" and someone pop up and say "oh yeah, my 3rd cousin is LDS and is looking for someone, I'll PM you her e-mail address and you guys can chat?" I hope not, b/c if you were I believe your hopes were misplaced. There are plenty of dating sites in general and several LDS dating sites in specific. If you can't find someone to date in your area, go to an LDS online dating site, but don't be surprised when the girls you'd like to date want to date RMs not someone who actively choosing not to serve a mission. If you want to know why serving a mission is so important as a selector for marriage material-we can have that discussion. But I don't believe you want to have that discussion-you have chosen not to serve and are now upset that you can't seem to find anyone to date, are complaining about it and then you get upset when you are called on it and they say "what else did you expect?" I'm curious here. Have you ever sat down, had an honest conversation with your Heavenly Father about serving a mission? Have you been willing to submit your will to His no matter what He instructs you to do? Have you prayed to find out if God wants you to serve a mission?
  12. Negative. I was the first one in my family to serve a mission; I live in an area outside of Utah and Idaho where when growing up there were only a couple of stakes in a 200 mile radius. I served, an absolutely awesome experience-filled with much trial, tribulation and joy. I married and have a family. While a mission is not the end-all-be-all of life-it is a jump-start that will provide a reservoir of spiritual experiences that will last a lifetime. It has been a great strength for me to draw upon those experience, life lessons as I've faced my own personal challenges in life. To your last sentence . . .well a Sunday mormon is one who preaches the religion but doesn't live it. You preach you have a good testimony, you don't want to lower your standards, yet you have arbitrarily decided that you don't want to serve a mission. That is the epitome of a Sunday mormon (yeah missions are good but aren't for me . . .i.e. preach it but don't live it). I really don't get your complaining. You complain there is no one to date, the are either older, married or going to college at BYU, or only want to date RMs, yet you don't want to be a missionary or change your situation. That is called wanting the world to be handed to you on a silver platter. If the bolded portion is honestly what you believe then good luck. I agree there are some who don't require it-but you are currently having a hard time finding any that are like that . . . . Maybe what you believe doesn't quite match up to reality, just a thought. One-uping isn't my objective-you came for advice, I gave you advice-you don't like it-that's fine your prerogative to not like it. It ain't my life.
  13. On a serious note. I was listening to Mark 10 earlier this week. -------- 17 And when he was gone forth into the way, there came one running, and kneeled to him, and asked him, Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life? 18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God. 19 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother. 20 And he answered and said unto him, Master, all these have I observed from my youth. 21 Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me. 22 And he was sad at that saying, and went away grieved: for he had great possessions. ------- One of the absolute hardest things to do in life is to bend our will to God's will. I find in general in my life, most of the time my will aligns with His (I'd like to think that's b/c of how I was raised). But every now and then, my will does not align with His. Learning to be completely willing and humbly enough to submit to God all things that He would have us do or go through is a very tough thing in life. The older I've gotten, the more that I have come to learn about this principle. Submitting to all things God has commanded me to do . . .whether He speaks to me in prayer, in scripture, or by the voice of His servants (Bishops, Apostles, Prophets) . . .learning to be humble, meek and 100% willing to do His will . . .it is very, very hard. And something that I think takes a lifetime to master.
  14. Typical millennial claptrap. No ifs,and, or buts, for a young priesthood holder, mission service is a duty and and obligation. So basically what you are saying is: you want to do what you want to do (i.e. not serving a mission), you want to get married, you understand in general LDS girls don't seriously date non-members or RMs. But you feel you are special and the girl you date/marry is going to be so much more spiritual b/c she sees you based upon your personal testimony and you don't want to lower your standards. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too!! You are very funny. I've got news for you based upon what you are currently saying, any stalwart LDS girl would be lowering her standards to marry you. No wonder you can't find anyone to date! The 2nd bold portion is hilarious . . .another typical millennial claptrap reasoning of everyone is a STAR!!! Look at me, I didn't serve a mission, not b/c I couldn't but b/c I choose not too and no one should hold me back b/c of it. Hey kid. Lesson #1 in life. The world does not revolve around you, nor does it revolve around what you want-in fact it could care less about what you want in life. If you don't want to serve a mission, that's fine. You just need to accept the realities and consequences of what that means. Instead of pouting that "no one should hold you back" . . .really??? I've never seen another LDS member who didn't serve a mission be actively held back (i.e. no one says, welp nope you can't serve as EQP b/c you didn't serve a mission . .. how ridiculous). What I have seen is that b/c of their choices, they held themselves back. And there is a big, big difference. You don't want to serve a mission, cool. But you need to accept the reality of what that will mean; which is that you will self-select out of the dating pool for many good LDS girls . . .and that is perfectly acceptable. I will advise my girls to not seriously date boys who could have served but did not serve. If you accept that reality, cool, if not-well good luck kicking against the pricks. ------------- A separate question is why should being an RM be a good qualifier for dating material. Well, that is a separate answer, but suffice it to say-yes it is a very good selector.
  15. ??? Why not go on a mission? This I don't understand, someone who doesn't think they are going on a mission (maybe they aren't ready, don't want to sacrifice, believe it's not for them, etc.?) but yet they feel ready for marriage? I've got news for you, if you don't think you can hack being a missionary, then what makes you think you can hack being married? 'Cuz I got news for you being married requires way more work, time, devotion, sacrifice, leadership than a mission could ever require. A mission is prime training grounds for skills that are essential for marriage. "Missionary service is a priesthood duty—an obligation the Lord expects of us who have been given so very much. Young men, I admonish you to prepare for service as a missionary." - President Monson
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_odour_and_sexual_attraction https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200801/scents-and-sensibility It's not that hard . . . take a whiff of dirty clothes. Or if the guy/girl lives alone, their apart. will smell somewhat similar to their BO (if they don't fragrance the place.) Before deodorant, people would identify others by their smell . . .hence the saying "I could smell him a mile away", didn't necessarily have to do with being dirty-it was just a fact of life, even if you bathed regularly.
  17. @anatess2 said it pretty well. My advice; really analyze yourself and commit 100% to whomever it is that you marry. Eliminate any and all outs. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we find a heck of a lot more out about ourselves in marriage than being single . . . "you think you're just fine and then you get married" carries a lot of truth. My biggest piece of advice is to honest to goodness make sure you are not unequally yoked. I harp on it a lot-but there is so much truth to it. You want to find and marry someone who compliments your weakness, and your strengths compliment their weakness. But if you're a 3 on the marriage ritcher scale (however that gets measured) and the person you marry is a 10, chances are you are in for some problems. You want to make sure not just that you "marry over your head", but that your spouse "marries over their head" too! Ultimately, if I come from a broken home, I wouldn't worry about it too much . . .there are plenty of fish in the sea and so what if you can't catch the biggest bass ever, catch a good one that compliments you well and it will work out. Interestingly enough, in general people have a way of sub-conscientiously self-selecting out of these situations; for example people tend (not always but tend) to marry individuals that look similar, i.e. a girl who is physically a 10 generally doesn't marry a guy who is physically a 1-it happens but in general people marry other individuals who are more similar than different. I think this happens in the broken home realm as kids from broken homes self-select out of marriage or marry much later in life. Finally, I know this sounds weird, but I would advise them to ensure that they are either neutral to or actually enjoy the BO of their potential spouse. It's actually another one of my hypothesis that marriage is a lot harder today b/c we mask our BO. Before deodorant, etc. it was one of the natural ways of selecting a mate-if you didn't like their BO-ain't gonna happen. And I think for whatever reason, this was/is our bodies way of giving off naturally occurring pheromones/chemicals and signaling compatibility. Today we mask it so we don't have that signal as to whether or not it would be a naturally good match. I'm not saying go without deodorant . . .only that you should at least know what your spouse smells like (and whether that smell is repugnant, neutral, or good).
  18. Lol . .. well now . .. . Boy if this isn't the typical, petulant millennial response. My 9 year-old gives a better response. Note: the above isn't judgement, it's an observation. Another observation: I have found in my life that those who complain about others judging them are almost always the worst offenders themselves. Do you have kids? (This is judgement) Exhibit A of why this country is going down. You see in the modern day approach, no-one can tell you you are wrong, b/c if you tell someone they are wrong you are "judging". This is the typical BS moral relativism mantra that has infested and indoctrinated this land. Sick, sick, sick. If you don't like what someone says, the correct response is STTE . . .hmm, that's interesting, I don't agree with it but I respect your opinion. Nope, not today. It's WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO JUDGE ME!!!!!!! DON'T TELL ME ABOUT MY FAULTS!!!! I simply make a comment that you are the one who is disregarding scripture you don't like. If it doesn't fit with your notion of what the world should look like-you discard it and then tell anyone who is telling you that you are fitting the scriptures to match your own notion that they are judging you. We are commanded to judge. Unless you are a part of this moral relativism group-God tells us we should judge. https://www.lds.org/ensign/1999/08/judge-not-and-judging?lang=eng 24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. 1 Now these are the words which Jesus taught his disciples that they should say unto the people.2 Judge not unrighteously, that ye be not judged; but judge righteous judgment. --------------------- Dude . . . grow up.
  19. "Every child, with few possible exceptions, is the product of a home, be it good, bad, or indifferent. As children grow through the years, their lives, in large measure, become an extension and a reflection of family teaching. If there is harshness, abuse, uncontrolled anger, disloyalty, the fruits will be certain and discernible, and in all likelihood they will be repeated in the generation that follows. If, on the other hand, there is forbearance, forgiveness, respect, consideration, kindness, mercy, and compassion, the fruits again will be discernible, and they will be eternally rewarding. They will be positive and sweet and wonderful. And as mercy is given and taught by parents, it will be repeated in the lives and actions of the next generation." Gordon B. Hinkley Truth, from a Prophet of God. The above is all I'm saying. If people want to proclaim that divorce is not a product of anger, disloyalty, harshness, etc. then that is cool. I would beg to differ. More likely than not the underlying causes of divorce (anger, harshness, selfishness, disloyalty, abuse, etc.) will be repeated in the next generation. Based on the above, I will advise my children to not marry someone from a broken home. If they choose to disregard that counsel-that is their choice....
  20. Not in this case. We can disagree on the meaning of a scripture, but unless it is changed in the JST as LDS members we don't just say . . .well I don't like this verse and it doesn't count b/c it was written by a well-meaning scribe.
  21. Ah the modern world. Only believe the scriptures verses that support what you want to believe.....the rest don't count. Philosophies of men mingled with scripture.
  22. You know it's one of those things that is so funny; religious people all the time bemoan the current, sad state of affairs in the world. People bemoan divorce rates, disobedient children, lack of respect, etc. in today's society. They seem to think that it just happens and that any prior generations teaching was "bigoted, misogynist, etc". There is a reason why the family was more stable 50 years ago, why divorce rates were lower, children were more obedient,etc. If you want those good things . . .then maybe, just maybe we should adapt the thinking of those in the prior generation. Or we could just keep going the way we are going, ignoring the wisdom of the past.
  23. I understand . . . if one comes from a stable family finding someone who also comes from a stable family is not too hard to match. If it is too hard to match then we are doomed as a society; to come to the point that coming from a broken home is the norm (and it's "too hard" to find someone similar) means we as a society are not living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, this advice I'm giving is old-school advice; I'm not spouting off anything new-it has been around for quite some time. If what you are saying is true, that it is too hard to find, then maybe, just maybe we ought to look at what we are doing as a society-maybe "progress" ain't progress. 50 years ago when divorce was the exception, nobody would bat an eye at my advice, b/c it was the common refrain. But now that divorce is common, everyone is up in arms. What changed? Did the concept of marriage change? or did society's treatment of it change?
  24. Huh?? Where did I say that they have no business getting married? I absolutely think they should get married; I have never said anything opposite. What I said is that I would recommend that my children (who do come from a stable marriage and who aren't getting divorced and anyone who comes from a stable, two-parent family (i.e. a non-broken home)) that they do not married someone who comes from a broken home. Equally yolked. I don't recommend my children and I would advice them to run away from someone of a different race and ethnicity in marriage. Not b/c the other person is bad, but b/c it will mean that they will inherently be unequally yolked. A lot of marriage comes down to compromise and change; coming from vastly different upbringings, will inherently mean that the two individuals in marriage are coming from two different levels. Would you rather start off your marriage like this: A..................................................................................................................................................................................................................B or like this: A................................................B Things will already be naturally challenging b/c men and women are different . . .that is good. How much more difference to you want to introduce into the marriage??? It's something that is mind-boggling to me. People say, oh well, I don't like her/him b/c he's not tall enough, not funny enough, not xyz-a whole bunch of really superficial items. But they don't (or at least we have been taught not to in modern culture) to look at the history, background, upbringing. . . i.e. the deeper things that really DO matter.
  25. You're welcome. Yes indeed, b/c truth is now relative. Instead of relying upon the Word of God to guide us as a society as to what truth is we know rely on man. This all started in the 60s-70s. That is when modern psychology really took over and started infecting society with it's rot. It did it in the raising of children, it did it with homosexuality, it did it with mental illness, it did it with transgenderism, and who knows what's next. Truth is no longer found in God's word but in man's word. And it's infected the Church. We know what the family model God wants looks like, yet how many women pine for working outside the home. We know what God has said about homosexuality, but look at this thread. Truth has become relative even inside the Church (it's not as bad and as a culture we are probably 50 years behind modern culture . . . but just give it time; even the very elect will be deceived. What's even more amazing is with the new normal of gender-fluidity taking place. Miley Cirus, she was straight, then went homo, then went bi and is now back to straight. Okay, so how does that fit in? So for some people attraction is fixed and for some people it isn't; or is it only fixed if you want it to be fixed. Is it only fixed if you are homosexual want to make the claim that nobody can judge you so you claim it is fixed. At what point do you say, enough! what is happening is people are just doing whatever they want to do without any regard to morals and no-one can tell them they are wrong. If that isn't exactly what has happened in the scriptures, if that's not why Ammoniah was burned, why Sodom and Gomorrah were roasted, why God at different points in time brought down hellfire and damnation on cities. . . than I don't know what is. Without God as a compass this is what happens. It is really, really bizarre to see this occur in real-time in my lifetime. It was not like this when I was growing up.