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  1. Appreciate it, Sachi. I've been praying a lot lately and the answer that has become more clear is for me to stick this one out. I had also been stressing about a lot of unnecessary things in the last couple weeks and it was making me feel a little crazy. I've refocussed myself and my goals and the load has lightened up a lot. Thanks everybody!
  2. I'm still very new to scripture but I read a chapter out of doctrine and covenants where Joseph Smith very concisely predicts the american civil war in crazy detail. I felt like I was losing my mind from how excited I was. I just want to know what scriptures make you feel like that.
  3. its directed by michael bay, its a sequel of a sequel and the second one was bad enough
  4. Gosh, I get so annoyed when people say "Taken for granite" also when people say "Same Difference"... its just terrible
  5. Trials help us all to grow, august. Look at how much you have grown and how far you have come. The blessings that we receive from our trials may not be apparent in the beginning, but you just hold on and you will be so surprised at how richly and freely heavenly father has blessed you. :) I love reading 1 Nephi just because I get so inspired by Nephi's courage, especially when he faces all the adversity of his older brothers. Nephi is a great hero of the scriptures. I hope this helps.
  6. Okay. Thanks for the words of advice. I've known her for several months and we have become a lot closer. I really hope that things can work out. She could be such a good strong member. :)
  7. I just don't want her to feel pressured and get completely turned off to even looking in to the gospel.
  8. So I have been friends with this girl for a while now. Her name is Sarah, and in the months that we have known each other, we have become really close friends and I have developed great love and trust in her. I really respect her especially for her morals that are extremely similar to the church. She is a non-member and we have had many discussions about the gospel. I've told her about the plan of salvation and resurrection. She asked me if it bothers me that she isn't really into religion and stuff and it really doesn't bother me. I just told her that I would love nothing more than to share my happiness with her. She really respected that. I really want to share the gospel with her, but I definitely don't want to shove it down here throat. I just want to know what I can do besides carry on with our friendship. When is it a good time to give her a book of mormon. I love her a lot and I really want to share the gospel with her. She has such great potential. What can I do?
  9. Thank you so much. That really helps a lot. I really appreciate it. :)
  10. Thanks for the encouragement you guys. I'm its really helpful. If anyone happens to have any advice for how I can be able to better understand the words of the spirit, it would help me so much. Thats what I struggle with presently. I have the hardest time telling when the spirit is speaking to me or if I'm just talking to myself. I don't want to make a bad decision if I can help it. How can I better listen to the spirit?
  11. I think I'm just trying to fight off the fear. I'm very scared and I pray everyday for courage to do whats right, you know? I'm very young and naive, but I certainly don't expect the world to be waiting on me hand and foot... I think thats the expression ;_;
  12. Hey, fate. I know that this really has to be difficult and I'm really sorry. I had a long way to climb when I came back to the church too. I had to completely change my attitude about all gospel doctrines that I disagreed with and I started small and began to slowly accept and embrace the most basic fundamentals of the gospel. Concentrating on these teeny tiny details will slow you down and stop you from moving forward. You need to understand that "a man cannot serve two masters". You cannot be of the world and of the church of our lord. I just started reading the book of mormon and I came across this verse in 1 Nephi Chapter 14: "And he said unto me: Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the bother is the church of the devil; wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth." I think that this is what the verse is talking about. You really need to decide which is more important... Damnation or exaltation. p.s. I have to say that the concept of eternal life is far from selfish because we are all resurrected whether we like it or not. We all have bodies, thus we are all apart of the plan of salvation and we will be resurrected and judged according to the deeds of the life that we live here. p.p.s fate, living the gospel after being away from it has brought me such overwhelming happiness. I can't believe that I lived away from it so long. I wish you the best and pray hard and with complete openness of heart.
  13. Well, I really didn't make this thread to complain about my job. I'm just very frightened of failing and my initial post did not make that point come clearly across. I work hard and I do my best. Believe me Sachi, I don't need chastisement or belittlement, I definitely am not one to give myself any excuses. I understand that I could be in some much worse situation. I didn't end my post saying "whoa is me." I was hoping for a little advice on how I can find my own answers from heavenly father. I'm having difficulty discerning the words of my own mind with the words of the savior. I'm stressing so much over this job because I know that money is so scarce these days and I want to stop relying on my parents. I honestly don't feel deserving of their help and sacrifice. I'm trying so hard to move forward and be self-reliant but I can't figure out what the holy ghost is telling me. Maybe that will better explain what I'm asking about. p.s. I went to the cemetery to find a quite place to think and pray... I just couldn't hear anything. I really want to better myself. I hope that I can change and get better at this. I'm really relying on this job and my next semester of school to help me prepare to be a good missionary.
  14. So I've been working out in Vancouver, Washington for the last few months selling attic insulation door to door. I knew beforehand about what I was getting myself into, but I prayed dilligently for an answer of whether I should work there or not and the spirit told me that it was where I needed to be this summer. Its a very high paying job, and I'm not bad at it, but its terribly difficult and I've been holding out for the last month and a half just telling myself "work harder...". To be perfectly honest, the only days where I feel completely at peace are on sundays, because they are the only days that I don't work. Every day when I get home from knocking on doors for hours and crawling through attics, I come home so relieved that I get to stop. I'm only 18 years old and I took on this job so that I could pay for my terribly high tuition at Southern Virginia University. I'm so very behind on money and I have so much pressure on me from all sides to succede and remain financially independent. I dread going to work everyday. Is that even healthy? Don't get me wrong, I love some parts of my job, but I feel as if I'm failing at being happy. My job doesn't provide me with adequate satisfaction and not enough money because I earn commission rather than salary. My church life has been not much better. I attend a single adult ward and I am definitely the youngest attendee in the ward. Most of the people in my ward that I spend my time with are older than me by 5 or 6 years, and as if my opinions and participation in conversation doesn't matter to them. All in all, I'm very lonely. I almost had a mental breakdown today so I left work early and sat down in a cemetery for about two and a half hours with my scriptures. I read a lot and a prayed a lot... about my job, my peers where i currently live, my financial situation, my parents and my real friends back home. I'm praying so hard about whether I'm supposed to go home and find another job and finally find a degree of peace and happiness or stick out my job for the rest of my summer. I don't know if the voices in my head are telling me to stay or go. On top of that, I don't know if those voices in my head belong to the still small voice or my own mind. I want to be impartial. There is good news to be shared though. I have changed so much for the better since I moved to Vancouver. My spirit has grown. I have become a more mature and independent person and I have learned to love and respect myself a lot more than I used to be capable of. What can I do?
  15. I'm so glad that I found this site. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to find other people of my faith. My name is Ben Stoneking and I am highly ambitious. I was raised in the church, but I consider myself a convert. I love music of all kinds and I have been recording with my best friend and brother-in-law Dave Supplee for the last year. My ambitions include becoming a highly successful musical artist and DJ. I know that the path that I have chosen is fraught with heartbreak and failures, but I am a believer in the unlimited potential bestowed in each of heavenly fathers children. I will become successful musician and eventually have my own record label. I believe that anyone can achieve anything as long as they want it bad enough to do all that is possible to make it. I look forward to meeting the community. I also have a blog. Please check it out! ^o^ The Alien Thing <---------------- Click!