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  1. He stated he is a male. And he was a new person responding to dissenting opinions from four other people. I think the math is just fine. I agree with what he said.
  2. LiterateParakeet

    Kneeling Congress

    Actually, the Black people, generally speaking, are calling the out on it.
  3. LiterateParakeet

    LAPD Budget

    Carb, this is the second time (in two times) that I have responded to you trying to be helpful and your response has been annoyed. Do you have a problem with me, or is there something else going on here? I wasn't aware that i was the second person to point this out...I didn't read the whole thread. Vort tagged me and I responded....trying to be helpful. When I did a search to find the youtube video (to be helpful), I saw a headline from Fox News that talked about protesters storming city hall. I specifically mentioned Fox in my post because it seemed more polite to suggest THEY were exaggerating the situation, than to put that on you. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Again...I meant to help. I don't understand why you would automatically assume otherwise. To quote you, "I thought you had a higher option of me than that."
  4. LiterateParakeet

    LAPD Budget

    I also live in a suburb, about 45 minutes drive from Seattle. I seldom go into Seattle. But I did hear about this on the local news last night. I think "storm" is an exaggeration (by Fox News). Because storm, to me implies violence and chaos. But yes, thy are protesting in city hall. Apparently someone who had a key let them in. They are standing about with signs. (sorry the video is posted twice...same video. I don't know how to fix it and I have to run.) (Fixed ~ mirk)
  5. LiterateParakeet

    Rejoice With Me! Two Milestones Almost Reached

  6. LiterateParakeet

    Faked Protests

    Yes, I think the question is who is actually doing the rioting and looting and why? I'm not real clear on that right now. Here's an article I just saw... "‘Damn Shame’: Pittsburgh Police Chief Says White Males Dressed In Anarchist Attire Hijacked George Floyd Protests Downtown"
  7. LiterateParakeet

    Faked Protests

    Here is a news clip of a peaceful protester talking about her frustrations about anachists creating chaos.
  8. LiterateParakeet

    Faked Protests

    I saw several reports about this tonight as well.
  9. LiterateParakeet

    Faked Protests

    Yes, that is what Forbes is reporting now as well: "Mayor says he was incoreect in saying every person arrested in Minneapolis protests was from out of state"
  10. LiterateParakeet

    Mormon Enigma

    Its definitely recent. Much appreciated, but recent. I don't have a problem with it, but I know it has been a stumbling block for some so I'm glad the church has addressed it.
  11. LiterateParakeet

    Societal Fabric

    So sorry for your loss, Carb.
  12. When I think of anxiety, I think of mental anguish. I think it could go together with faith in the sense of Ether FAITH the Lord can help us overcome our weaknesses (i.e. anxiety). I used that scripture to work with the Lord to build faith and overcome a weakness. It was a wonderful experience. Another way I can see faith and anxiety (mental anguish) go together is by using prayer and scripture study as a form of mindfulness. There is a great book that explains it well called The Power of Stillness: Mindfulness for Latter-day Saints. Mindfulness is great for anxiety.
  13. LiterateParakeet

    No Talk of Miracles

    Carb, a couple thoughts that come to my mind...first miracles don't convert...Laman and Lemuel were rebuked by an angel and it hardly phased them. Second, you want to be careful that you don't inadvertently place yourself between an individual and the Lord. By sharing a miraculous experience (without the approval of the Holy Ghost) you may unintentionally come between the person you shared with and the Lord, I mean, in the future, they might have a question and come to you because they deem you "so spiritual" rather than seeking answers for themselves. That said, I believe we do have miracles, I have experienced them, and when the Holy Ghost moves us, they are given to strengthen believers. So there is a time to share, it should just be guided by the Spirit.
  14. So which pervert Chihuahua Rat dog do we vote for?
  15. LiterateParakeet

    The Slow Return to "Normal"

    California makes it pretty difficult from what I hear, but it is still possible.