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  1. 1) Raising child on your own. Picture your worst day. You have flu, still have to work. Small child. 2) artificial insemination expensive, lots of failures. chances of success 10-15% per cycle. Success rates drop as you get older. 3) Children are not pets. They do not always love you. They do not always do what you say. Teenage years can be very difficult. God has asked us not to do this. Maybe He is right? All people have their quirks. Even nice people. Having two parents helps to buffer. But now you have just one parent. That one parent’s quirks can really be a problem. For a child, living with one parent...and their quirks can be a prison sentence.
  2. I just think the above social worker bit is so funny. Reminds me of when I was a speech pathologist. I knew the exercises but I was aweful at interacting with anyone especially parents.
  3. Hoping to eat more sausages? Is there a sausage limit in the wow?
  4. Most women want children. If you want..say 3, you need to get moving on this. Not many sisters in the church would be comfortable with having one or two children. Most want more.
  5. Dear B.cole2, I promis things will get better! You need to be careful about renting out rooms, as of course you know!, even to sister in the church. Perhaps start by talking to friends at church? Sometimes returned sister missionaries are a good bet? My sister, no church member, rents out to female students. She has never had a problem. But we are in Canada, so we are like flat ginger ale in terms of personality.
  6. I don’t know but my parents are from Glasgow. Knife fights are a tradition.
  7. Sensible advice! I will reread this advice often. Actually I am going to print this out and carry it in my purse. Very sensible! No plants...mold but maybe an silk flower. Now tht’s A great idea! THANK YOU! Kinda funny. I can call my EAP help line anytime. You always get a fresh counselor. I was trying to think about rules for my family. I thought that maybe my brother who is a bit autistic might be ok to allow to stay. (I love autistic people ❤️). But my sisters are dangerous. My younger sister once took a family member’s toothbrush and rubbed it under the rim of the toilet. My older sister, although, I have sent her about 10-15 k and consistently subsidized her airfare, takes things that she does not think that I will notice. Poor counselor (social worker) had a melt down. Anyone wonder why I joined our church?
  8. Drinks made from grains are very soothing. Caffeine has its uses but if you can avoid, well maybe you should.
  9. If you are actively trying to have premature relations with someone that you do not know very well...are you a really a member of the church? I had the same experience when I was dating...also every single man, every single, yes every single, no exceptions, even those who currently held important callings, yes every single, no exceptions, not even one but...I realized that they were not really with the gospel. Tourists. By the way, one of these gentleman went on to serve as a branch president. He is now a lovely person and his wife likes me. So yeah people turn around.
  10. My life would have been much poorer without the opportunity to make friends with young married women, and loser sisters. Attending a family ward allowed me to see positive examples of married life. Also as a teenager, I had seen many positive male role models. The ability to see men treating their wives well was invaluable.
  11. I once rented an apartment in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. At the time, a large industry had just closed. Suddenly the market was flooded with high grade rental properties. I rented a two bathroom, two bedroom apartment with cedar walls and finishes. It smelt fantastic. It had a free gym. Free parking and I forget what else. I paid very little. I thought that I was a real estate genius. Then I moved to another city and the rental market experience changed dramatically. If you are a male member of the church, be grateful. You live in a different world.
  12. If the Democrats elect Mike Pence, they deserve to lose. Not that Trudeau’s recent behaviour can be excused. The next Canadian election should be interesting.
  13. @zil Thank you! Further progress! Tracking down a dietitian! Also have somethings to give away . Rollerblades (That’s not happening anymore!) Very nice church theology books by Ridges, etc. Have arranged with a nice sister that I will gradually leave a few things at a time just inside an alcove just in side church doors. Progress!
  14. I need to change my behaviour. My counselor is horrified by my family’s behaviour. I have to change.
  15. Sad. How do I explain to family. ‘You cannot stay at my home.’ Therapist says use ‘broken record technique’ eg I think that you would be more comfortable at ‘younger sister’. I realize that I have a compulsion to be kind. This compulsion is ruining my life.
  16. Liberty: Why restrict the freedom of other’s? Many people’s lives are made more bearable by small things. In my town, people have a white concrete goose on their front lawn. The goose is dressed according to the weather, seasons and for holidays. It makes them happy. Small things increase happiness and help others get through the day. Be kind. Be accepting. Allow people to express themselves.
  17. Autoimmune. Not allowed so much as a fish.
  18. Not doubting you...’It is the greatest state though‘ but why?
  19. I met a young woman whose source of income was producing buildings in minecraft. She was happy because she had just sold a building for $200.
  20. Can we get the names of the 5 deviants? These things should be reported.