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  1. Not really. Nearly all the gun owners I know are cool with the idea of private ownership of automatics. Bump stocks are dumb. As mentioned above, you can fire singles very rapidly. You can do this accurately with some practice. This is a 2A win.
  2. There is a reason I don't talk to two of my cousins anymore.
  3. He did do that and it was all horse doo doo. He was backpedaling from a stupid thing he said. He did, but it was all horse doo doo.
  4. Nope, it was a photo op/press release trying to cover up his own "acted stupidly." "not seeing all the facts" "police acted stupidly"
  5. I think the more likely outcome is Biden commutes his son's sentence.
  6. I liked the original the best. TNG was pretty good. DS9 was awful. Voyager was all right. I stopped watching after that series.
  7. Multiple prophets and apostles have/do drink soda with caffeine. If caffeine was a WOW issue do any of you really think they would be consuming it?
  8. I played an RPG called Deadlands for a while. Think haunted western rpg. My character's name was Orin Porter Rockford.
  9. mirkwood


    Wow...what a rational idea.
  10. Pepper spray is pretty effective if it gets into the eyes. Taser failures are typically due to one probe not penetrating. Tasers are sometime effective simply by pulling it out and the subject becoming compliant just from the threat of it being used. If the taser hits properly you aren't fighting anything, you will have complete muscle lock up. Some people are unaffected by pepper spray. I've had one pepper spray failure. That was due to only getting one eye. I've had three partial failures with the taser. Two were due to doing what is called a drive stun where no probes are deployed. Did not have the desired effect. The third I only got one probe in the guy. He had baggy clothing and the second probe got caught up in the clothing.
  11. I've made tostada's with meat.
  12. Uh oh...now it's a tie...
  13. Oh believe me, people really can be that stupid. Just direct traffic once on a crash.
  14. Not really. The most likely explanation is this was an opinion strongly held by Brigham Young that was never canonized because it was an opinion strongly held by Brigham Young.
  15. @Maverick are there any issues with the line of authority passing from Joseph Smith to Brigham Young?
  16. Why do you think those two years are significant?