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  1. LiterateParakeet


    Congratulations to Mrs. Grunt!
  2. LiterateParakeet

    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    I just studied that this morning. The man is Christ, see the footnote- Dan. 10:5. (Chapter heading helps) Christ is also the Iron Rod (see John 1:1 and the chapter heading. Some say the tree is Christ. The message I get from that is that Christ is with us every step of the way.
  3. LiterateParakeet

    Oregon Woman sues Church for reporting abuse

    I don't think all sex offenders are pedophiles though. I've read many reports of boys (perhaps girls too) watching porn and then experimenting on other children, particularly siblings. I work with teen sex offenders, I definitely think they can be treated, but I don't think they are pedophiles.
  4. LiterateParakeet

    Oregon Woman sues Church for reporting abuse

    I work with teenage sex offenders, and we work under that assumption, i.e. that they can change. I see wonderful growth in our boys, so I am encouraged. As with anything, our attitudes, habits etc are more firmly ingrained and harder to change. All that to say, I agree with you.
  5. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I'm with you on that! My hubby and I always buy used vehicles and drive them until they die....of until I get in an accident with a drunk driver (which was how a beloved minivan died.)
  6. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I agree. It seems like sometimes people look back on the past as "the good 'ole days" as if they were perfect, but I agree with you...there is good and bad in every generation. And it will be so until the Millennium. More and more though I find myself following in the footsteps of Pres. Hinkley and Pres. Monson and feeling more and more optimistic about the day we live in. We are not without our problems to be sure, but once again, as a woman, I'm glad to be on earth now. I love this and agree. Congratulations on 45 yers, by the way. My husband and I just reached 25 last year. Your analogy about fixing broken things is spot on, I might have to use that some time!
  7. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    If anyone is interested, this is fascinating, IMO. I felt validated, and learned things I didn't I found this while looking for something else, serendipity. The Women's Revolution - BYU Kennedy Center
  8. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    LOL! I agree. I think the Lord, and His church are generally ahead of the times when it comes to treatment of women. And I think as we learn, what the Lord intends for us, we get better and better. I agree with this as well. I'm glad I live now and not in the 1950s, but that doesn't mean that I think it was universally bad. I mean they had great music, poodle skirts and Fonzi! Just kidding.
  9. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    @Traveler remember I am speaking in general terms...not just the church (although I think we could both make our points with examples both in and out of the church.). Did you see PC's thread about the different ratios of women vs men in college? One of the reasons given why there are more young women in college now is that they have more opportunities. About marriage, I'm glad your grandmothers were blessed, but that was not the norm, it's not even true across the board today, though we have come a long way (which is my point.) Let's say for a moment you are right though....then why the nostalgia about the 1950s if things are the same?
  10. LiterateParakeet

    Female v. Male College Ratios

    Prisonchaplain, I think it's a good question. You've sparked my curiosity. I'll do some digging and let you know if I find anything. ETA: I found this article, but likely you already knew this, and it doesn't really answer your question about BYUs stats are different. I'll ponder some more. Meanwhile here's the article:
  11. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    Nope. I wasn't thinking of being Career Woman. I was thinking of two things: decision making in the couple and education. In the 1950's it appears that decisions in a couple were made in "executive" fashion, i.e. the man made the decisions. Today, things tend to be much more egalitarian, couples make decisions by consensus. Which is the Lord's way, that men and women work together, different roles, yes, but both having equal value in the partnership. Education for women in the 1950's was mostly home education, and passing time until they got married. Today women have many more opportunities for education. You might be thinking, "That's what, i said--careers." But education isn't just about getting a career. Women can use their talents and their education in many ways both in and outside of the home. Besides as you know, kids eventually grow up and leave the home...which is another great time for a woman to use her time, talents and education. Like you, I value the role of mothers. I would wish for every child to have a stay at home mom, but that isn't always possible. However, there are other factors that effecting families....cohabitation and divorce are big ones affecting our society today. And yes, I was speaking in general terms.
  12. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    No, quite the opposite actually. I was thinking that the wonderful, respectful relationship that I have with my of mutual respect...could not have existed in the 1950s. I love being a mom...I wouldn't trade it for anything. But at the same time, I am grateful that I live in a time, place and culture that gives me opportunities to develop all the talents the Lord has blessed me with. I didn't marry until I was 28, and I seriously thought that perhaps I would not have that opportunity in this life. I worked in corrections at the time, and one of our wardens was a woman. It was exciting to know that if I couldn't have my first be a wife and mom, there were many other things I could do. Since Pres. Nelson's talk Spiritual Treasures in the last Conference I have been studying and understanding so much more about my place in God's plan. Right now, is a great time to be alive, especially for women in our church. I wouldn't trade it! I'm sorry you had that experience.
  13. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    We live in a fallen world. The lifestyle of the 1950s was not the Lord's way. What is happening today is not the Lord's way. Somethings have gotten worse, other things have gotten better. As a woman though, I am so grateful I live now and not the 1950s. Going back to the 1950s lifestyle is not the solution to our present issues.
  14. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    The better solution is the Lord's way where the husband and wife are equals. That was not the case in the 1950's.
  15. LiterateParakeet

    The Glory of Men is the Woman

    I agree and don't forget the "wink and a nod" to domestic violence.