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  1. Has no one done one of these tours? I'm looking at Holy Land Tour with Scot & Maurine Proctor | Facebook - holy lands tour or Bountiful Research and Tours 2011 Fall Tour Group for the Book of Mormon - which looks like a little more of an adventure with camping etc. Either one I'd love to hear some feedback on them. thanks
  2. I'm definitely interest in the holy lands side but more interested in the Oman tours. Saudi and Yemen are too dangerous so really just the beginning and end of Lehi's trek. I'm most interested in seeing the bountiful candidates. Anyone been on a bountiful tour?
  3. Has anyone on here done one of these? I've been searching around and can find heaps on the Mesoamerican tours but I'd love to see the Middle East side of the Book of Mormon but would like to hear from someone that's been on one. The are a couple of places offering tours this year. Any thoughts/experiences/advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.