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  1. I always suspected
  2. My doctors fear that changes in barometric pressure trigger migraines.
  3. I went to one of my many specialists today and she said, ‘Why don’t you move to Nevada or Arizona? ‘ I was slightly stunned. 😔 I might be able to go to one of these states for June, July and August. I could stay in a student residence. I need Great a/c and internet. I don’t suppose anyone knows of a great student residence in Arizona or Nevada?
  4. I would like to point out that I genuinely like both of you! @zil @Carborendum If you feel that my ‘liking’ is excessive, stop being so likeable!
  5. My SP once suggested that we try to ‘earn’ a temple by wearing out the carpet at our local temple...which is quite brilliant really. You really can’t lose with a suggestion like that.
  6. How to summon any male in the house, Turn on drill.
  7. @mirkwood Ahhh! I thought that I was safe between ‘Fake USA Thanksgiving’ and Christmas!
  8. Probably the Rust Belt town difference.
  9. @dahlia I would not get too fussed about the food thing. There is a story about an apostle happily eating rum cake and saying, The Word of Wisdom is only about drinking! So if you like coffee cake, feel free!
  10. took away my ❤️! Otherwise I would ❤️ you to death! Death Canadian style!
  11. I was out of the bowling alley so fast, I did not look around! Have you ever been somewhere that just felt evil? We have Legion Halls here that are just ‘shudder’.
  12. @Alia Welcome! Wow. Tricky situation! I guess my first stop would be my bishop and the temple. many people need work to remain stable. I wonder if your husband is in this category? Some people just don’t have the self discipline and emotional stability to look after children. Is your husband in this category? I would see if you can manage to stick it out at work while finding out if your husband has some mental instability issues. I wonder if the bishop has any thoughts?
  13. Thanksgiving was over a month ago! What’s wrong with the the OP’s calendar? 🦃
  14. @KScience. You are not being silly. This is a big deal. Document everything. Times and dates. Call HR first thing Monday morning. Send an email subsequent to the phone call. CC your superior. Document everything. Follow up midweek. HR should know that you take this matter very seriously. Cc your superior on everything. Keep on top of this.
  15. I witnessed the high unemployment and the consequent desperation & despair of my first cousins in the 70s in Scotland. As time went on, the economy improved and what a difference in the lives of my family. When you make drastic changes quickly, you can really destroy the economy. Unemployment is a tragedy. I remember when the Soviet Union fell apart and economists were recommending a ‘Big Bang’ for Russia. I had many friends and family who were academic economists. I attended a lot of talks held for Russian factory owners who came to Universities begging for investors. Not long after that the Mafia took over the factories. I spent a lot of time with Russian academics bemoaning the mess that had been made of their country. Economies are fragile. Tread carefully.
  16. Now hang on! You are about to become a famous member writer and we have already pledged to love whatever you write! Where is that Manuscript?
  17. Isn’t the author one of us? No hate towards successful member writers and...people have told me that the series is PG.
  18. Ugh! It’s snowing! And I still have outdoor painting to do! Must plan summer vacation to help me through the winter. Where do you think that you would like to go? Me: Toronto. Royal Ont Museum and dinosaurs! Must see dinosaurs! What about you?