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  1. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    Me too! Thanks for posting this.
  2. LiterateParakeet

    Home Schooling: Time to Jump In?

    As a homeschooler of almost 20 years, choosing the curriculum and educational philosophy our family will use has been one of the main reasons we homeschool. I love it. I love Thomas Jefferson Education (with it's focus on classics and critical thinking), Life of Fred for Math (amazing!) and Moving Beyond the Page for Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.. We also participate in co-ops, groups, clubs...etc. I mention this just to point out that most homeschoolers do no do school at home all day the way everyone is temporarily right now. The downside has been the stress....I always worry that I will FAIL my children somehow. But I have four children who are old enough to go to college and three have done so and are doing well (the fourth has his own plans). We have been blessed by homeschooling. My family is close, my kids are friends. I have no regrets. @MormonGator has met my daughter (she and I had a great time meeting him and @LadyGator) last year. They can vouch that she is not socially awkward (which used to be the first question people asked me about homeschooling...."What about their socialization?")
  3. LiterateParakeet

    Times of the Gentiles

    I've said this before...but in case you didn't see it (forgive the repetition), there is only one thing I am sure about when it comes to revelation - and that is that we will likely be surprised we see how it is fulfilled. I always thought the moon turning to blood would be a huge event, news casters talking about it, scientists studying, people talking...basically like Coronavirus. And yet it happened, and no one noticed. We wouldn't even know it happened if Pres. Hinckley hadn't told us! (And some Latter-Day Saints missed that too....not a criticism, just saying it wasn't even a big discussion among church members.) What I take from all this is to keep my mind and heart open, read the scriptures and ponder how the prophesies might occur, but don't get too attached to my own ideas. AND listen CLOSELY to everything the Prophet says. To my knowledge there has never been a time like this when all the temples were temporarily closed, missionaries coming home, and everyone meeting in their own homes. Yes, I think this means something about the Last Days! I'm not sure what...but I'm rereading Pres. Nelson's talks, following His counsel, and looking forward to General Conference (another first?) in a week and a half. We live in exciting, scary and interesting times.
  4. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    I'm in Washington state. We just started a "stay at home" order. So for two weeks, I would guess that means no weddings or funerals.
  5. LiterateParakeet

    All foreign missionaries coming home?

    Oh, that sounds awful. I feel dor them. Glad your son is coming home safely.
  6. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    More missionary stuff...
  7. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    Great minds think alike.
  8. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    If there is one thing I have learned, it's that prophesy is not always fulfilled in the ways we think it will be. For example, the moon turning to blood. I thought that would be something EVERYONE would notice, it would be on the news and everyone would marvel at it. And yet, it happened, and no one noticed. The only reason I know it happened is because Pres. Hinckley told us that it did!!! So, I dnn't claim to know if our current situation fulfills the prophesy about missionaries being called might, it might not, without some word from the Prophet or personal revelation (which I wouldn't share cause I'm ot the prophet and that wouldn't be my place) I can't say. I share this as food for thought...
  9. LiterateParakeet

    Movies you like that no one else does

    Oh and Swing Kids. Its one of my favorites. Its historical fiction about World War II. So tragic and beautiful. Most people I talk to have never heard of it.
  10. LiterateParakeet

    The COVID thread

    Ours is asking for volunteers so the aenior missionaries can quarantine, and they can still serve.
  11. LiterateParakeet

    Sacrament at home prep

    My husband and boys did, and a friend posted a picture of her family before their home church, their were white shirts and ties.
  12. Wow, God is good! I'm glad that your son has what he needs to be wherever the Lord needs him to be.
  13. LiterateParakeet

    Movies you like that no one else does

    OH MG, The Black Cauldron? Seriously? You need to see more movies! I only vaguely remember that movie. Saw it once, hated it. BUT, but, best "book friend" talked me into reading the Lloyd Alexander books the movie was based on. The books are wonderful. If you love the movie, you are sure to love the books. Have you read them? Signs. I love Signs, doesn't everyone? My favorite scene is when Mel Gibson and his brother and running around the house trying to scare "an intruder". The brother is swearing, and Mel Gibson's character is saying, "I'm really angry" and sounding ridiculous. LOL. Sometimes you gotta bring out the power words. LOL! I haven't see the others but so far you are one for two, so I don't know if that's a good rec for the others or not, LOL! Adding to the list? I thought everyone loved the same movies I do, but then I thought everyone loved's test this.. some of my most favorites are It's a Wonderful Life, Amazing Grace, My Life (with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman), Family Man (Nicholas Cage), and Blast From the Past. Wait, maybe I don't want to know if other people don't love these. What plot holes in Signs? No, no, don't tell me. I don't want to know.
  14. LiterateParakeet

    Movies you like that no one else does

    You're a better man than I am.
  15. LiterateParakeet

    What are other congregations doing about Church

    Yep, every parent knows that daycare and nurseries are breeding grounds for all sorts of illnesses to be passed around.