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  1. Dear August, You have the right to ask and get help. At some points in our lives, we all need a crutch. That does not mean that you are going to use the crutch forever, just until the leg heals. It is weak to use a crutch when you have broken your leg? No, it is a temporary measure until the leg heals. Call that bishop once a week until he arranges a ride for you. Furthermore, and I speak as one who has served in the relief society presidency more than once, when you can not afford to pay for LDS counseling, it is up to the ward to pay for it. That's what all that fast offering is for! What's more, we are all needy-desperate at some point in our lives. Just imagine how we will be just before we cash in our chips...we will be very reliant on other people to do things for us. This is part of the cycle of life and there is nothing to be ashamed of! As a member of the church, you have the right to receive help and if your bishop does not know this, then the relief society president or stake president should. We are all operating out of the same manuals...or have these people decided to start their own religion? Ridiculous!
  2. You have been through a series of horrible experiences! None of which are your fault..oh dear. The hardest thing for me to learn to accept is that one can be living the gospel as hard as you can and things still go wrong. Hard as it is to swallow, that's part of the plan. Even the best people get unbelievable trials. On a more practical note, the neighboring ward is probably just really disorganized. I would try calling the local family history center and getting the stake president's name and number and call there. After that try the relief society president. Hard as it is to believe some bishops, stake presidents etc are just unbelievably disorganized. We are praying for you!
  3. if your parents are still married! and never need to renew their vows!
  4. People tell you the plot of their favorite t.v. show and you can bearly believe that they watch such a thing! You can't read fashion magazines because of the "life-syle" articles. Your friends put on a comedy night to raise money for charity and you smile and buy a ticket but never attend.
  5. Quick and easy. Scriptures and prayer before bed. Huge picture of Jesus right in your line of sight from bed. Say to yourself, "I am choosing not to do this". Talk to yourself. Now, I am going on the computer. I am going to look at this site but not at that site. All the best,
  6. Dear Sister, Going back is always the answer. Medication is part of the answer. I would go along to the church building and wait outside for him. There are a lot worse things than being disciplined by the church, like not being disciplined by the church! Deep breaths all round. Hold his hand. Tough situation for you. You are in my heart,
  7. Dear Friends, I share the teaching of a Young Adult Sunday school class. My friend has the calling but she is overstressed so she is often out of town and asks me to fill in. One of the students is disruptive. I have talked to both parents and they remind me of her chronic health problems. Fair enough but through observation, I would say that the student enjoys control, perhaps because she can not control the health problems. The mother has said that we should talk to the student but the student fully knows that she is disruptive and enjoys being so. I feel like declining to help my friend by taking this class...but my friend would be sad. I doubt that anyone else would take this class. The Sunday school president's testimony is shaky so he does not want any trouble. Personally, I feel that if your child is disruptive in class on an on-going basis, and this the case regardless of teacher, then you get to have said child sitting right next to you in your Sunday school class. I have obtained a small victory in that the child is no longer allowed to bring her ipod to class. Any suggestions? Should I no longer take this class for my friend?
  8. Dear Saints, I have often wondered whether Satan can put thoughts in your head, e.g. eat more ice cream! Has anyone ever read a scripture or heard a church leader say anything about this? Hoping for your help!
  9. Thank you for your replies. Do you think that Satan can put thoughts in your head? Has anyone read anything about this?
  10. I am very grateful for your message. Unfortunately the link did not come in your message. Would you mind sending this link again? Many thanks
  11. I really appreciate your response. Perhaps I am looking for something that does not exist?
  12. You know that you are a mormon when someone asks you what your hobbies are and you say, "Vistiting Teaching".
  13. When I was a convert, I was invited to a fireside. I wore shorts and brought mashmellows.
  14. I met a spanish student who was bording with a Mormon family in Canada to learn English. He asked me very seriously what "Geez" meant!
  15. Dear Saints, I am looking for a scripture in the D&C which says that Satan can not put thoughts into your head. People have told me that this scripture exists but I have not been able to find it. Thanks!