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  1. mirkwood

    Help from our leaders...

    Bob will not be answering your post anytime soon.
  2. mirkwood

    Tyranny of the State

    No you are not alone. There is some real nuttiness going on out there.
  3. mirkwood

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Well...ummmm...I would never do that in my ward.
  4. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    No, I'm the one with the goatee.
  5. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Eric is primarily known as the lead singer of Blue Öyster Cult. He is the one with the sunglasses.
  6. mirkwood

    Return to Church Guidelines

    Guns scare me. So do masks. People with guns and masks really scare me.
  7. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Me and Eric Bloom.
  8. I clicked to check on who to ban.
  9. mirkwood

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    I didn't see my option, so I added it.
  10. mirkwood

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    Yea, because you look a whole lot more like this.
  11. mirkwood


    In years to come, looking back, this is what we will probably say was the correct choice. This is socialism in action (well, not the paying of debt part.)
  12. I looked at the MMB page on occasion. It seemed mostly to be people who wanted to jump up and down in histrionics over the church.
  13. mirkwood

    Update From My Son's Mission

    The sister from our neighborhood that came home from the Phillipines just got reassigned to the Hawaii Temple Square Mission.
  14. mirkwood

    NY Issues Tax Bill to Samaritan's Purse

    I remember years ago when Rush Limbaugh left New York and moved his business to Florida. He talked on air about New York's efforts to continue to tax him even after he was gone.
  15. mirkwood

    Opinions on John Pontius?

    VOG is bad LDS science fiction...barely. That is the only thing, other then some blog posts, by Pontius I've read. He didn't hold my attention. As far as I know Pontius did not have any affiliation with the group Vallow and Daybell are connected with. He also died a few years ago.
  16. d) I don't recall Dale Murphy saying anything against the church in public.
  17. mirkwood

    Hi. My name is dprh and I'm an addict.

    Welcome back!
  18. mirkwood

    Led along by the nose.

    "There is no conspiracy theory in the Book of Mormon –it is a conspiracy fact." Ezra Taft Benson. You would do well to study Secret Combinations in the Book of Mormon and while doing so ask yourself why Mormon included that information in the most correct book on earth.
  19. Nothing wrong with watching sports as a family bonding activity...provided you have met all your other Sunday requirements. If insert other activity replaces church activity you have a problem.
  20. mirkwood

    ThirdHour Political Leaning Questions

    Oh sweet, now I've got you for treason too!
  21. Canada gave us the greatest rock band ever.
  22. Why is he your most popular playlist on iTunes?
  23. The handful of Canadians I know are all pro gun and pro USA. They are also pro socialized medicine.