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  1. Yep, you are right. Found a graph of ratings: Fox on top, then NBC then CNN.
  2. Yep. CNN has not behaved well as the Yahoo article makes clear. Over the top exaggerations and wild speculations not based in reality. Mind you, the CNN business model has been a financial bonanza. CNN’s market share has increased dramatically.
  3. I think impeachment is off the table. Impeachment is a political process. The reprentatives from both parties would have to vote for impeachment. There will never be sufficient support for impeachment. So the left is stuck with Trump for at least the rest of his term and...possibly for another term. Trump has support. Regardless of his behaviour, people prefer him to the democrats. I wonder if the Democrats might gain more support if they moved closer to the Center? One of the challenges is getting the left voters to the polls. As I understand it, US employers are not required to allow workers sufficient time off to vote. Voter registration seems to require effort on the part of voters rather than the government handling the process as occurs in Canada. However, changes to laws that increase voting among lower incomes is unlikely to occur under the Republicans. The US may be Red for sometime to come...unless a right wing 3rd party candidate appears.
  4. @Godless Thank you for posting. Great article. Great suggestions in article. The media needs to calm down. Armageddon is declared on a daily basis. I sometimes wonder what goes on in those media offices. Have you ever seen the comedy sketch about a rock star arriving for a business meeting with his record company? As the rock star enters the building, he is in a rage, swearing and spitting. When he arrives in his manager’s office, the door closes and the rock star suddenly transforms into a normal person. He and the manager calmly discuss finances and other practical matters and end by exchanging pleasantries. The rock star leaves the office and immediately returns to being a swearing and spitting thug. Is something similar going on in newsrooms? Is there a director coaching the media stars to behave more and more aggressively? Make more spurious allegations? Has tv news become a circus with a lion tamer demanding frenetic behaviour from the news stars? I can’t listen to a lot of us news any more. I do not believe that the world is ending. I am tired of the hysteria. Mind you. I once had a job compiling news clippings. The Canadian equivalent of the Wall Street Journal made many completely erroneous predictions and was routinely totally off base. The predictions never came to pass and the paper never excused/apologized or ever adddressed their past mistakes. The paper repeatedly lionized companies that fell into bancrupcy a year later and adored tycoons who went to jail a year later. The articles were so routinely off base that you could have made good money short selling any company that the paper championed. Do you remember Mark Twain’s short story about journalism? Very apt!
  5. As a lefty, I was very disappointed in the reporting of CNN and NBC. Both networks suggested that There was a strong case for impeachment which anyone with an understanding of the process knew to be highly unlikely.
  6. She is also the RS teaching wizard! She coached me through teaching in RS when my knowledge of church doctrine fit neatly inside a small thimble with room to spare.
  7. Beautifully explained! Thank you!
  8. Thank you so much! The pieces fit together. Many thanks!
  9. By the way, I went to my therapist today. I took emails from my family. My therapist told me to: chnage locks on my doors tell my family to take a flying leap. Screen my calls Set boundaries! Thank you for your encouragement! ❤️
  10. Yeah! Thank you Genius Computer Queen! I shall try tomorrow as it is late here! Many thanks!
  11. Dear Zil, Thank you so much! Is this a video-out jack?
  12. Sorry, I explained badly! I have an old monitor that takes these devices. I would like to hook up my laptop. The laptop is a couple of years old. Is everyone like me? Do we all have a small warehouse of computer parts hanging out in basements and offices?
  13. Additional question! Does anyone know what this type of ending is called? I have an old monitor which takes these types of attachments. If I knew what these things were called, I might be able to search for a USB and one of these combinations. Thank you! Or it might be time to buy another monitor!
  14. Do any of you smart people know what this type of computer cord ending is called?
  15. My parents refused to allow my older sister to wear jeans to school so she would change her clothes in the backyard in full view of 6 families of neighbors. None of the neighbors mentioned a thing. I guess they felt for my sister.
  16. @LiterateParakeet How interesting! Any other cool facts? How great that you are studying something so interesting!
  17. I live in Canada. The weather in some of the cities that I have lived in can kill you. I have lived in cities in which the high for the day was -40 C. Still see kids walking around with unzipped coats. Pick your battles.
  18. Hi @Alemmedial. Not active either but find this forum to be very supportive!
  19. One of my church friends has agreed to talk to one of my sisters. I am going to try to ask my older sister to stay with my other sister if she comes to town. I can baracade the front door (I have a secret exit out the back) until I get the lock changed and eventually get a number lock for the front. I think I am at an end with my sisters. I just can’t stand them any more.
  20. @JohnsonJones Thnk you! I really appreciate your kindness. I might start, if I am well enough, by attending an outdoor picnic. That might be a start. Thanks.
  21. Further to plans to protect myself and home. i have arranged to get a numbered access pad for my home. If my house gets trashed, I can at least close off access afterwards. i have watched a video on how to install a lock on my office. I can avoid identity theft and put some valuables in the office
  22. I am not sure about my status. Here is my story. For a decade, I was a super dedicated member. Ask the sisters that I ministered to. They are still my friends. I started getting sicker and sicker. I have a genetic autoimmune disorder. For the whole 10 years, I have had false promptings. I made a lot of very bad decisions based on these promptings. So now I have a serious illness and I can’t believe anything that God says to me. My chapel has had a lot of flooding. I and a number of others can’t enter the building. The next nearest church building is too far to drive given my disability. i think that I am done. I have nothing against church people. Yes some people have behaved badly but in any organization this is to be expected. My stake president is a habitual liar (but hard working and dedicated. He targets converts with no family in the church. He needs counselling.) I was sexuality assaulted at church twice. Same person. Two months apart. Reported it. Nothing done. Other sisters not warned. My friends in the church are wonderful people. They are still my friends. i find it hard to believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. I think Jesus would have put in a reporting system. My stake Pres did some bad stuff but I cannot report him. It became clear to me that Nephi’s promise of there always being a way to live the commandments was not true for me. I tried though. I am very conscientious and I really did my best.
  23. Sounds great! Also I hear that the net worth of the average Australian is approx twice the net worth of a Canadian. Intriguing!
  24. I have an EAP plan at work. I spoke to a counselor there and he told me to move to another town to get away from my family.
  25. Telling my sister’s ‘No’ is dangerous. I will have to get a locksmith. I would almost be tempted to let them trash my house but for the identity theft risk.