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  1. Hi im a religious studies uni student and have some questions about Morminism What would you say is the most important quality for a person to poses to be? Seen as good in God eyes? What does the title elder signify within the Mormon religion? How does a person become an elder within the Mormon religion? Do you believe that it is possible for atheists to gain salvation provided that they have tried to live a good and moral life despite the fact they reject the existence of God? Do you view the Mormon church as being a part of Christianity, or a separate and distinct religious faith? Within my research I have come across the term the sons of perdition, to whom or what does this term refer? Outside of the three Mormon kingdoms of heaven is said to be an outer darkness to which the sons of perdition will be sent, is this outer darkness similar to other accounts of hell or something else? As a practicing Mormon does America hold any spiritual or religious value? Polygamy despite being opposed by the Mormon Church since 1890 is still practiced within some communities who still claim to be Mormon, despite the churches practice excommunicating those who have been found to practice it. What is your view of this issue?