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  1. Simon

    Hello! New from WV!

    Hello and welcome here Zuko !
  2. Simon


    Hi James and welcome here. A friend of mine is going to Florida soon (France -> Florida !), what a beautiful place to live !
  3. Simon


    Hello Shan, and welcome in this wonderful community ! I wish you the best. Simon.
  4. Simon

    Hi all from Oklahoma

    Hello Brenda, welcome here ! ps : What a cute cat on your avatar !
  5. Simon

    Tablet-- The future is here

    Ha, funny thing, during my last summer internship I was working on this tablet (Asus Transformer) to develop some applications for a large (French) company. This device is really awesome, especially with the docking station.
  6. Simon

    hey everybody!!!!

    Hello welcome here :)
  7. Simon

    I am Zoie

    I'm also new here and glad to meet you. I wish you the best, and welcome here :)
  8. Simon

    Hello from France

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for the warm welcome ZorabelMay !
  9. Simon

    RL Stine books

    I used to read these books when I was younger. But according to the memories I have, It's nothing compared to what we see (nowadays) on the Internet or on TV. But if it can encourage them to read, It's not that bad. Otherwise there is Harry Potter, Jack London and so on. But I do not know...he may have changed his writing style for a generation of children a little bit more exposed to violence than mine.
  10. Simon

    Temple in France

    Although the majority of French people are displeased about that (you know, fear of the unknown etc), It's a very good news for french mormons.