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  1. I wish that I was allowed a pet. My doctors forbid all pets even fish. I need to find a neighbor with a dog that needs walking!
  2. I went to the computer and looked st the connector.
  3. Have changed locks. My younger sister sent info on my mother’s medications and doctor info. Very complicated. I am not going to be able to deal with the complications of this. I can’t manage my own complicated health regime. My older sister will expect to stay at my house when she visits from out of town. I will not be able to have her in my house. My younger sister has a spare bed but house will be crowded. War is about to begin. Very unpleasant. My therapist has recommended a friendly Protestant church. I did not go as I am frantically trying to keep up with work. I wish that I had gone. Lonely. My sisters will do their best to make my life hell.
  4. Let me get this right. Harley’s and Canadian bacon/pineapple go together? 🤔
  5. 15. Counted twice! @JohnsonJones
  6. Fake dossier? Now before we go down this road....what publication are we quoting from? Standard news organization? Economist, New York Times, Atlantic, WSJ? If not, let’s drop the subject. By the way I no longer consider CNN, NBC or Fox to be journalists.
  7. 🤢 Gag. I can’t critize too much though because some wretched Canadian is claimed as the Father of the Hawaiian pizza monstrosity. Mind you, I did just see an advertisement for a beet burger. Intriguing!
  8. @AbramM So glad that you are here! Um..Why is OK, God’s country? Sparsely populated places are sometimes referred to as God’s country. Is the assumption that God prefers fewer people? In which case, how about Baffin Island? I have friend working there. One problem. Hard to find a bush to provide privacy for private functions. Flat, no vegetation. Embarasing problem.
  9. @Traveler. Thanks! May be time to invest!
  10. Give Bush II his due. He saved the International Banking system by bailing out the banks. We owe him.
  11. Could not agree more! Can CNN and NBC possibly be that stupid? Do they really not understand how impeachment works? Do they not get that there is a country to run and that having politicians focused on impeachment rather than running the country is an extremely dangerous distraction? If you do not like the party or president in power, start working on the next election. Focusing on impeachment because an unpleasant person has been elected is childish. Get over it. You lost the election. Move on. I stopped watching CNN and NBC. I feel insulted by their lack of respect for the intelligence of their viewers.
  12. Absolutely! A perversion of the most devilish strain. Must be wiped out! Bonfire of the Vanities! Where is my rack and thumbscrews?
  13. I love anchovies! I used to eat them on crackers!!!!! And they make anchovy paste! Shot straight into the mouth!!!!
  14. Dear @B.cole2 So sorry to hear this! Sending love your way! Got to say. Returned to church after my divorce. Never experienced the smallest crumb of criticism from ANYONE. Never. NOT EVER. Not a snicker. Not a frown. Not a sideways glance. Nothing. In a decade of attending church with a wide variety of people. Served in all kinds of positions: ward, stake, temple. US and Canada. I received total and complete acceptance from everyone without exception:male and female. Even those weird people from Utah (Just kidding! Total love ❤️). I was received with open arms by every living person even those who hate virtually everyone on the planet. Total love fest. Bishops, Stake Presidents and RS presidents accepted me unreservedly. My ward by the way has the reputation for being cold, cliquish and full of backbiting and the least friendly ward in the stake! - maybe...not my experience! No one, not even the people who criticize everyone, ever criticized me for being divorced or for anything! Total and complete acceptance from every living soul!
  15. Good news! I may get a ministering sister! I called my former bishop’s wife and she feels that this can be arranged! Very happy 😊 Things are getting better!
  16. @Mores Thank you. Our programs, like ministering do not function. My poor RS president is a transplant recipient who if her doctor’s knew that she had such a stressful role would have a fit. i have been having free EAP counselling from work. That is about 5 sessions. After that ends, I would have to pay. I spend a ton on health care. The medications that I use are new and thus not covered by the usual sources. I cant enter the church building but I am going to start my own social activities by inviting sisters to movies etc. I am going to make friends with the new SA rep. My counselor has suggested a church that is warm and welcoming and I am going to attend this Sunday. Fingers crossed.
  17. @without_you I sympathize with your friend. The choice for women in the church can be stark. There ratio of women to men is something like 3:2 in their twenties. But then there is the situation of the child. Mom super busy career and no dad. That’s a tough situation as well. In the part of the world where I live, church programs are limping along. We don’t really run programs like ministering. It would be closer to the truth to say that we pretend to run programs. As most members are nonUSA residents, my guess is that many if not most of the church strives to provide services but does not function as per the Utah model. My guess is that for many if not most church locations, life is a struggle. My local temple operates by the Grace of God. Only Faith, at extreme levels, allows my temple to operate. When I returned to church after many years of inactivity, I suggested to my bishop that I adopt a child. The bishop, a commmander in the Canadian police looked as though he would have a heart attack. Your friend’s struggle is like trying to buy a house in Manhattan. Too much demand. Too little supply. Operating your life from the perspective of ‘I have this need. I want to fill it’ is not congruent with the needs of the church. If the single women of child bearing age decided to have children as single moms, what would happen to the church?
  18. @SpiritDragon Thanks! What a mess! Our governments certainly provide entertainment.
  19. I have an illness so I have spent some time thinking about euthanasia. For me personally, there have been some hopeful health developments. I realize however from taking care of a relative with dementia that euthanasia is likely the only option for many single childless people. My country does not support euthanasia in cases of dementia which makes an even earlier termination with no help from the medical profession more of a requirement.
  20. Ok Military helicopters. One party, maybe the right wing party I am not sure, wanted to buy some helicopters. This party lost a confidence vote in parliament so an election was called. The Center-left party won and immediately bought those helicopters. @SpiritDragon Did I get this right? Or am I misrembering the helicopter scandal?
  21. Thank you! But I am now entering a state of war. I will not be able to have my sisters enter my house. They are very vengeful. I may be serving food to the homeless at Xmas. Actually now that I think of this, I would far rather do this then spend time with my sisters! My sisters are fine but only if you do exactly what they say. Step out of line and there is nothing that they will not do.
  22. No I do not think that Republican Party members are trying to repress the voting patterns of those with opossing views. But politicians of any political view trying to manipulate voting patterns? Yes I do believe this. As someone who lived In a nation’s capital, the political parties of any political stripe will move heaven and earth to manipulate any part of the system to increase their chances of election. And how will political parties do this? Change voting boundaries, commit fraud to direct opposition voters to the wrong location (Happened recently in Canada), buy alcohol for voters in exchange for votes (1970s Nova Scotia), invent scandals and don’t get me started on military helicopters. You don’t want to hear about those helicopters!