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  1. You're right, my apologies my emotions got the better of me.
  2. I'm sure that will all happen, not necessarily in that order however.
  3. A statement full of love indeed.
  4. So lets not call it a right, tho I believe it should be, marriage is not in the constitution period. Thus move on. You believe you should have more, benefits we will call them, then that of someone of a different sexual orientation.
  5. I'm not the only one who has avoided questions in this thread. On May 15, 2008, the Supreme Court of California issued a decision in which it effectively legalized same-sex marriage in California, holding that California's existing opposite-sex definition of marriage violated the constitutional rights of same-sex couples
  6. Man and woman cannot marry in California?
  7. Are you asserting that marriage of heterosexuals is not a right?
  8. California legalized same-sex marriage on June 16, 2008, (Right given) but on November 4, 2008, voters passed a constitutional amendment to restrict marriage to members of the opposite sex. (Right taken away)
  9. Just one last question then I will respectfully bow out of this conversation. So you agree that it is ok to take rights away from citizens in order to better fit the views of a church?
  10. I don't believe I have been negative. I apologize if I have offended you.
  11. You never answered the question as to if you had watched the film or not? My point was not that it was given as tithing, but it is very possible that it was collected by the same means. Tithing is what your'e required but there are other boxes on the tithing sheets that request extra money for missionary work, etc. I cannot prove to you that all the money was donated through this vessel, just as you cannot prove to me it wasn't. But it would be silly not to logically deduce that a vast majority was donated through these means as it is how members are used to giving money.