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  1. LiterateParakeet

    1 in 4 Women have abortions

    I agree with those who said they must be including miscarriages. If I count myself and friends I know who have had a miscarriage (or more than one), then those numbers make sense. Women who are sexually assaulted is a similar statistic which again judging by myself and my friends rings true. With the exception of a sister we taught on my mission, and one other sister I met in Alaska, I don't know anyone who has had an abortion. One might say "women don't talk about abortion." The same could be said about sexual assault, and yes women talk about least to other women.
  2. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    @Mores and @Traveler I enjoyed both of your posts. I don think we are very far apart on our ideas about this. Okay, first Mores then Traveler. Mores, I feel the same way about money, but we all have different weaknesses. That's why I like the idea of asking the Lord the question about what we lack, because it can be different for each of us. Like you, I thought I knew what my weaknesses were. On some level, I thought that asking the question might get me some help to overcome these weaknesses. However, when I asked, the answer completely surprised me. For certain, the Lord's ways are not our ways. Asking that question (I gave asked three times and I'm still working on the answers....) was absolutely life changing. That's why I try to encourage others to ask. Traveler, I loved your last two lines. I've never been least in my mind. I know truly wealthy people who don't think they are rich either. I want to ask them what bar they measure by, Bill Gates??? Anyway, in my ignorance, I think that the biggest spiritual hurdle would be the tendency to give yourself the credit for its acquisition. Pride. Of course, pride is also a stumbling block for the poor. That's why I like your last lines...perhaps that is the real issue.
  3. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    @Mores I like your optimism, but I'm dubious. As Traveler said, many struggle with tithing. And how many people do you know that have asked the Lord, "What lack I yet?" There was a Conference talk about it, but I never hear anyone talk about it. I talk to people about it all the time, and not one person has said, "I did it too," or "I will try that." I don't know the reasons, but there it is.
  4. LiterateParakeet

    Missions and cell phones

    It depends on where you live. I've bought shoes for three missionaries (two sons and one daughter) far , and we always buy them online. Yes, once or twice we did need to send them back to get a better size, but these companies understand that and they work with's a no hassle switch. These shoes might not be "cute" but trust me, missionaries are on their feet A LOT....comfort and durability are way more important than "cute factor". Guidelines for Sister Missionary shoes: Shopping
  5. LiterateParakeet

    Soda Tax Simply Didn't Go Far Enough

    They don't have to be. I don't use straws, but my friend and her family do. She uses resuable straws and she has a brush (that came with the straws) to clean, zip it's done. Not a big deal.
  6. LiterateParakeet

    Missions and cell phones

    I think the best gift is a really great pair of shoes. I mean good quality and comfort. Two pairs of these, and then a dresser pair for church if desired.
  7. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    I don't think asking what lack I yet elicits a demand necessarily. For me, it has been a very loving experience of receiving guidance from Heavenly Father. "Endure" means suffer patiently, so given a choice I would rather be lovingly shown my blind spots.
  8. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    Yes! And precisely because we rely on Him, why not ask Him what more we can do to please Him? I don't think we're that far from agreement here.
  9. LiterateParakeet

    Soda Tax Simply Didn't Go Far Enough

    I agree. If the goal is to get people to drink less sod, then education is the key. If you educate them and they still choose to drink soda, then you need to accept their choice. Can you imagine if we tried to tax everything that people do that is harmful or potentially harmful to themselves? On the other hand, I agree with MoE, because that has to do with the environment that we all share. If people want to hurt their own body, that is their business. But hurting the environment effects everyone.
  10. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    Lifetime peak is not something I feel qualified to measure in anyone but myself. Worth bragging about, sure! Pres. Nelson, many of the Apostles, closer to home, my husband's Uncle Bill, a sister in my ward, etc. Unless one has dementia, I see no reason we can't ask "What lack I yet?" and learn and grow from the experience. Perhaps I'm missing your point here, or you are missing mine...I'm not sure but as long as we have the mental capacity and the desire we can always ask the Lord how we can be better. It's closely related to Pres. Nelson's recent admonition to repent daily. He didn't put an age limit on that either.
  11. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    I'm sorry to hear that. My experience has been different. I think that there are others in your situation, but not everyone.
  12. LiterateParakeet

    New California Sex-Ed

    I'm not a fan of sex-ed being taught in school at all. I think that should be left to the families. As a homeschooler, it would be easy for me to say "Well, that doesn't concern me or my family." But that would be unwise, because my kids associate with kids from public school all the time, and I'm sure the kids will be talking about these issues. In the video, the first guy says, (essentially) nothing to worry about, they're just guidelines, we respect families, you can opt might sound reasonable to some....BUT notice when the interviewer presses him a bit. Then it come out that...oh, well, no you can't opt out of your Kindergarten being taught about Gender Identity. I wonder if the interview had been longer and she had time to press him some more what else would have come out. Perhaps this sort of thing (as goes California so goes the nation....that's what I've always been told) is one of the reasons for the emphasis on Gospel Centered Home. Our children are going to need more than a couple hours of church on Sunday to combat this kind of thinking.
  13. LiterateParakeet

    Unleash Your Inner Hero -- to overcome porn

    @The Folk Prophet I chose the article that I shared with you specifically because it pointed out that (like so many things) the researchers don't agree. So not surprising that we here on the board don't agree on this topic either. For me the key is that social scientist are researching it, it's not just someone's (or some group's) opinion. And yet, they can't agree, so maybe that's not so helpful after all. @anatess2 since the researchers disagree, it's not surprising that we might see it differently as well. The research that Brene Brown, and others, have done on shame resonates with me. From her research, there is a difference between guilt and shame, one is helpful and productive, and the other is harmful. That's were I stand on this.
  14. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    Good point. We covenant to do that if asked, but if it were real....I imagine that would be challenging for all of us!
  15. LiterateParakeet

    Rich Young Man

    Maybe mikbone is just having an off day. I wouldn't put read too much into one post.